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  • Sookie stays in her house even though Jason sold it while she was away. After learning who has bought it however, she feels decidedly unsafe and asks Bill for his help. He is now the vampire king of Louisiana and in flashbacks, some of Bill's past is revealed, including how he became king. Jason wakes up tied to a bed; Crystal and her husband have a surprise for him. Sam Merlotte is attracted to Luna, who reveals she is part Navajo and once shifted into her own mother who died giving birth to her. Arlene is convinced that her new baby is rotten to the core and is terrified of him. Hoyt recovers from his encounter with the anti-vampire protesters but he and Jessica are still arguing. Angry, she heads for Shreveport. Tara re-appears in Bon Temps and goes to the coven with Lafayette. Eric, under orders from Bill to get the coven to stop before they reanimate a dead human, is in for a surprise.

  • Sookie adjusts to Bon Temps' new realities; Bill reveals pieces of his past; Eric crashes a witches' meeting; Jason gets his wounds licked; Andy struggles with his addiction; Sam learns of Luna's special talents; Jessica satisfies her blood cravings; and Arlene witnesses strange behavior from her family.


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  • Jason awakens from being knocked out and realizes he is on a dirty mattress, with his hands and feet bound to bedposts. Someone is licking his head; it's one of the werepanther kids, Timbo. He tells Jason he has a wound on his head, and keeps licking. Horrified, he stops Timbo and asks who put him up to kidnapping him. Timbo and other kids look on guiltily, but don't say anything. Jason convinces the boy to loosen one knot, but before he can, Crystal's brother Felton comes in with a shotgun and scares them away. Jason asks where Crystal is, but Felton just threatens him. Jason spits an expletive at him, but Felton shoves the barrel of the gun in Jason's face and tells him he's the one who's about to get f***ed.

    In Bon Temps, Sookie tries to get Eric to leave, telling him that just because he owns her house doesn't mean he owns her. She declines his offer to make her his. Eric replies, "Your blood tastes like freedom, Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle. You may not know it yet, but that's what vampires smell when they smell you." Eric adds that she'll need protection should the faeries come looking for her, and he bought the house because he cares about her. He says that he could taste her blood whenever he wanted to, but instead he's asking her, politely, to be his. Sookie tells Eric she can never be with him the way she was with Bill. Eric tells her that he knows there are two Sookie Stackhouses, one that clings to the idea that she's merely human, and another who knows she's better than that. He tells her that the more she lets faerie Sookie speak for her, the longer she'll go on living. Then he departs for the night.

    One of the younger witches from the circle, Katerina, reports to Bill that the coven brought Marnie's bird back to life. Bill tells her that her work spying for him in the coven is done and that it's no longer safe. She unbuttons her top, and Bill takes her to his bed.

    Meanwhile, anti-vampire protesters outside of Fangtasia antagonize customers as Pam looks on with a wan smile. Jessica and Hoyt try to leave, but one of them insults Jess, calling her a whore, while another bears witness with a cell phone camera. Hoyt steps in to defend her honor and one of them picks a fight. Hoyt gets pummeled. Jessica moves to help him but Pam holds her back, admitting that technology has taken all the fun out of being a vampire.

    Sam catches up with Luna after their run and they sit side by side in the grass, naked. Sam flirtatiously tries to get Luna to open up to him, and moves to kiss her, but she pulls away suddenly, then gets up and runs off, transforming into a mare as she goes.

    Elsewhere, Jesus and Lafayette discuss the ramifications of resurrecting the bird as they get into Lafayette's bed. Lafayette says he thinks they were stepping in on some place they don't belong. Jesus tells Lafayette not to blame the magic for how its used. Jesus believes there's no such thing as black magic or white magic, just the intent that lies in the heart of the practitioner. He reassures Lafayette that he knows of nobody else that has as much light in his heart as he does.

    Bill is having sex with Katerina, his witch spy, when she suddenly stops... he feels Sookie's presence as she walks across the grounds, up to the King's mansion. Bill's armed guards intercept Sookie and at first try to turn her away, but the King sends notices over their walkie-talkies to let them pass.

