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  • As Bill and Marnie brace for a dangerous midnight faceoff, Sookie and Eric pledge their allegiance to the King. Jason is torn between friendship and passion, and Jessica is spurned from two homes; Lafayette becomes the pawn of a tormented spirit; Tommy takes a walk in someone else's shoes; Sam contends with yet another adversary in Marcus, Luna's ex and the leader of Alcide's new pack.

  • The damage from the witches' spell is minimal and even Jessica, who made it out of her cell, survives. Her fantasy about Hoyt's reaction to a break up doesn't quite match reality. Jason isn't too keen on the turn of events either. Bill proposes a peace to Antonia but their midnight meeting in the Bon Temps cemetery is anything but peaceful. Tommy hasn't quite left Bon Temps and is still up to his new-found tricks. Marcus, the leader of Alcide's pack, tells his followers they will not get involved in the fight between the vampires and the witches. Sam and Luna work on repairing their relationship but when Marcus decides to visit his daughter, he's not too pleased to see that there's a man in the house. Lafayette learns more about the mysterious woman who has taken an interest in Arlene and Terry's baby.


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  • Jason rushs to Bill's place and tackles Jessica back into the home just as she starts being burned by the sun. As Antonia returns to the ground (the spell seemingly ended), Jessica turns on Jason and looks ready to kill him. But the spell breaks, she realizes what he's done for her and gives her a kiss on the lips.

    Downstairs Jessica realizes she killed the guard while under the spell. Jason helps re-secure her with silver in case Antonia starts the spell again. Jason agrees to keep the dead guard under wraps as long as Bill doesn't say anything about him shooting one of Bill's guards (in the shoulder) to save Jessica.

    Marcus holds a meeting of the Shreveport pack. He says he's not sure why witches and vampires are at war, but his instruction is for the pack not to get involved.

    Sam visits Luna, telling her he's booted Tommy out of his life "for good." He had no idea that Tommy had killed their parents. Eventually Sam is invited in for dinner.

    Sookie takes off Eric's silver. Realizing he hasn't fed in quite some time, Sookie lets him feed from her. Afterwards he has her drink from his hand, so "we will be one."

    Jessica comes home and tells Hoyt she doesn't want them to live together any more. She says what they have "isn't enough" for her. Hoyts drops to floor and starts crying, saying if he can't have her he doesn't want to be alive. He says if she doesn't love him he'll die. She says "then die!" and slams his face into a table, spraying blood everywhere. Jessica gets into Jason's truck. He tells her how hot she looks with blood on her face and he strips off his shirt, inviting her to drink from him and have sex with him. She moves towards him and we see this was just Jessica's dream.

    At the scene of one of the dead vampires Jason has to stop the V-addicted Andy from eating the corpse off the ground.

    Bill walks up during an interview with one of the neighbors. He glamours the reporter into letting him read a statement about vampire suicides.

    Sookie and Eric tell each other how "amazing" the other's blood is. They start kissing and are transported to some dream-like Winter scene where they begin making love on an antique bed outside in the snow.

    Bill says anti-vampire sentiment is to blame for the vampire suicides.

    Antonia watches this on TV, furious that she was only able to kill one vampire. Antonia says the only hope for Earth is to snuff out vampires and Tara seems to agree. Bill calls wanting to speak with Antonia. He apologizes on behalf of all vampires for what was done to her 400 years earlier, adding he thinks there can be peace between them. He says sending Eric to Marnie's meeting was a mistake. He thinks he has more in common with her than she thinks and wants a meeting, just the two of them. She agrees to see him at the Bon Temps cemetery.

    We see Tommy searching though Maxine's home with a flashlight, grabbing items of clothing and jewlery.

    Alcide and Marcus break up a fight at the pack meeting.

    Sookie and Eric's fantasy now appears to be in daylight. They talk about how much they love each other.

    Terry has Mikey in a crib in the Merlotte's kitchen. While Arlene yells at him the spirit woman shows up and sings to the baby. Lafayette walks in and sees her, then walks right back out.

    Tommy-as-Maxine talks to the natural gas representative about leasing the mineral rights to the Fortenberry property. "She" is thinking huge numbers, but has to settle for a check for about six grand.

    Jessica comes home. She tells Hoyt she thinks they made a mistake moving in together and wants to spend some time apart. She wonders if maybe a vampire isn't supposed to be in a monogamous relationship. Hoyt goes on the defensive, telling her that he deserves better than what she has to offer him. He takes back his invitation and slams the door in her face. She cries on the porch while he breaks things inside.

    Eric wants he and Sookie to run away. She thinks they have an obligation to stand by Bill's side and fight. Eric doesn't seem to think it's their responsibility, but she won't leave her home.

    Alcide and Debbie leave the pack party. Marcus tells them to be careful, since he suspects more vampire/witch activity. Marcus thinks Alcide could become a leader in the pack. In the parking lot Debbie says she wants Alcide to stay away from Sookie. He promises to do so.

    Lafayette has a dream about the woman who has been singing to Mikey. It seems she has a child with a married white man, who killed the baby to protect himself. She found out when returning with a doll for the child, the same doll Mikey's been playing with. Lafayette pops up in bed and the woman's spirit seems to jump inside him.

    Eric and Sookie drop by Bill's place, offering their services in the fight against the witches. They are willing to die for the cause. Bill eventually accepts their offer of help.

    Marcus drops by Luna's place to tuck in his daughter. He's furious that Sam is there having dinner with them. Luna takes Emma to bed, threatening to call his parole officer if he starts anything. Sam says he has no beef with Marcus, who threatens him before leaving.

    In the woods we see Tommy staggering to his knees while wearing Maxine's clothing. He has been skin-walking.

    Jessica drops by Jason's place and tells him about breaking up with Hoyt. She talks about her feelings for him and he says he doesn't want any part of it and rescinds his invitation.

    Lafayette, seemingly possessed by the singing woman, arrives at Terry and Andy's grandmothers place, letting himself in the back door and walking past a sleeping Andy. He takes Andy's gun then goes upstairs and grabs Mikey from the crib while Terry and Arlene sleep.

    Bill meets with Antonia. Both admit to not being alone, with Tara part of Antonia's group and Sookie's part of Bill's. Bill promises no vampire will ever harm her again under penalty of true death, asking that she remove the spells from Eric and Pam. Sookie can hear that she is beginning to cast a spell. At this point Bill's security team appears and he threatens her that human assistants will pay if she attacks them. She laughs and Eric kills one of them. Antonia begins casting a spell and everybody scatters. A heavy fog surrounds the area. Tara shoots a vampire, then is disarmed by Pam who is looking better than she had while decomposing over the past several episodes.

    We see Alcide rushing to Sookie's defense, followed by a wolf.

    Just before Pam can kill Tara, Bill orders her not to harm her, "now or ever." Pam is livid.

    While Eric feeds somebody shoots Sookie in the stomach. Bill cannot get to her, as he is attackd by several of Antonia's silver-wielding cronies. Eric faces off with Antonia, who begins casting a spell on him. Alcide shows up and grabs Sookie, while Debbie shape-shifts from the wolf and looks on, unseen.

    Antonia has her hand on Eric's head as the episode ends.

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