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9 Jun. 2010
Surprise... You're Cut Off!
Nine spoiled princesses receive the shock of their pampered lives when their fed-up families cut them off from their finances and enroll them into an eight-week rehabilitation program designed to transform their pampered ways. The women must adapt to their new environment that has no cooks, valets or cleaners and very little closet space. With the guidance of professional life coach Laura Baron, the girls begin their long journey toward independence by downsizing their belongings, cooking for themselves, and learning to live like the rest of America.
16 Jun. 2010
Princess Cleaning Services
Tensions run high as the women struggle to adjust to their humble new surroundings and responsibilities like house cleaning. Things only get worse when Laura Baron's lessons about "respect" push the pampered princesses' patience to the limit. Being asked to do chores, for the first time in their lives, at a celebrity mansion leads to a furious fight with one of Hollywood's biggest divas, reality TV star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. And a playful popcorn party ends in an explosive confrontation!
23 Jun. 2010
Dress for Less
The ladies love for high-end fashion is tested when Laura introduces the concept of spending on a budget. Will they learn that it's possible to look like a million bucks without spending it? Celebrity stylist Sam Saboura challenges the girls to put on a fashion show and create three looks with only a few hundred dollars. Critiqued by celebrity judges blogger Perez Hilton and TV Guide Network host Adrianna Costa, the women discover a world beyond Chanel and Gucci. But being cut off from their luxuries for weeks is taking its toll as tensions in the house are at an all ...
28 Jun. 2010
She Works Hard for the Money
Working nine to five is a foreign concept for our cast but they will finally learn what it means to earn a paycheck. To help them find their best suited positions, Laura has each girl write up a resume and meet for an interview with noted headhunter Stephen Viscusi. Due to their lack of prior work experience and limited enthusiasm, the girls are all assigned to work blue collar jobs in a shoe warehouse (aka, their worst nightmare). While some girls embrace the working world, others aren't as thrilled, as one diva misses the van to get to the job and another quits ...
5 Jul. 2010
Inner Beauty
With Laura's help, a few monks and a shiny mirror, the girls will learn the importance of being beautiful on the inside. Upon arrival at a Buddhist temple, the girls are introduced to the life of a monk- a life that finds the meaning of true happiness by living without material items. And then to test if the women are ready to find their own inner beauty, Laura announces that they'll be doing a photo shoot with a famous photographer - without their designer wardrobe and without make-up. While some girls embrace this lesson, others just don't. And when one princess ...
12 Jul. 2010
Fun on a Budget
Tropical resorts are a thing of the past for these girls, who venture into the great outdoors to learn how to have fun on a budget on a camping trip, preparing food and building a campfire are difficult enough until they discover their toughest obstacle - there's no toilet. Later, tempers flare around the campfire when the episode's VIP (Very Improved Princess) abuses her powers. In the end, Mother Nature proves to be no match for the endless fighting between these superficial divas, putting their graduation in jeopardy.
19 Jul. 2010
Giving Back
With the help of Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams, the girls start to appreciate how much they take for granted. They learn to give back when they visit PATH, a Los Angeles organization that helps the homeless, to help prepare meals. In addition to meeting and feeding the homeless, the women are asked whether they are willing to sell some of their most precious items for the cause. And at long last, Gia opens up and reveals some shockingly painful personal revelations. Is it possible the queen of the divas is finally on track to graduate? Or will she regress?
26 Jul. 2010
Graduation Day
In order to graduate from the program, each girl must prove to her benefactors that she has changed and deserves to return home. The women's families are shown highlights of their best and worst moments. While some are satisfied with what they see, a few are shocked at how they come across. Yet they must convince their benefactors they have grown. And at the actual graduation ceremony, many princesses are jolted when they hear the strict terms their families have set for their return home. Will the ladies accept the ironclad conditions?

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