    Sookie heads up the stairs and greets Bill just as Katerina, who is still getting dressed and has his bite marks on her neck, is walking out of his bedroom. Sookie tells Bill that Eric has purchased her house with the intent of owning her, and asks Bill to use his royal influence to order Eric to give back her house and leave her alone. Bill tells her that Eric has friends in high places, but he'll do what he can to help her. Until he can figure out a work-around, he advises Sookie to find shelter in another human's home. Sookie asks what good that would do if Eric can buy that one too.

    Sookie bids Bill good night, calling him "Your Excellency." Then she asks how Bill became King, anyway. He balks, and she decides not to press the issue, telling him "If there's one thing I learned from us being together, it's that every time I found out something new about you, I ended up wishing I didn't know it."

    As she walks out, Bill looks utterly pained and heartbroken. And we FLASH BACK to

    London, 1982

    Bill, in full punk-rock get-up spiky hair, motorcycle jacket trolls a bar where a band is raging onstage. He goes to the bar and strikes up a conversation with the bartender using a cockney accent. He buys the bartender a drink, and the next thing you know he's drinking from Colin's neck in an alley. Colin is squealing and struggling, but then Bill glamours him. Under Bill's influence, he comes to believe that none of this has happened and that he'll just feel a bit weak for the next few days. Bill heals the bartender's wounds and sends him running off.

    "You don't kill them," says a female voice behind him.

    Bill wheels around and shows his fangs, to see Nan Flanagan wearing an 1980s power suit. Nan is impressed that Bill seems to want to fit in, and recruits Bill to join their cause of mainstreaming, explaining that the greatest minds in the vampire legions, including Louis Pasteur (yes, he's a vampire) are working on synthesizing human blood that vampires can survive on. She tells Bill that she's looking for a few good vampire spies to infiltrate the monarchies and plant the seeds of discord from within.

    "So," she concludes, "are you in, or are you out?"

    Back in the present, we see that Bill looks troubled by just how far in that he is.

    The next day, Sookie heads into work at Merlotte's, where Terry and Arlene have brought in baby Mikey. Terry introduces Sookie to Mikey, and Arlene freaks out, telling Sookie not to read his mind or hers and wailing that her intentions are pure. She runs off, leaving Sookie confused and Terry to explain it away by citing sleep deprivation.

    Returning to Hotshot, the werecat trailer park, Andy Bellefleur drives up in a frenzy, using supposedly official police business to try to scare some V out of the people. Crystal, hopped up on V, jumps on top of a still-bound Jason and stuffs a rag in his mouth to keep him from screaming and alerting Andy, saying they only have to wait a little longer before they can be together forever. But outside, Andy's fist is pumping open and closed anxiously. Felton recognizes this side-effect of V-withdrawal, and sends one of the elderly Hotshot residents up to Andy with a vial of V. Andy hungrily seizes it, informs everyone loudly that he's taking it as official evidence, and quickly drives off. As Crystal hears Andy drive off, she begins purring and licking Jason, telling him he's done well. Jason, still gagged, looks horrified.

    At Merlotte's, Sam heads into his back office to find Luna sexily draped in his chair. She tells him that she's trying to seduce him as her way to saying sorry for the way she left him the night before. She tells him that she really wants to let him in, and plants a deep, passionate kiss on him. She asks if he's coming to the group tonight, and he says yes. Then my work here is done, she says, and turns to leave. Sam playfully asks what she would have done if he had said no, and Luna smiles. As she walks her to the door Tommy, who is sitting at a table, asks who she is. Sam tells Tommy to mind his own business.

    Back in the kitchen, Terry is asking Arlene what she wants to do that evening, but she's not listening. She stares at Mikey, very hard, until a blood vessel bursts in her eye. Arlene screams and blames Mikey, saying he's evil and just as rotten to the core as his daddy Rene was. As Arlene runs off, Terry reassures the baby that he's his daddy.

    Sookie heads home, and experiences a horrifying flashback of being chased by faeries, but snaps back to reality and realizes that it's just Tara running up to her. They hug, and Tara joins her as she moves to head inside. Sookie is angry to see a red bow accompanied by a note that says, "Out with the old" on her front door. Tara thinks that it's from Bill at first, but Sookie assures her that shes no longer with him, explaining that it's from Eric. On the table is a new microwave with another note that says "In with the new." Sookie explains that they're not together, but that Eric bought her house. That brings even less comfort to Tara. Sookie opens the fridge to see that Eric has also left a carafe of blood in her fridge. "Psychopathic frat boy!" Sookie hisses as she pours it down the drain.

