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  • Guy Pearce met with Luc Besson at the beginning of 2010 in LA to discuss the film and then met with Stephen St. Leger and James Mather a few months later. He thought the script felt original, which is always what he is looking for. He also liked the idea of playing an irreverent character like Snow. He was drawn to him because he's not the typical action hero. He exhibited a lazy and exhausted quality. Edit

  • It has quite some tradition that some of writer/producer Luc Besson's movies get censored for a more profitable PG-13 rating. The censorship for the PG-13 rating is obviously no unknown territory for the filmmakers in Besson's team since they managed to take the edge off it very well by applying almost every tool one could think of. Next to using harmless alternate takes or simply cutting something out, the PG-13 also delivers a censored dialogue, audio line and even digitally manufactured visual alterations (and maybe even blood that's not quite as red as it is normally). A lot of effort to make a film that is usually aiming at experienced B-action buffs suitable for teenagers. Edit



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