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24 Jan. 2010
Some believe that the earth was created by God. Others believe that it was created by the Big Bang. Each side is adamant in their views, and refuses to entertain the other. But, is there a common ground? Host Howard Jacobson seeks to find a common ground where both the sciences and religion could be considered right.
31 Jan. 2010
Of all the characters in the bible, Abraham is the most predominant. From him the three largest religions in the world arose. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. But rather than setting a foundation for peace among them, each religion claims Abraham as their own. Host Rageh Omaar wants to discover who Abraham was, and whether or not he his the key to peace among the masses.
7 Feb. 2010
The Law of Moses
The ten commandments given to Moses shaped Christianity and even the world today. Some people believe that they are nothing but an outdated burden. Host Ann Widdecombe researches the origination and interpretations of the ten commandments and wants to know if society would be better if everyone followed them today.
14 Feb. 2010
The Daughters of Eve
There is no doubt that the bible spells trouble for women. Some parts are absolutely ripe with sexism and misogyny. However, historian Bettany Hughes preposes that it is actually very interesting what happened to women in the bible, and that it marked a turning point in the history of the gender.
21 Feb. 2010
Irish ex-con Jerry Adams has always tried his hardest to incorporate Jesus into his life. Sometimes he was more successful than others. But now, he wants to know more about Jesus the man, not just Jesus the son of God.
28 Feb. 2010
St Paul
St. Paul did more to shape the moral and ethical presumptions of the ancient world than any other. He was far ahead of his time, suggesting that equality among man and change in society was actually for the better. Tom Holland discusses the relevancy of Paul's teachings then, and today.
7 Mar. 2010
Revelation: The Last Judgement
The Book of Revelations is known to be a detailed description of the end of the world. Some believe it was designed to scare the masses into piety. In his childhood, our host Dr. Robert Beckford was taught that it was a prophetic truth. But now he wonders if there is more to it than the death and destruction that most people know.

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