    Sookie and Tara decide they can forget their worries by sharing some ice cream on the couch in the living room. Sookie grabs some blankets and heads in, but immediately notices that a new armoire has been placed there. She opens it and is horrified to discover the armoire is concealing a ladder leading underneath the house. Eric has built himself a cubby in Sookie's home.

    At Hoyt's and Jessica place, Hoyt is nursing his cuts and bruises. Jessica, feeling bad for him, offers her lover some of her blood so he can heal faster. Hoyt declines, saying he doesn't need "that shit." Jess finds that incredibly insulting, and asks where the keys to his car are. He's distressed that she's running off on him, but tosses her the keys anyway. She tells him she's going to the drug store to get him some Advil. But at the fork in the road, instead of driving to Bon Temps, she heads to Shreveport... and Fangtasia.

    Meanwhile, Tara heads over to greet Lafayette, just as he and Jesus are heading off to a Wiccan gathering. After joking around for a bit, Lafayette convinces Tara, who can't believe her cousin is a Wiccan now, to join them at the coven meeting.

    Eric stops in to visit Bill, who weakly asks him to relinquish ownership of Sookie's house. Eric naturally declines. Bill follows up his request by informing Eric that there's a new coven in Bon Temps, and when Eric sarcastically moves to dismiss Bill, the new King silences him in horror by telling Eric that they're necromancers that brought a bird back from the dead.

    "If they can control the dead, then they can control us," Bill says, impressing the gravity of the situation upon Eric. Eric reminds Bill that there's no need; long before Bill was born into his human life, Eric was dealing with the Inquisition. He tells Eric to take care of it himself. Eric asks if the AVN has signed off on this order, and Bill bellows that as the King of Louisiana, he doesn't have to ask anyone else. Eric smirks and tells Bill that he'll visit the coven. Then he sarcastically bows with a theatrical flourish, saying, "My King." Eric shakes his head and laughs to himself as he turns his back on Bill.

    We FLASH BACK to the moment a year earlier back in Season 3 where Bill rose to challenge Queen Sophie-Anne in combat. Sophie-Anne reminds Bill that she's more than twice his age. Bill tells her that he has nothing to lose. They levitate and tangle in mid-air before Sophie-Anne easily throws Bill to the ground, sending him sliding down the hall. But as Bill moves to stand again, a team of human sharpshooters move in and take aim on the queen. Sophie-Anne is shocked that Bill brought humans in on vampire affairs. But Bill tells her that she did that when she sent him after Sookie. The sharpshooters' guns are loaded with wooden bullets, constructed with a silver core. They fire on Sophie-Anne, hiting her several times in the chest, killing her and reducing her to a puddle of bloody gel.

    Nan Flanagan walks in behind Bill and asks if this was all about Sookie, wondering what's so special about her. Bill smiles and tells Nan nothing, as it turns out. Nan doesn't look like she believes Bill. She tells Bill he had better not be lying to her, adding that Sophie-Anne lied, and look at how things turned out for her. She officially names Bill William Compton the King of Louisiana. He pledges his fealty to the AVN as long as he walks this Earth.

    "Hear, hear," Nan replies. "Now, go clean yourself up. You're covered in Queen."

    In the present at Fangtasia, Sookie pleads with Pam to try to convince Eric to relinquish ownership of her house. Pam can't believe Sookie thought she would side with her on the issue. Sookie tells Pam that she's waiting for Eric in his office. But before she turns her back on Sookie completely, Pam advises Sookie to take Eric up on his offer. "With what you are, faerie princess, you need to be somebody or you won't be at all. Eric is handsome, he's rich, and in his own way, he cares about you. He really does."

    Sookie still declines, saying that she will never be Eric Northman's puppet. "Shame for you, then," Pam coos. "He pulls good string."

