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  • With Georgie a prisoner aboard the Visitors' mother ship, Erica and the others decide that they have to locate John May, the fifth columnist who founded the resistance but disappeared some 10 years ago when the aliens tried to retrieve and stop him. They visit the missing man's stepson James and learn something interesting. Ryan reveals what happened all those years ago. Lisa's visit with Tyler catches his dad Joe by surprise and he pushes Erica to tell him about the reason they broke up. Valerie is worried about her pregnancy when the baby starts kicking and discovers something interesting in their closet. Anna uses Chad to promote the live aboard program but he quickly realizes she is selecting people according to a specific profile.

  • Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie, Anna brings Chad aboard the Mothership for a story on her Live Aboard Program, and Tyler confronts his mom about his mysterious past.


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  • "V" - "John May" - April 13, 2010

    In tonight's installment we finally meet the leader of the Fifth Column John May, who one night ten years ago was sought out by the Vs at his home in Reedsville, New York and got into a fight with Ryan who back then was still vehemently on the V side.

    In their race to save Georgie-who is holding steady under torture- Erica, Jack, Hobbes, and Ryan head to Reedsville to look for a communication device, hoping to enlist the help of May's stepson.

    Anna hopes to nip the Fifth Column uprising in the bud by convincing Chad to start convincing people to join the live aboard program.

    Lisa meets with Tyler's dad at the country house and tells him that she's just checking up on him since his situation has been hard since his dad has left. Dad is concerned. At breakfast Tyler swears he slept on the couch and that Lisa's appearance was a surprise to him too. Tyler asks if it's okay if she hangs with them. Dad says sure.

    In an interview Chad asks about the "John May Lives" message in the recent V communication. She calls it a glitch in the system and moves quickly to talk about the live aboard program.

    In the torture chamber Georgie refuse to give up names, instead he tells them the names of his family members killed by Vs. A new torture doctor pours "scours" on him. As they're name implies they are evil, entering through the eyes and attacking the nerve centers in the body. He finally says he will give them the names they want.

    Marcus tells a group of sleeper agents to be on the lookout for Fifth Column insurgents.

    They arrive at the May homestead and Dad, Joe, calls Erica to inform her that Lisa is there. He says he's having a hard time with Tyler not knowing the truth. She says it's a bad time and she will call him back soon. Joe says Tyler needs to know that he's not his father. Lisa overhears this bit of intel.

    Erica confesses to Jack that Joe isn't Tyler's father. He says doctors don't know everything. Erica says Joe never believed her that she didn't cheat.

    Valerie is freaking out that the baby is already kicking. She leaves Ryan a message because she wants to get in touch with their OB. Looking through his pockets she finds a secret door in the closet that leads to a safe, that she clearly didn't know about.

    At the May residence the gang meets with James May, John's stepson and his wife/girlfriend. Ryan and Jack siphon him off. Ryan flashes back to seeing John in the past. He came back to the May house, secretly armed, and was invited in for dinner. In the present James says he's not interested in talking about his dad. Jack and Ryan tell him they're part of the new V resistance. James doesn't want to hear about it, he says his dad kept all his stuff in a storage unit in town and says that John killed himself. Ryan says John's suicide note was fake.

    In the kitchen James' wife Grace banters with Hobbes and Erica and she reveals herself to be a V. They fight and Hobbes and Erica kill her. James runs in and freaks out at her nutty lizard hands. They decide to hit that storage unit. Some sort of homing device goes off over Grace's body in the kitchen.

    Georgie lied, the new name he gives them is the name of his unborn child his wife was carrying.

    Marcus tells Anna that Georgie is stronger than expected. She tells them they have to dig deeper than scours.

    At the storage unit they search while James wonders about his sleeper agent wife. Ryan finds the comm device. A V scout arrives, one of those blue orby things with spikes. Hobbes shoots at it. Ryan calls it a seeker. Erica shoots it down. They figure out it was James' watch that had a homing device in it.

