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Real actors, mature, educated, articulate women, interesting scripts.
shwvnssshw8 July 2011

I admit it. I'm hooked on Single ladies. I know the dialog is obvious,the script "soap opera (ish), the women,impossibly gorgeous, who happen to look great in some breathtaking clothes. And then there are those FINE A** Men! It probably won't receive any artistic accolades but I LOVE IT!!!! Let me count the ways …

1) Real actors!! No reality rejects. 2) All the actresses portray articulate, educated, funny women. 3) The women are not twelve years old, they're mature and sophisticated. 4) No loud, vulgar, "only reason they are on television is because they are(were) connected at the hip to some pro ball players or hip hop artist. Halleluah!

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Relevant storyline
dst1021 June 2011
Loved the premiere of Single Ladies. It started off a little slow but definitely picked up about 30mins into the movie. I can relate to Stacey Dash's character and her dating experiences. The acting was good and the men (minus Woody) were fine (esp. Common). At first I thought Stacey Dash and LisaRaye McKoy would be miscast but they actually did a good job. I think casting Women of color in their 40's speaks to the high percentages of women that are highly educated, employed in a professional capacity and single. It's nice to see a positive depiction of African American women (minus LisaRaye's character being a former video vixen and thief) on television. I can't wait to see the series.
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Terrible,Please Cancel!!!!
This show used to be good until the main character Stacey Dash was replaced,now they hired a new girl with no kind of acting experience except soap opera and she is terrible!The acting in this show is terrible and i can not tell you how many times i have pointed out bad acting...The only reason why this show is surviving is because of it's strong lead in and pointless celebrity show ups.Each episode,each girl gets a new man and then they are gone.I will no longer be watching this show unless The new girl Denise Vasi is gone.I used to enjoy this show,but now the quality has fallen down and it has become an rip off to Sex And The City.Please put this show out of it's misery and cancel it.
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Does not contain spoilers, just a friendly opinion about the show =D
atraktif27 July 2011
Don't want to spoil anything for anyone but, just want to say that I basically found the banner for this on Icefilms and decided to watch it. Especially since I LOVE Stacey Dash AND Lisa Raye, they are very talented actresses and even more beautiful and it's great to see them work together! Although I'm not particularly familiar with Charity Shea, (The Blond) she's just as talented. They portray emotions very well so the scenes always feel real. I guess for some people, they could relate to a lot of the stories behind this series. Worth the first 2 hours for the Pilot because it got me hooked!!! Can't wait for Season 2!
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I liked it
mashawnda-12 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the pilot. The beginning scene was simply horrible---when I state the beginning scene I mean the scene where everyone is discussing what's sexy. However, when Stacy Dash's character fusses with Quinn about the status of their relationship... it actually gets good. The film quality looked a tad bad, BUT I must say I liked everything else about the project. I loved the storyline with Lisa Raye and Kim Porter. I also liked Chasity's storyline. It was honest.

The pilot had a lot of celebs in it, which made it look at tad lame, but I did also get the point that in Atlanta, you will have a lot of black celebrities. I loved the fashion in the pilot. My favorite item was Stacey Dash's purple dress when Quinn drops by.

The show shows the beautiful hues of black women and men, and I love that the city has the awesome backdrop of Atlanta!
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Loved it and hated it
christinasamaha28 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The first couple of seasons were the best. What saddens me is it ended without most of the best cast and the whole story was changed badly , but it got me hooked for 3 seasons and it interested me unfortunately I wasn't interested enough to watch the rest of the last season especially that it as discontinued
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Awesome Amazing
suetersuzie12 May 2015
I am definitely addicted to this one. Absolutely love the ladies and the Glamor, Fashion, Business, Scandals, Its like all in one absolutely fantastic.Was sad in S02 after the leading left , but the replacement was absolutely Gorgeous as well.I also love the stories behind the gals, like no woman has to settle down for one guy unless she is ready, love the mixture of guys coming in and out.Amazing

Also Wish Rackeal meets the guy she meets and conveys her love ,Wish he comes back..He is Melting Hot Doesn't show what he responds but all we know in S03 that he must have stayed with the Indian chick. Love it Wish it never End. Must Watch
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brigidemma8 August 2011
Single Ladies is absolutely perfect, a romantic comedy about three best friends,

Val, Keisha and April based in Atlanta.

It deals with so many real issues that occur in personal relationships, marriage, infidelity, dating, divorce, pregnancy issues, breaking up, living with each other and counseling. So the viewer can clearly identify and relate easily with the characters and what they are going through. The shows stylist and designer Anthony L Williams works some kind of magic with the stunning dresses, a palette of amazing bright colors, and a stunning collection of Christian Louboutins. The executive director is Queen Latifah, written by Stacy Littlejohn. Looking forward to following episodes 11 and more!
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