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  • Sookie's trip to the land of the faeries is a short one though when she returns to Bon Temps, she learns that she has been missing for nearly 13 months. She hasn't brought herself to forgive Bill as yet and Eric is still quite interested in her. She also learns that in her absence, Jason has sold her house. Sam Merlotte has found new shape-shifter friends. Jessica and Hoyt are learning to live together and to get along, particularly when it comes to matters in the kitchen. Arlene is worried that her new baby is evil though Terry Bellefleur doesn't seem to get it. Tara has moved away and found a new friend as well as a way to release her inner frustrations. Lafayette is introduced to a group of witches.

  • Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; and Terry tries to alleviate Arlene's fears about the baby.


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  • Picking up exactly where Season 3 ended, Sookie has arrived in fairy land to applause. Claudine says she's her godmother. Sookie runs into former Dallas hotel bellhop Barry and his godmother, a dude named Lloyd. A glowing fruit is handed out and everybody digs in other than Sookie, who seems uncertain about it.

    A short while later, Sookie spots a man eating his fruit and flashes back to childhood. It turns out to be her Grandfather Earl, who thinks Sookie's birthday two decades earlier was just last week. Sookie tells him about Gran's passing and her parents dying in the flood. He thinks he's only been there a few hours: "Everything seems so lovely."

    At this point Sookie senses that they are in trouble and tells Earl telepathically that: "This is a trap." Of course everybody else there is a fairy so they hear it as well. A queenly-type fairy shows up asking to be called Mab. She says they want to close off their kind from the human world and tries to force Sookie to eat the light fruit. Not trusting Mab or her intentions at all, Sookie unleashes her power to shove her away. In doing so, Sookie disrupted the illusion of an idealic paradise to reveal the reality of a grey, bleak and desolate realm in which Mab and her fairies appear like deformed goblins. Sookie grabs her grandfather and they run, all the while dodging glowing grenades thrown by Mab's supporters. While running from Mab and her army of fairies, a guy fairy claiming to be Claudine's brother grabs Sookie and says he doesn't want to be closed off from Earth in what used to be their home. He tells Sookie to jump off a cliff to return. He says only she can go (since she hasn't eaten the light fruit), but Earl jumps with her anyway.

    Sookie and Earl land in the Bon Temps cemetery and we see immediately that Bill and Eric (whom are elsewhere) are aware of her presence. Earl isn't doing too well, and asks to be taken to Gran's grave. He tells Sookie he's dying and hands Sookie a watch to give to Jason. He tells her he loves her and disintegrates.

    Sookie comes home to find major renovations taking place. She reads the inscription on the watch "To Earl: With Love, Adele." and begins to cry. A police officer shows up and it is Jason and he is stunned to see her. Sookie is floored when he tells her she's been gone for "Twelve and a half months." Jason says he couldn't take the emotions connected with the house any longer and sold it to a real estate company -- AIK -- that paid in cash more than the asking price. When Jason doesn't seem to buy her story of fairies and time travel, she gives him their grandfather's watch. She tells him Granddad Earl thought he'd only been gone a few hours which is apparent that time moves more faster on Earth then in the fairy dimention since Sookie was there only for about 10-15 minutes and Earl was there for several hours.

    Bill arrives at the house and tells Sookie that he hadn't felt her presence for more than a year. He guesses she was with Claudine. Eric shows up and says he was the only one (Jason and Bill included) never to have given up on her. Just then, Andy pulls up in his squad car and is furious when Sookie says she wasn't kidnapped. Bill covers for Sookie, saying she has been on "vampire business" the past year. The police leave and Sookie tells Bill that his breaking her heart still seems fresh. He says he's glad she's okay and leaves.

    In the police cruiser we see that Andy has been battling a V addiction.

    Meanwhile, Jesus takes a reluctant Lafayette to a witch gathering. A woman who has transported herself to another plane calls Lafayette over. She asks whether he knew someone named Eddie, then grabs his hand and speaks to him in Eddie's voice. Lafayette is freaked out and is sure Jesus told them about Eddie.

    Arlene comes home to find her baby, Mikey, surrounded by headless Barbie dolls. Terry assures he's a good boy and if he's got any of her in him he'll be just fine.

    In New Orleans, we see Tara appears to be a successful mixed-martial artist.

    Elsewhere, Jessica and Hoyt are still living together and although the human-dating-a-vampire dynamic seems to be causing a few issues they are generally happy. After a minor blow up they head to Fangtasia for "date night", where a human male comes on to Jessica. Jess tries to hide in the bathroom, but Pam is having none of that. She admonishes Jess to be the predator she is supposed to be, but Jess insists that she loves Hoydt and says she pities Pam that she never knew that kind of love. As the couple are leaving the bar, there is an anti-vampire mob (fang-bashers) in the parking lot and they wind up beating up Hoyt while Pam holds Jessica back.

    The next day, Jason stays home with Sookie. He's as happy as he's ever been that she's back. Sookie plans to see if she can buy back their home.

    We see that Eric and Bill are working to rebuild vampire-human relations that were so badly damaged by Russell Edgington. Eric as a small business owner and Bill as one of Bon Temps' oldest residents.

    Tara (who is going by a different name) is involved in a romantic relationship with one of the other female fighters named Naomi.

    Sookie catches up with everybody at Merlotte's Bar Grill. Lafayette doesn't seem to know where Tara is, saying she's been moving around a lot. Sam is upset that Sookie was gone for over a year and tells her "a lot has changed."

    Lafayette is resisting Jesus' desire for him to join his witch circle. Andy comes into the kitchen looking for V, telling Lafayette it's for "bait" for an operation. Lafayette says he's no longer dealing and Jason has to come in and pull a crazed Andy off of him.

    Tommy comes into Merlotte's. We learn Sam has been paying for his physical therapy since shooting him and he is enrolled in anger management classes.

    Tara gets a text from Lafayette telling her that Sookie is back and alive. Tara lies to her sexual partner about the text, saying it was her father, telling her that her grandmother had passed away. The girlfriend is angry that he did it by text message. Tara tells her she doesn't think she'll go home: "I'm better off here."

    Sookie hires an attorney, Portia Bellefleur, to help her get back the house. She says AIK is based in the Caribbean and she's yet to track anyone down.

    We see Sam at what looks like an anger management meeting, a small informal gathering over drinks. But the foursome get up, take off their clothes and leave in the form of horses. He has clearly found other shapeshifters.

    Meanwhile, Jason brings food to Crystal's family. One of the kids tells him the freezer chest is broken again. When he leans in to pull something out a man hits him over the head and shoves him inside, locking the door.

    Lafayette breaks down and participates in the next coven with Jesus. They circle links hands to summon a spirit. The same woman who channeled Eddie earlier demands that Lafayette participate. As soon as he does a dead bird in the center comes to life and flies five feet before falling again.

    One of the coven is a plant and she arrives at Bill Compton's much improved home. She is admitted by a group of mercenary/soldiers. It seems as if Bill is now royalty.

    When changing for bed, Eric shows up just as Sookie takes off her clothes. He tells her he can be there because she no longer owns the house. He pulls out the keys and says it was he that purchased the property. He says the reason was that if he owned the house he would own her. He exposes his fangs and says "Sookie, you are mine."

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