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  • Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica descend on the witch's coven, intent on killing Marnie and anyone else who poses a threat to them. They're not quite prepared for the barrier Marnie has set up around the emporium and realize they may have a bigger fight on their hands than they had anticipated. Inside the emporium, Marnie is having her own problems with Antonia, who is no longer as keen as her host to destroy the vampires. Even after the vampires find a way in, it appears that Marnie will not be easily disposed of. Sam and Alcide track down Marcus who has kidnapped his own daughter. Sam wants to end any threat to Luna and her daughter. Andy Bellefleur meanwhile has an interesting encounter in the woods.


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  • The four heavily-armed vampires move in on the Moon Goddess. Jessica has what looks like a RPG in her possession.

    Inside the Moon Goddess Marnie tells the people they may leave whenever they want and throws a knife on the ground. When one of the women goes for it she uses her finger to send the knife into the woman's chest. Marnie twitches Antonia pops out of her body. Lafayette is only one who can see this and tells everybody what is happening. Antonia is done working with Marnie but Marnie ends up casting a binding spell that forces her back inside. Jesus knows what this means and says they're all screwed.

    Jason stops the vampires from blowing up the Moon Goddess by telling them Sookie is inside. Pam doesn't seem to care and Jason remind Eric and Bill what she's done for them. Bill decides to abort the plan and Eric concurs. Jason shows them the force field that Marnie has surrounding the Moon Goddess. Jason tells Jessica he can't stop thinking about her. The two vampires under Marnie's control show up and attack Bill and Eric.

    Marcus' good ol' boy pack friend won't tell Sam and Alcide where Marcus is hiding. Luna shows up with news that Marcus has taken Emma. Alcide mentions that kidnapping is now one of Marcus' crimes and the wolf admits to not knowing where Marcus is.

    Marcus tries convincing Debbie to run away with him. Emma is with them. Marcus tells her that he can give her what Alcide can't, the chance to be a mother. She says she won't do it because she still loves Alcide.

    Jesus tells Marnie that the knife victim still has a faint pulse and asks for permission to try and save her. Marnie agrees and Jesus and Lafayette take her to the bathroom. In the bathroom Jesus tells Lafayette that he lied about her still being alive. The only way to force Antonia out of Marnie's body is to use the blood of this victim. Jesus grabs some supplies as Marnie tries to convince everybody else that it was self-defense. Holly doesn't understand why Marnie is acting this way. It seems Marnie is on a power trip after finally being respected. Sookie tries to get her to "end this."

    Andy walks through the woods on his way home, talking to himself along the way. A woman appears out of nowhere and knocks Andy to the ground with a Sookie-like bolt of light.

    Luna gets a call from Emma. She doesn't know where she is but Alcide sees on the caller ID that she's at his place.

    Bill kills one Marnie's vampires and tries to get the other one to talk. Eric says it will be no use, based on Marnie's spell. Bill demands Marnie/Antonia show herself. Inside Marnie tells everyone "it's time for negotiation." Sookie and Marnie walk outside and Bill tosses her vampire into the wall. It kills her almost instantly and Marnie tells them that the wall means instant death for all vampires. They ask for Sookie to be released and Marnie says she will only do it if both Bill and Eric kill themselves. They seem ready to do it, but Pam can't stand the idea and fires the RPG at the Goddess. It explodes into the wall and kicks back towards the vampires.

    Sam, Alcide and Luna arrive at Alcide's place. Sam has Luna take Emma outside. Sam says he's going to kill Marcus with his bare hands and the two start to fight.

    Marnie tells everybody in the Moon Goddess that they have no choice but to fight the vampires.

    In the bathroom Lafayette helps Jesus put together the spell. Jesus warns him that the spell is going to be pretty crazy and he warns him not to take it personally. This means his family magic demon face may show up. Jesus takes some of the dead woman's blood and places a mark on his chest.

    Eric is furious that Pam disobeyed him and placed Sookie in danger. Jason is the only one injured by the RPG blast and seems near death. Jessica gives him her blood.

    The strange woman tells Andy he smells like a vampire. She begins to talk about how attractive Andy is and says she'll only sleep with him if he promises to keep her safe. Her finger glows and she has Andy touch his finger to hers. They begin to make love.

    Sam and Marcus fight while Alcide hold Debbie back. Eventually Sam gets the better of Marcus and has his knee on his neck. Sam comes moments away from killing Marcus but decides to let him up. Once he does Marcus grabs Sam's gun and is about to shoot Sam before Alcide tackles him to the ground. Alcide crushes Marcus' windpipe, killing him. Alcide then formally breaks up with Debbie.

    Marnie looks into her future and sees herself dying. She convinces the rest of them the only way they'll live is to join her circle for another spell.

    Jesus makes cuts on his forearm and has Lafayette bind his wrists together with Marnie's scarf. This symbolizes the bind of Marnie and Antonia.

    Jessica sits over Jason as he recovers. All of a sudden her fangs come out and she is pulled in the direction of the wall surrounding the Moon Goddess. The rest of the vampires are as well and it's clear Marnie spell is pulling them towards death. Sookie reads Jason's thoughts and learns what is happening. She fires a blast of light from her hands and breaks the circle apart. Tara tries to tell Marnie that Sookie isn't always in control of her power but Marnie isn't buying it. She casts a spell that forces everybody to the walls and places Sookie in the middle of a circle of fire.

    As Jesus finishes his spell Lafayette sees that the fire is closing in on Sookie and she'll be dead in moments. Jesus finishes his spell. He is able to pull apart his hands which pulls Antonia out of Marnie. This ends all spells including the protective wall.

    With the wall down the vampires immediately enter the Moon Goddess. Sookie tells them that the other wiccans were innocent victims. Marnie's lone ally Roy stops in front of her and tells Eric that if he wants to get to Marnie he'll have to go through him, first. Eric proceeds to pull Roy's heart out of his chest and use his aorta as a straw before dropping the heart in front of Marnie. Bill then shoots Marnie dead.

    Sam walks outside and Emma asks about her father. Sam says nothing.

    Andy returns home and tells Arlene the story of sleeping with the strange forest woman. She reminds him when Terry was in the worst of his PTSD he imagined thing. Andy tells her it's possible that none of it was real.

    Jesus looks shaken and Lafayette convinces him "you did what you had to do." Bill and Eric whisper to one another. Jason thanks Jessica and points out he's now had her blood once again. He's still worried about losing his best friend.

    Lying in bed Lafayette convinces Jesus that he saved some lives tonight. Jesus agrees and rolls over. Lafayette tries to sleep but is woken up by the image of Marnie floating over him. Marnie's spirit enters Lafayette's. Lafayette smiles a devilish grin.

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