    They decide to subject Georgie to emotional torture, showing him the murder of his family. He screams for them to turn it off.

    Tyler and Joe work on a carpentry project. Tyler's dad goes to get some sodas. Tyler tells Lisa that his dad wants him to stay a few weeks.He says he'll still see her but this visit might help him sort some stuff out. Lisa tells Tyler what she overheard. He scoffs. Joe comes back and, with anguish, confirms it and shoots daggers at Lisa. He admits this is why he left Erica. Tyler asked if he felt duped for raising someone else's kid. Joe says he loves him, either way and that he should talk to his mom. Tyler says he will.

    Chad works on his healing center story, watching footage of a woman rhapsodizing about the healing centers.

    Ryan contacts Joshua and asks him to find Georgie. He says he will and to keep the comm device close. James asks if the suicide note was really fake. James calls him a bastard. Ryan says John didn't abandon James, he was forced to. He asks him how he would know. Ryan says because he's the one who forced him to leave. He flashes back to his last encounter with John. John tries to convince Ryan that he too has been touched by human emotion as he writes the suicide note. John says, like humans, he has found his true north with his family. Ryan says it's too late and that "they're" waiting for him. In the present he tells James and the gang that ten years ago he killed John May. Dun dun dun!

    The gang is understandably confused and upset. Ryan says he wishes he could go back but that he learned everything he believes from John May and the message that "he lives" is a dagger in Anna's eye. He apologizes to everyone and Erica says no more lies.

    A man from the safe company comes to hit the reset button for Valerie who successfully opens the safe.

    Chad comes to chat with Anna again and tosses pictures at her of potential live aboard candidates- they all have common issue, infertility, bad health streaks, broken toys he calls them. Chad wonders why they're interested in these people. Anna says she sees the inner worth of people and Vs and that she wouldn't just discard them like humans would He gets right in her face and says he's not buying it and if he can uncover stuff like this in half a day imagine how far he would get with more time. She asks what he wants. He says he doesn't want to be ordinary. She says he isn't ordinary. He says that's why he'll keep digging until he has enough interesting information to run the healing center story, unless she gives him something bigger to run with. He says he can protect her but the question is can they keep helping each other? She says she thinks they'll be helping each other for some time to come. He leaves.

    Back at the church the gang waits for news. Joshua calls and says Georgie is alive and hasn't broken. He can't help him now under all of this scrutiny but that he might be able to smuggle him out during the beginning of the live aboard program. Georgie tells them that he's better and he's glad they're safe. Ryan promises to get him out of there. Georgie says no, it's what the Vs are waiting for and that they'll get caught. Ryan tells him to hold on. Georgie says he can't and wants to speak to Jack. Jack tries to tell him to hang on. Georgie says he'll see him around and that he's ready to see him family now. Jack blesses him. Joshua looks pensive and then grabs a big syringe and gives him a lethal dose of V juice. The comm device winks out.

    In the morning the gang has a stiff drink and toast Georgie over New York newspaper headlines asking who John May is.

    Ryan flashes back to John May's funeral. He sat with James that day and quietly consoled him. Valerie approved.

    Ryan calls Valerie and leaves a message saying they need to talk when he gets home saying they need to talk because he's not who he says he is. He says there will be no more lies. As we see him leave this message we watch Valerie go through the contents of the safe which includes fake passports and her real sonogram.

    When Erica gets home Tyler tells her he knows. Erica says the doctors were wrong and Joe is her dad. He wonders why she didn't tell him. She thought he wouldn't believe her either and she hoped someone would tell her it was wrong. He runs off to his room and she cries and says "it's not true."

    Ryan arrives home and Valerie is gone, the closet cleaned out as well as the safe.

    On the V ship Anna watches news coverage about John May. Marcus tells her Georgie is dead and they learned nothing from him. He says the Fifth Column message has produced a ground swell. She says they can have this one victory because she's about to deliver them a thousand defeats. We see her in some kind of pool with little white egg-like lights swimming towards her.

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