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  • The cop dynasty family of Harvard Law School graduate Jamie Reagan proudly attends his graduation from the New York police academy presided over by his father, Commissioner Frank Reagan, and his grandfather, retired Commissioner Henry Reagan. Jamie's brother, former Iraq veteran and current NYPD Detective Danny Reagan, cleverly makes the best of his sole clue, a prototype doll, to find and liberate a kidnapped Latino girl, Teresa Campos. Alas, Danny blatantly breaks procedure violating the rights of prime suspect Donald Banse. A conviction thus seems impossible to obtain for Danny's sister, Erin Reagan-Boyle in the D.A.'s office, unless new, non-poisoned evidence can be obtained. Jamie is approached by FBI agents to succeed his late brother as a secret informer on the Blue Templars, a legendary NYPD vigilante order.


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  • After opening scenes of New York City, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan and retired Police Commissioner Henry Reagan are getting ready. Frank tells Henry, his father, to be ready in 10 minutes. Henry replies that he's never been late. Erin Reagan-Boyle and her daughter, Nicky, are also shown getting ready when Nicky announces that she can't find her iPod. Her mother tells her it's on the kitchen counter and that she needs to change the skirt she is wearing. Danny Reagan and his wife, Linda, are also shown getting ready with her reminding how busy traffic can be. Frank is shown again in his full police commissioner uniform and, as he puts on his watch, he looks at pictures of himself and his family. He looks at a picture of his son, Joe, and a picture of his son, Jamie, at his college graduation. Jamie is shown marching out with his fellow graduates from police academy with a big smile on his face as his family looks on. Commissoner Reagan makes a speech to the graduates about keeping the city safe from crime and terrorism. As he is giving his speech, a young girl is kidnapped as she leaves school and taken away in a white van. Commissoner Reagan finishes his speech and declares the class has graduated among cheers from the crowd.

    The family gathers outside Madison Square Garden along with Jamie's girlfriend, Sydney Davenport, to congratulate Jamie on his graduation which includes Danny giving him a playful jab as he decided to become a cop rather than finish law school. Jamie introduces Frank to Officer Maria Romano who was the first female recruit to earn a sharpshooter medal in the academy. Frank suggests that everyone should head over to lunch, but Sydney excuses herself as she has to return to work and Danny excuses himself as he gets a phone call about a missing girl. Danny and his partner, Demarcus King, arrive at the scene where they are briefed on the case. Teresa Campos, a 9 year old girl, did not return home from school and a building superintendent had told the police that he saw two boys find a pink backpack which belonged to Teresa. The only piece of evidence found at the scene of the crime was a doll. Teresa's mother claimed that she had never seen the doll before. Danny issues an Amber alert and has surveillance cameras around the area checked, but to do it discreetly. Danny interviews Teresa's parents. Teresa's father declares that her daughter is a good girl, that she would always come home and not worry her mother. Danny asks if Teresa may have run away, if a fight had happened, or an ex-husband may have taken Teresa. The parents deny this. An officer tells Danny about an eyewitness who saw a white van drive away from the scene and that it had a cracked rear window. Danny alerts the bridges and tunnel security. Danny and Demarcus rule out a custody dispute and a ransom case when Demarcus lets Danny know that Teresa is also a diabetic and she needs insulin shots every 24 hours. Teresa's mother begs Danny to find her daughter.

    At a press conference, Frank assures the press that the NYPD that they will be doing all they can to find Teresa. The press changes the conference asking about less police on the Upper East Side in a previous case and that there is a lack of faith in the police among Latinos. Frank answers the question that, since he has been on the job, crime is down and sets the conference back on course by stressing that finding Teresa is the priority. As the case progresses, Danny finds that there are 16 registered sex offenders near Teresa's house and that a tip on the white van came up empty. In Frank's office, Mayor Frank Russo appears and stresses that finding Teresa alive should be the priority and that Danny is the lead detective on the case. Mayor Russo suggests that if the case goes south that a lot of scrutiny could take place. He also scolds Frank for his attitude at the press conference to which Frank responds with nothing.

    Frank calls Danny reminding him that, since he is busy with the case, he wouldn't be able to pick up a roast for Sunday dinner. Danny asks if he is calling as a reminder or asking for an update. Frank smiles, and declares that he is faithful that he has all the resources necessary to work the case. Demarcus rules out Teresa's uncle because he has been locked up in Rikers Island. Danny then realizes that the doll needs to be reanalyzed even though no fingerprints or DNA was found on it. Demarcus deduces that the kidnapper wore gloves and used the doll as bait and the doll may have belonged to somebody else. Danny tries to figure out who manufactured the doll and where it was sold to gather more clues. Danny finds out that the doll is a prototype and only three dolls were ever made. Danny gets the names and address of the people who had access to the doll.

    Danny approaches the residence of Oliver Peele who is a doll collector. Danny asks Oliver his whereabouts during the kidnapping. Oliver claims he was at his home, but since he has one of the remaining prototypes, he has an alibi. Another doll belonged to a UN delegate in Shanghai, China, who still has his prototype of the doll. Danny rules Oliver out as a suspect but then gets a phone call about a toy salesman named Donald Banse. Although he has a Florida drivers license, his wife has a New York license and address close by.

