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  • Eric has disappeared again and Sookie enlists Alcide help in finding him. Bill wants to find him as well. Pam meanwhile wants Marnie to reverse her spell on Eric. She gets more than she bargained for. Bill gets to meet Portia Bellefleur's mother but learns something about her that brings their relationship to an abrupt end. Jason manages to escape from Crystal and her clan and is eventually rescued by familiar faces. Terry and Arlene's baby has a message for him. After his falling out with Sam, Tommy finds his mother but isn't quite expecting the kind of welcome he gets.

  • Alcide helps Sookie hunt for Eric; Marnie searches for guidance to break a spell; Bill discovers a common bond with the Bellefleurs; Jason begs for liberation from Hotshot; Sam penetrates Luna's inner circle; Arlene sees the writing on the wall; Tommy returns to his roots.


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  • Eric has just finished off Sookie's fairy godmother and turns his interest to Sookie, flirting with her, pinching her butt and generally acting like he's drunk. She reminds him dawn is near. He says he doesn't care and zips off.

    Pam lies to Bill, telling him she doesn't know where Eric is. She thinks he sent Eric to the witches in order to kill him.

    Jason is in the process of being raped by every female member of the Norris family. Up next is Felton's young niece and Jason draws the line. He explains that he's sick and she admits to being a virgin. He tells her this isn't way she should first experience sex and talks her into cutting him loose.

    Nan isn't happy that Bill sent Eric to look into witchcraft, feeling like that isn't important in the grand scheme of vampire problems. Bill references a "Spanish massacre," but Nan reminds him "that was 400 years ago." Bill is sure "this is the real thing." Bill thinks Nan's making a big mistake and she orders him to refrain from killing any humans.

    While dozing off, Marnie has what seems to be a kind of dream. She seems to be in Spain several centuries earlier and has arrived to see the spirit she's been channeling being burned for witchcraft. The woman starts to burn and she and Marnie begins repeating the same chant. Marnie wakes up from the dream and we see a fire flicker in her eyes.

    Sookie calls Alcide to come help her search for Eric. He shifts to a wolf and she gives him a blanket to sniff.

    Maxine comes into Merlotte's looking for Tommy. Sam swears that he doesn't know where he is.

    Felton seems to sense that his niece didn't end up having sex. He sprints to Jason's room and finds Luther tied up and Jason gone. Crystal points out that all they want from Jason was "his seed" but Felton seems to want to kill Jason. He transforms to a panther and heads off in pursuit.

    Lafayette and Tara ask Marnie to reverse the spell on Eric. She says she can't since she wasn't the one who placed the spell. She makes an attempt at a spell but nothing is happening.

    Alcide and Sookie locate Eric swimming in a nearby pond despite the fact there is heavy sunlight. Eric projects hostility toward Alcide, but wants to stay and enjoy himself. He changes his tune once his skin begins to burn.

    Felton (still in panther mode) is hot on the trail of Jason, who throws his t-shirt in a different direction to disguise his scent.

    Tommy goes to see Melinda. He asks if its true she left Joe Lee and Melinda seems to change the subject. He mentions Sam shooting him.

    Sam pays Luna a visit at her home. She doesn't seem thrilled he's there and her daughter Emma emerges from the house. Emma takes a liking to Sam and invites him in for tea.

    Felton seems to be gaining on Jason.

    Sookie brings Eric to his cubby. He asks her to stay with him and she says she can't. Alicide is eavesdropping from above. Outside Alcide questions the wisdom of letting him stay there.

    Jason climbs a tree and begins sharpening a large stick. Felton walks up by and Jason drops down and plunges the spear through his neck. Crystal shows up and is happy to see Felton dead. She thinks they can now be together but Jason wants no part of her. She thinks it's the fever talking and reminds him what will happen at the next full moon.

    Portia introduces Bill to her grandmother, Caroline. Andy joins them and Bill ultimately defends him to Caroline when she scolds Andy for vulgarity.

    Luna tells Sam she's worried about making sure to raise Emma (a shifter) the right way. She tells him her ex is a werewolf and she thinks he still watches her. He's the jealous type and she's worried for Sam's safety.

    Marnie seems at the end of her rope with respect to finding a spell that might do something for Eric. All of a sudden a book falls off one of the shelves. She thinks she's found what they need. They will need to draw a circle in the full moon.

    Alcide returns home to Debbie and tells her about shifting and helping Sookie with her Eric problem. He couldn't be happier that she doesn't seem to be worried about this at all.

    Andy leaves his grandmother's place, probably to get a "V" fix. Bill, Caroline and Portia discuss their family's history. Caroline forgets a name and goes through the first page in the family bible. Bill and Caroline both seem shocked and Bill tells Portia curtly that he must leave and can not longer see her. Portia chases him down and Bill tells her that he is her great-great-great-great grandfather.

    Terry brings Mikey into the living room where Arlene is sleeping. He puts him a play gym while he pops into to the next room. It looks as if Mikey has found a crayon and is writing on the wall. Terry returns the room and sees "BABY NOT YOURS" scrawled on the wall. Arlene wakes up and screams.

    Down in Eric's cubby he makes yet another move on Sookie. They look as if they might kiss until Eric senses that someone is at the door. Upstairs Sookie finds Bill at the door. He tells her that her house is one of the last remaining places they haven't looked for Eric. She assures Bill that Eric is not there. He doesn't seem to believe her, but then Sookie asks, "have I ever lied to you?" Bill leaves without a full check.

    Jason collapses by the side the road. Jessica and Hoyt happen to be driving by. Jessica bites her own wrist to feed Jason to help speed up his recovery.

    Tommy wows Melinda with stories of his new literacy. She ends up admitting that Joe Lee is still putting her in dog-fighting rings. Joe Lee sneaks up behind Tommy and puts a chain around him. He promises he's going to train him to be more obedient.

    At a remote location Pam watches as Marnie attempts the spell to heal Eric. Lafayette, Jesus and an armed Tara watch from outside the circle. As Marnie begins reading off the spell, Pam interrupts, thinking what she is doing isn't working. All of a sudden Marnie changes to the goddess and places a hand up. Pieces of Pam's face start peeling off and Marnie (as the spirit) tells her "corrupt, sanctified corpse that walks, behold your true self."

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