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Great night of TV!
payneo216 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. The acting was good and it had an interesting plot that kept me wondering how it would end. I like to watch these movies of the weeks where the woman is in trouble and then finds a way to be the hero in the end. The actress did a good job and was very believable. I liked that she was trying to not let the stepson back into her life but felt she should help him for just the one night. Then she couldn't seem to get rid of him. It was interesting how he slowly took over her life. It was very suspenseful and I liked how the movie started off slowly and then the suspense built up as the movie went on. The actor who played the son was SO good at his part. He was very believable and so creepy! I would hate to have someone like that in MY family! I liked the ending being left open as well. That surprised me. Will there be a "Stepson Part 2"? That would be great. I'll be watching for it!
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Good movie until near the end when continuity is abandoned
dhalterm16 November 2010
Ninety-five percent of this movie has the makings of an entertaining thriller that could have held its own on the theater circuit. Once the villain is identified, tension slowly builds toward a highly anticipated climax. But suddenly, the nail-biting script goes terribly wrong and we are dumbfounded as the credits begin to roll. The reason for this just HAS to be that the original story was edited for TV. It seems fairly obvious that the producers ran out of time and decided to halt the excellent story-line and leave viewers wondering how the so-called "ending" could be possible. My wife and I were stunned and insulted .. enough to make me rush here and vent my anger. It's film-making like this that gives Canadian movies a bad name.
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Something To Pass 90 Minutes With
sddavis6323 August 2010
I doubt that I'd want to watch this again, but it's better than some similar movies I've seen and packs some suspense into its approximately 90 minute run time. The performances - especially, I thought, from Christina Cox and Adam Beach - were a tiny bit dry. Cox played Donna - a woman who works at a local hospice helping those who are about to die who suddenly finds herself widowed when her husband is killed in a hit and run. Beach plays her friend Josh from work who wants to help her through her grief, but finds himself blocked by her formerly estranged stepson Kevin (Jon McLaren) who suddenly appears on the scene without warning and begins to take over.

McLaren's performance as Josh was a creepy one, as befits this kind of movie. He's up to something. We know that from the beginning, but as the story unfolds there are surprises along the way, and you can never really be sure until the end how much of what Kevin tells Donna is true and how much he's making up.

There were some plot issues that bugged me here. First is the typical issue I have with so many Canadian movies - why does this have to be set in a U.S. city? I know - they figure they're more likely to get it on TV in the U.S. if it's set in Philadelphia, because Americans apparently won't watch a movie set in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. Classic Canadian inferiority complex in my opinion. That aside, some parts of the story bugged me. A lot of Kevin's plan is based on Donna spraining her ankle and therefore not being able to escape the house. OK. I can see that he could rig the basement stair to collapse underneath her, but there's no guarantee that she'll hurt her ankle so badly that she wouldn't be able to run once she figures out that something's up. I was a bit dismayed at the apparent reconciliation between Donna and her mother-in-law at the movie's end. That was too easy. And here's my favourite line of the movie. The lawyer dealing with her husband's estate is murdered, and this is how it's reported on the TV news: "the body was found in the car with a bullet wound to the head. Police suspect foul play." They "suspect" foul play? Hmmm. Bullet wound to the head; no gun in the car, so no suicide. But they only "suspect" foul play? Good to know the Philadelphia police are on the ball!

This isn't bad. It's a stereotypical time waster. It's not the greatest chiller around, but it will pass 90 minutes.
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'Stepson' Pass Over this One *
edwagreen14 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's all downhill very quickly after her wonderful husband dies. What a day job she has, working at a hospice and holding the hands of the dying. That in itself made this terrible film more than eerie.

After a "typical " day on the job, she finds out that her husband was a victim of a hit and run. Suddenly, his son from a former marriage appears. The young guy is as eerie as they come. James Dean would have had a field day with a part like this. The guy is creepy in every sense of the word. A flashback from childhood shows that his step mom had suspicions about his mental status.

The picture basically goes nowhere. We have the inevitable fighting at the end. That mystery woman appearing at the funeral in the end was enough to give anyone the scare of their lives. Miss this one. It's too bad to be even your typical horror movie.
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Boring boring and predictable
geoffox-766-4184673 December 2010
This is once more a film with leading men having it way over leading ladies in looks acting and all round pleasure to look at. Again, our so called leading lady pries and snoops and is in everybody's face and we're supposed to feel sorry for her. Parading around in her low cut blouses with cleavage showing and hair falling in her face we are supposed to I guess think she's attractive. Is that the symbol of looking good on LMN, low cut blouses and tight pants? No brains? All just show? Throwing her down the steps was best part of movie. And the ending was neat with stepson still on the loose, knowing he'll eventually do her in, we hope. Christina Cox as the so called victim was just awful to look at. But the two leading men, Chris Potter and Jon McLauren made up for that. Why is it that LMN always choose handsome men and dowdy women? In almost all of their films, the women suck the big one. They have this stupid long hair covering half their face, bosoms popping out of their shirts and being snoopy bitchy women. And we are to believe these helpless females suddenly near the end can knee the guy in the crotch and throw them over their shoulder? A bit far fetched in this viewer's eyes. Why can't the guy knee the female in the groin for a change? I give this 3 stars for Potter, McLauren and Janet Rice who, except for her last line to Cox about forgiveness, does a damn good job.
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