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  • Bill is livid when he hears that Sookie has been hiding Eric in her house. He arrests him and puts him in the same cell with Pam, who is still rotting away. He also asks the Authority to put Eric to the true death. Marnie is also in Bill's prison but connects with the spirit of the witch from the past who had a deadly spell for dealing with vampires. It's also a full moon and Jason fully expects to turn into a were-panther. Sookie sits up with him but when he runs off into the woods, it's Jessica who comforts him. With Sam away taking care of Arlene's burnt out house, Tommy shifts into something he has never experienced before. In Mexico. Lafayette and Jesus seek help.

  • Sookie searches for Jason under a full moon; Marnie connects with spirits of the past; Arlene and Terry cope with a suspicious inferno; Debbie urges Alcide to join a new werewolf community; Tommy trades places with Sam; Lafayette feels the spirit in Mexico; Eric surrenders to his King's will.


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  • Sookie and Eric are fooling around. Bill shows up and tries to fight Eric, who easily tosses him aside. When Sookie tells Eric is his king he immediately leaves him alone. Eric tells Bill Sookie had nothing to do with it and Bill takes him away. Sookie protests and Bill tells his guards to arrest her if she shows up on his property.

    In captivity Eric sees what's happened to Pam and her face. She explains further what kind of vampire he used to be. He tells her he's not the vampire he used to be.

    Bill tells Nan that he has Eric in custody and that he is infected. He requests that Eric receive the True Death and she says she'll seek approval.

    Terry and Arlene wake up to the house on fire. Arlene searches for baby Mikey but can't find him. Terry carries her onto the front lawn and the house explodes. They turn and see that the other kids have Mikey. Apparently he was already in the yard by himself, playing with the doll.

    Sam shows up the next day and asseses the damage to the home. Arlene tells him about her theory Rene is responsible. Andy starts accusing Sam of being lax in his landlord duties and Sam snaps at him to leave him alone. Andy helps Holly move a chair and the two make a date for later.

    Sam calls Tommy and tells him he'll be with working on the house fires all day. He asks if he can open the bar. They hang up and Tommy starts yelling at himself in the mirror and hitting himself in the face. He then shifts into Sam and screams.

    Lafayette and Jesus have breakfast with Jesus' grandfather. Jesus says he needs protection and his grandfather tells him to bring him a sacrifice.

    Naomi shows up at Lafayette's to see Tara. Tara is holding a gun and says "long story." Tara tells Naomi her life story. Naomi slams Tara to the ground and the two begin to kiss.

    Tommy (still as "Sam") goes to Merlotte's. He fires Sookie and starts ordering everybody around. He stops off at Maxine's table and hears her rip Tommy for walking out on her.

    Sookie goes to Jason's place. He's handcuffed himself to the bed and eventually tells her about tonight's full moon and his belief he'll be turning into a Werepanther. She realizes he's serious.

    Alcide comes home and finds Debbie with the Shreveport packmaster Marcus. He says the pack needs someone like Alcide and hopes he'll reconsider joining. After Marcus leaves Alcide yells at her for having agreed to join up. She says she needs community.

    Sitting in custody Marnie begins cutting herself on the arm in an attempt to bring Antonia. She flashes to Antonia being raped by vampires in an attempt to get her to scream. While on the stake we see Antonia cast the spell that brings the vampires into the sun where they burned. After the flashback Antonia appears in Marnie's cell, then seems to fly inside Marnie's body through her mouth. Marnie has become Antonia.

    Lafayette and Jesus stand in the middle of nowhere waiting for an animal to sacrifice itself. Lafayette thinks it's a stupid plan, but moments later Jesus reaches down and grabs a rattlesnake.

    Jason tells Sookie he wants her to shoot him when he turns. She declines and they discuss the crazy situations they find themselves in. Sookie make a point that what makes them unique can be a blessing and she'll be there to help him. She leaves to get him a beer and comes back to find him gone.

    Tara and Naomi go to Merlotte's. Jessica waits on them but then immediately runs out with her fangs exposed.

    Luna stops by Sam's. She finds Tommy in Sam's form and says she's ready to have sex. Tommy agrees.

    While Jason wanders through the woods he's met by Jessica, who sensed his fear. He tells about thinking he's been turned and his heart starts racing. She says she'll stay with him through the turning.

    Sookie searches for Jason with her shotgun drawn. She runs into Debbie and Alcide, who are looking for their pack meeting. The tells Sookie that 'Weres' are hereditary and there is no way to turn someone.

    Luna tells Tommy/Sam their sex was different than she expected, almost like they were strangers. He throws her clothes and yells at her to get out. She second she leaves he turns back to himself and pukes into the sink.

    Jason seems to have realized he's not going to turn. Jessica tells him she would still be a vampire if given a chance. He talks about not feeling special and she points out ways that he was. There is an awkward moment of sexual tension and they agree not to tell Hoyt about the experience.

    Bill tells Eric he's been given orders to sentence him to the True Death. He seems to accept his punishment, saying he cannot defend the vampire he used to be. He asks for Pam to be released and for Bill to tell Sookie that he will go to his death knowing what true love is. Bill raises a stake in the air to kill him.

    Jesus and Lafayette bring the snake to his grandfather. He tells them that Marnie will be using some sort of blood letting, as that will be the way for the spirit to "get in." His grandfather then puts the snakes fangs on Jesus' neck, forcing it to bite him. He throws the snake in the fire and leaves, telling Lafayette to "protect him." Lafayette panics before seeing what seems to be a spirit at the far end of the room. The spirit enters Lafayette, who then tells Jesus not to worry because "Tio Luca is here." This lasts long enough for Jesus recover.

    Sam comes home to find Tommy passed out near a pool of his own vomit.

    Outside Merlotte's Naomi seems to be on board with who Tara really is. Tara says she wants to come back to New Orleans with her but seems unsure. At this point Pam shows up. Tara tries to get Naomi to leave as Pam attacks.

    Luis seems to realize who Marnie has become and goes to her cell. He tries to attack Antonia, who puts up he hand and stops him in his tracks. He drops to his knees.

    Sookie runs into Eric in the woods. He says "the king set me free" and they begin to kiss. We cut to Bill on his porch staring into the distance, then back to Eric and Sookie making love in the forest.

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