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  • The original British police force was the Constabulary of Ireland founded in 1822 (later given the royal appointment and renamed the Royal Irish Constabulary). It formed the basis for all other British police forces in the UK and across the British Empire including London's Metropolitan Police (formed in 1829) whose first 2 commissioners were both Irishmen with the necessary prior experience, Palestine Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police etc. This established a long tradition of law enforcement running in Irish families worldwide, especially as many RIC officers emigrated to America after the violence surrounding Ireland's partition in 1922 and joined police forces there. In addition during the 19th century many corrupt, Irish dominated local governments such as New York's infamous Tammany Hall would reward their supporters with lucrative civil service jobs in the police force and fire department, often using the former as an instrument of political power.

    Another factor that contributed to a large amount of Irish Police Officers in NYC is the fact that during a explosive period of immigration from Europe in the mid-late 1800s to early 1900s is that Ireland was one of the few European countries that spoke English as it's native language (unlike France, Italy, Germany, etc.......) and fluent command of English was/is obviously a job requirement to be a police officer. Edit



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