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  • Convalescing after her latest near-death trauma, Sookie envisions a world where there's room for both Bill and Eric. Jesus tries to purge the restless spirit out of Lafayette; Marcus enlists Alcide to help him deal with the Sam situation; Bill and Nan Flanagan clash over their agendas; Hoyt asks Jason to make a delivery to Jessica; despite Tara and Holly's misgivings, Marnie plots her next move against the vampires, during a "Festival of Tolerance" event at Shreveport.

  • With Eric now under Antonia's spell, all of the witches return to the magic shop where Eric is locked in a closet. Sookie - who has a particularly erotic dream involving both Eric and Bill - sets out to set Eric free and gets help from an unexpected source. Antonia has her own plans, particularly for the upcoming festival to promote human-vampire tolerance. Lafayette, whose body is now controlled by a spirit named Mavis, takes over Hoyt Fortenberry's house claiming it to be his. It's left to Jesus to free him of Mavis' spirit. Marcus pays a visit to Sam Merlotte's bar leaving a message for him with Tommy. Hoyt boxes up Jessica's personal things and asks Jason to deliver them to her. He does and one thing leads to another....


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  • Alcide carrys an unconscious Sookie to safety. Bill zips by and takes her, speeding off to his place. Bill tries to get her to drink his blood, snapping at Alcide when he walks in behind them. Sookie has a weak pulse, Bill says.

    Antonia brings Eric to her circle, showing everyone that he is under her control. Tara and a few others aren't thrilled that she declined Bill's olive branch. Several openly challenge Antonia when she says the plan is to take Eric to the Festival of Tolerance and show everybody what they and vampires are capable of. She warns everyone not to leave.

    Sookie comes to and sees both Bill and Alcide standing over her. Bill tells her Eric is missing and he plans to join the search. Alcide is grouchy she's still asking about "fangers" and leaves in a huff.

    After putting Emma to bed Luna tells Sam he probably should take off in case Marcus returns. Sam's plan is for them to leave and go camping.

    Debbie pretends to be sleeping when Alcide gets home.

    Waiting for Bill, Jessica complains to Nan about her problems. She doesn't find a receptive ear. He returns and she wants to know what's happened. Once the three of them are slivered-up he says he thinks they should postpone the festival. She says that is not an option.

    Hoyt wakes up and finishes packing up Jessica's things. Lafayette walks in holding Mikey and the doll. When he sees Hoyt she pulls a gun and tells him to "get out of my house," using the thick Creole accent of the woman who had been appearing to him.

    Jason talks to Arlene and Terry about trying to find Mikey. Hoyt calls Jason and tells them about Lafayette. Andy ducks into the next room and takes a the last swig of the V he found in the couch .

    Sookie has a dream where she is with Eric when Bill shows up. They begin to fight over her and she tells them they need to have a talk in the living room.

    Tommy is behind the bar at Merlotte's when Marcus coming looking for Sam. Marcus says to tell Sam that that he'll be waiting for Sam that night.

    Jason and Andy arrive at Hoyt's place. Andy knocks on the door and Lafayette says he won't open the door for a white man. With Jason at his side Andy kicks down the door. Lafayette takes a shot at Andy and both cops have to run behind a car. Terry and Arlene show up. Arlene asks what's happening and Lafayette tells her his name is Mavis. Andy and his V strength are able to hold Terry back from running to the house.

    At their camping site Luna tells Sam he was right. Emma talks about wanting to be a shifter instead of a werewolf. