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Sex & Nudity

  • On two occasions, Cathy's right breast slips out of her robe. The first is in the doctor's office and quite a bit of cleavage is seen.
  • The second is when she is out in her yard, wearing a robe and talking to a police officer. The officer says, "tighten your belt, your boob's hanging out." She then fixes it, but in the process exposes nearly the entire breast (major cleavage and some areola.
  • Paul flirts with Cathy and the two begin to make out heavily before they are interrupted by a phone call.
  • Sean references a girl he slept with in high school thinking she "lost her virginity to a gay guy."
  • Cathy asks her neighbor's dog if he wants to see her boobs. Played for laughs.

Violence & Gore

  • Adam pretends to cut the end of his finger off. We see what appears to be a severed fingertip with a little fake blood as Cathy picks it up and proceeds to put it in a baggy. The scene is a joke and is played for laughs.
  • Later, Cathy pretends to have slit her wrists. Adam discovers her in a bathtub full of red liquid with what appears like blood dripping from her wrists. He screams. The scene is also a joke, as Cathy is getting back at him, and is played for laughs.


  • The word "fuck" is used about a half-dozen times. Other words heard are "damn," "asshole," "shit," and "Jesus" used several times by Adam as a swear word.
  • Cathy yells at her elderly neighbor Marlene in one scene, calling her a "fucking cunt." Jarring.
  • The word "f-ck" is used about a half-dozen times. Other words heard include "a--," "sh-t," "b-tch," "d-mn," and "Jesus" used as a swear word by Adam several times.
  • Cathy yells at her elderly neighbor and calls her a "f-cking c-nt" on one occasion. Jarring.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • High-school student Andrea is caught smoking a cigarette at school. Cathy reprimands her for it, but then proceeds to smoke one herself when no one is looking.
  • Cathy is seen drinking alcohol at a restaurant, during which she remarks to the waitress, "I'm just having desserts and liquor." Later, on a separate day, she is seen drinking a glass of wine at home.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While very lighthearted and funny throughout, the episode also has a serious moment at the end when Cathy comes to terms with the fact that she has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Emotional.

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