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  • When Jane's mother is unexpectedly arrested, Jane must represent her in court before Judge Summers and reconnect with the father she has never known, to help her mom. Meanwhile, things between Parker and Kim heat up and Grayson gets heavily invested in a case involving a Ponzi scheme. Teri attempts to help Fred with driving and dating.

  • Grayson is suspiciously committed to a hardly lucrative case of fraudulent investment 'advice', on account of his late father's fate, even stakes his job, but triumphs. Fred must learn to drive and, while bumbling but owing up frankly, is offered a date by foxy cop Jocelyn Harold, yet hesitates whether to 'cheat on' Stacy. Jane's mother Elaine is charged with vandalism and indecency. The only possible defense is psychiatric, which requires getting her to the coach and the help of Jane's father Henry Bingum, who had to leave them on account of her mental disorder.


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  • Jane's mother has been arrested for indecent exposure and the prosecution is out for blood. Some of her past behavior unknown to Jane comes to light. Judge Summers presides and releases her to Jane's cutody pending a psych evaluation. Clueless about her mom's history in front of a psychiatrist, Jane asks her divorced father for assistance, a man she has never met. Grayson is handling a ponzi scheme case and he exhibits charged emotions. Kim and Parker are still impassioned . Kim demands Fred takes driving lessons and he engages Teri to play driving instructor with an interesting excursion.

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