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  • As all hell breaks loose in Shreveport, Sookie summons her most potent powers yet to save Bill, in the process breaking a spell and leading Marnie/Antonia to re-evaluate her mission. Jason urges Jessica to glamour him for Hoyt's sake; Terry drags Andy to "Fort Bellefleur" for an intervention; Alcide reconsiders his allegiances after Marcus fight with Tommy; Jesus, accompanied by Sookie, Lafayette and Jason, tries to breach the Moongoddess Emporium's defenses to liberate Tara and Holly, while Bill leads a brigade of vampires committed to blowing the place to kingdom come.

  • The bloodbath at the tolerance festival is brought to an end by Sookie whose powers not only force the witches to retreat but breaks the spell Marnie/Antonia had placed on Eric and Pam. Bill vows revenge and makes plans to visit the Emporium and blow it sky high. Sookie, Lafayette, Jesus and Jason try to rescue Tara and Holly before nightfall. With Alcide's help, Sam tries to save his brother Tommy who has suffered a severe beating at the hands of werewolf pack leader Marcus. Terry decides it's time that cousin Andy face the fact that he's a drug addict. Jason feels guilty after sleeping with Jessica and tries to talk to Sookie about it.


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  • All Hell is breaking loose at the Festival of Tolerance. Eric begins beating the snot out Bill. Bill is able to defend himself somewhat with the assistance of a gun. Meanwhile Sookie is in the middle of the fight. Eventually Eric gets the upper hand and is right about to stake Bill with a flagpole when Sookie fires white bolts at him from her hands. Antonia says "broken" and we see that Eric has gotten his entire memory back. Antonia seems aware that she's killed quite a few humans. Antonia disappears when it's clear that Eric is no longer under her command.

    Following sex Jessica tells Jason she doesn't think they did anything wrong since Hoyt broke up with her. Jason doesn't agree, talking about how close they've been since childhood. Jason doesn't think he would have had sex with her if he hadn't drank her blood and he asks her to glamour him so he won't remember what they've done. fearful that he won't be able to hide the fact of their sexual involvement when in the presence of Hoyt. She refuses.

    Alcide is taking Tommy to the hospital. He says that shifting to Sam "did something" to him and tells Alcide he's dying. He wants to be taken to Merlotte's.

    At the Moon Goddess Holly tells Tara she thinks she can undo Antonia's spell that has them trapped. Just then Antonia returns with the two vampires she still has under her control. Antonia refuses to let them leave and is muttering under her breath in another tongue.

    Nan and Bill discuss damage control related to the festival. He thinks what happened is her fault because she wouldn't let him kill Antonia. Bill wants to take Antonia out "by any means necessary."

    Eric tells Sookie he remembers everything and nothing has changed. He says "the other Eric is still here." She says the problem is Bill. When she thought he was going to kill Bill she couldn't bear the thought of a world without Bill. She says she loves them both. Eric is upset, thinking that she is his. He tells her he loves her. A fully reconstituted Pam comes home and is ecstatic that the real Eric is back.

    Bill thinks fire is the way to kill Antonia and wants to burn down the Moon Goddess the following night. Sookie wants him to try and get Tara and the other humans out of there but Bill isn't interested. They will be acceptable casualties of war and he wants to Sookie to stay away.

    Alcide brings Tommy to Sam, telling him that "he has a right to choose his time." Sam cleans up Tommy's face and tells him not to be afraid. Sam and Alcide talk to him about the afterlife. Tommy apologizes to Sam, who says he should have been a better brother. Tommy tells him he was the best part of his life. Sam tells Tommy he love him and he appears to die. Sam turns to Alcide and says Marcus is "a dead effin' wolf."

    Hoyt drops by Jason's place. He says his house feels empty and he talks about remembering Jessica. He says he's glad to be out of the relationship, but then cries as he says he still misses her. He asks to crash with Jason for awhile.

    Arlene and Terry find Andy's vial of V. They confront him about keeping something so dangerous near their kids. Terry tells Andy they need to go to Fort Bellefleur.

    Jason tells Sookie about Hoyt falling apart. He wants to stay with her. She mentions Bill's plan to blow up the emporium.

    Terry and Andy go to the area where they played as kids. Andy helped him get over his Gulf War PTSD and Terry wants to repay the favor by helping him get off V.

    Sookie and Jason tell Lafayette and Jesus about the vampire's plan. Jesus wants to reach out to Marnie and help her push out Antonia.

    Holly and Tara work on the spell. Tara isn't confident they'll be able to pull it off. Holly wants Tara to believe in magic.

    Antonia leaves Marnie's body and the two talk. Antonia wants out, telling her that she's done working with her. Attempting to kill one king cost many lives and she thinks they are no better than their enemies. Antonia didn't come back to slaughter the innocent. Marnie doesn't think humans who are on the side of the vampires are innocent. Marnie reminds her of the particulars of her death and tells her fate brought them together. Marnie says they need her and, oddly, the two join forces again.

    Bill, Eric, Jessica, Pam, and Nan are all chained up in Bill's basement where Nan continues her nagging on Bill for their current situation, threatening the true death on him. Bill could care less; he's making orders for explosives on his cell' 'phone. Eric and Pam say some unkind things to Nan, who threatens the true death on them as well. Jessica just wants to kill somebody.

    Near the Moon Goddess Sookie listens to Tara's thoughts to make sure she's alive and inside. Lafayette is worried about Jesus messing around in the spiritual world but he heads in anyway. The second he gets close to the building he is stunned by a powerful force field wall. Antonia comes outside and Jesus tells her he's a friend of Marnie's. She forces him to walk though the wall if he's going to help. He eventually gets through, showing off a different, demonic, side of him in the process.

    Debbie complains to Marcus about how Alcide's been treating her. She talks about how Alcide doesn't want the same things she does, like having kids. Marcus starts to put the moves on her.

    Sam and Alcide go the Marcus' shop. Marcus isn't there and they start beating on one of the other guys who beat up Tommy.

    Terry has Andy do some target practice to prove to him the V doesn't help him. Andy can't hit anything. Terry wants him to admit he's a drug addict. They start arguing about how they were treated as kids and eventually Terry punches him and they start rolling around on the ground.

    Jesus tells Antonia he would like to talk to Marnie. Antonia thinks if their circle was stronger they'd be able to defeat the vampires. She wants Lafayette to join them. Jesus asks to speak to Marnie, his friend and teacher. Marnie makes an appearance and tells him that she is in control. It's not possession, but rather a "union." Jesus pretends to be happy, but uses his thoughts to tell Sookie that Marnie's flipped sides.

    Holly and Tara begin their spell as Antonia shows Jesus the vampires. Holly and Tara are able to run out of the Moon Goddess, but Antonia realizes what has happened. She walks outside and put up a wall right where they are, making Sookie, Lafayette, Holly and Tara disappear right in front of Jason.

    Andy is having withdrawal symptoms. He tells Terry he's ashamed of who he is and apologizes for bringing V into their house. Terry tells him he's at rock bottom. Andy cries and Terry helps him up. They hug and tell each other they love one another. Terry brings the truck around but tells Andy he needs to walk home alone.

    Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica arrive leather clad and weapons hot at the Moon Goddess as the episode ends.

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