    Jamie and his partner, Sgt. Anthony Renzulli, are shown finishing up lunch in a diner. Anthony tells Jamie that he was Joe's training officer as well. He remembers that Joe was a good guy and it was sad that he had died on duty. Anthony also reminds Jamie that, just because his father is the police commissioner, he won't be getting any slack from him. As they walk out of the diner, they get a distress call. Danny and Demarcus arrive at the location and they find Mildred Banse taking out the trash. As they question her, she claims that she is divorcing Donald and the last she made any contact with him was sending him his things at The Lincoln Arms hotel. Danny and Demarcus pull up behind a blue van. Danny scratches the paint off the van to show that it was once white. Danny then breaks the rear window to open the van and finds a communion dress and votive candles. They head into the hotel and, when they question Donald, he claims that he was going to visit his niece and that the doll he dropped was going to be a gift. Danny goes to arrest Donald and when Demarcus says to take him downtown, Donald claims that he would be released. Danny gets too rough and tries to get a confession out of Donald by shoving his head into a toilet. Danny found a key to a storage locker and, when he opens it, he finds Teresa in it with tape over her mouth. He carries Teresa over to an ambulance and they take her to a hospital. Danny and Demarcus start to claim victory, but Donald claims police brutality.

    In a meeting with Judge Waters, Erin, and Public Defender Adelman, Adelman declares that he will be filing a Huntley motion under the grounds of excessive force and he provides photographs of Donald's injuries. Erin defends that Donald was resisting arrest. Adelman recommends that, because the evidence is inadmissible, he recommends that the case is dismissed. Erin defends that Donald confessed. Judge Waters agrees that the crime is heinous, but without a legal confession and legal evidence, the law has to be upheld. Erin asks for more time. The judge agrees that Donald shouldn't be on the street and rules that, unless Erin can get proper evidence to indict, she would have to let Donald go. Erin then scolds Danny for trashing all the evidence even though Danny claims that CSI is further combing the van and saving Teresa's life.

    Danny arrives at Frank's house with the roast and they discuss the case. Danny discloses that CSI couldn't find any DNA or hair fibers. Frank reminds Danny that Internal Affairs is going to have to become involved in the case. Danny defends Demarcus saying that he had nothing to do with it. Frank suggest that Danny should search cold cases to see if there are any similarities. Frank asks Danny if he has seen a doctor about what happened during Danny's tours in the military. Danny says that he has been busy, but he'll get around to it.

    Jamie and Sydney are out on a date with friends and, when asked about his day, Jamie announces that a guy had pushed a boy down a flight of stairs who ended up getting paralyzed. Sydney has to excuse herself from the table and Jamie follows her. Sydney is worried that something bad is going to happen just like his brother, Joe, but Jamie assures her that everything is going to be all right. As they head back into the restaurant, Jamie sees Frank escorting and giving a kiss to a reporter from the press conference in a taxi. Danny is continuing the case and finds a cold case about a Catholic girl in Florida that had gone missing, but her body had never been found. It was also around the time that Donald was living in Florida. Danny calls down to Florida to try and tie the cases together.

    The family gathers together for Sunday dinner. As the food gets passed around and grace is said, the family starts talking about the case with Erin and Danny yelling at each from across the table. Frank tries to keep the peace and the topic of torture and enhanced interrogations are brought up. Jamie takes sides with Erin, but Danny reminds him that he is a rookie and he should wait until the day where he has to make a quick decision. Danny gets a phone call saying that the evidence from Florida has come in and he has to excuse himself from the table. Before he leaves, he asks Erin how the case would be different if Nicky was the one involved. Henry makes a rude remark that Nicky would be given back in ten minutes which causes Nicky to be offended and the table gets cleared with only Frank, Jamie, and Henry left at the table. Frank comforts his daughter after having a bad week. Frank asks Jamie about Officer Romano being a babe. Jamie says that she is a good friend. Jamie asks if Frank has any friends in his life, but he tells him that he misses his wife.

    As Jamie is walking down the sidewalk, he is approached by Special Agent Cisco and Agent Anderson. They show him a badge from a group called The Blue Templar. Jamie believes that The Blue Templar is a fairy tale and that it doesn't exist. Henry would tell stories to Jamie when he was a child, but that was all that it was, stories. The agents have linked them to serious crimes as extortion, stealing evidence, and murder for hire. Jamie asks if Frank knows about this. When the agents refuse to answer, Jamie questions them. Agent Cisco says that he doesn't know how high up the ladder this goes. Jamie goes to leave after Cisco suggests being a mole. Agent Anderson then plays a recording of Joe saying that he was ready to be wired up. Joe was working with the agents to expose The Blue Templar, but died when he was revealed as a mole.

    The Campos family arrives at the police station to thank Danny for saving her life. After Danny takes another look at a newspaper clipping of the missing girl in Florida, he notices that the cross the girl was wearing in the photo was the same cross that Mildred was wearing. Danny takes the evidence to Erin and she makes a phone call to have Donald extradited to Florida for which solves the cold case in Florida. Danny claims victory, but is reminded that he still may need a lawyer because of his actions with Donald. Danny thanks his sister and leaves. Jamie meets up with Frank who is fishing on a pier and Frank confesses that he is seeing someone and that he hates keeping secrets. Frank asks Jamie if he is having second thoughts about being a police officer which Jamie denies.

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