    Jessica drives up to Fangtasia, walking through the group fang basher protesters with a look of purpose on her face. She enters and scans the bar for the handsome fang banger who approached her the other evening. Finding him, she homes in. She walks up and without speaking, he offers her his hand.

    Meanwhile, Tara, Jesus and Lafayette are sitting in the coven meeting, where the group is abuzz with conversation about what they've achieved. Someone asks Marnie what they're going to bring back next, and with a twisted smile on her face, Marnie answers that they're going to bring back a person. The coven is shocked. Tara decides she's going to wait outside.

    At Sam's shapeshifter meeting, they discuss what the freakiest thing they've ever shifted into was. Luna silences everyone when she admits she turned into her own mother. She explains that her mother died giving birth to her. In Navajo culture, there's the belief that skinwalkers were horrible, evil witches whose powers allow them to transform into any animal on Earth. But they can only gain their powers in one way: they have to kill another shifter, specifically a member of their own family. She says that the feeling of being somebody else was crazy, scary at first, but then exhilarating -- she got to be her mother, who she never met. Then Luna sniffs the air and realizes it's another shifter. Sam gets the scent, and takes off. He sees that Tommy has been listening the whole time, and when he sees Sam running toward him, takes off. They both turn into owls and fly after each other.

    Back at the coven, Lafayette is wondering where the coven is going to get a dead body. At that very moment, Eric Northman bursts into the room and jokingly asks if somebody called for a dead body. Lafayette jumps up in horror.

    At Fangtasia, Sookie heads into the bathroom and hears Jessica drinking from the fangbanger. She calls Jess out, and Jess comes out of the stall. Sookie asks if Hoyt knows what she's doing. Jess tells her that she resents Sookie acting like her stepmother. She tells Sookie that she can drink who she wants, and heads back into the stall with the guy.

    Tommy catches Sam, and they accuse each other of betrayal, Sam for lying about the anger management classes, Tommy for lying about his leg, which obviously has healed. Tommy softens and tells Sam that he just wants to be brothers. Sam doesn't trust Tommy, but tells him that they can slowly chip away at that and try again to start a relationship.

    Back at the coven, Eric asks which one Marnie is. Marnie speaks up, and Eric politely thanks her for stepping forward. He informs her that the coven is now disbanded, adding: "Before you think of agreeing and meeting behind my back, know this: There is no behind my back." Marnie asks what's in it for her, and Eric grows angry. Lafayette tells her that Eric does not negotiate, and urges Marnie to take the deal. Tara, at this point, enters to witness what's going on from a distance. Seeing Eric there, she groans, "I hate this place." Marnie considers for a moment, then quickly says, "Join hands." But Eric is faster. He grabs Marnie and sinks his fangs into her neck. Horrified, Holly begins to lead the coven in chanting a spell. Everyone joins hands but Lafayette, who is too scared to participate. But then Tara runs up behind Eric with a stake. Eric quickly throws Marnie down and seizes Tara by the neck. He smiles. "What have we here?"

    Seeing Tara in danger, Lafayette joins the circle and the chant, and Marnie rises off of the floor as the room goes dark. She suddenly appears to be taken over by another spirit and chants a different incantation in Latin. Eric drops Tara and suddenly looks very afraid. His fangs retract and, as his gaze goes blank, he flees the magic shop.

    At the Hotshot trailer park, Crystal and Felton come in to Jason's room, and Felton begins to disrobe. Crystal finally lets Jason in on their plan: Crystal needs to keep the family going, but Felton appears to be shooting blanks. So they're going to use Jason to get Crystal pregnant. But first, they have to make him into a panther. She tells him its only going to hurt in the beginning. Crystal disrobes, and both she and Felton transform and sink their teeth into Jason's exposed torso and he screams.

    Sookie is driving back from Fangtasia when she encounters a shirtless, dazed Eric wandering down the road. She pulls over, rolls down the window and asks what he's doing. Eric doesn't recognize her. Even after Sookie identifies herself he insists, with a blank look on his face, that he doesn't know who she is. Having lost his memory because of the wiccan magic, he turns to leave. But Eric stops in his tracks and takes a deep whiff of the night air. He walks up to Sookie's car and looks at her with new and very intense interest. "Why do you smell so good?"

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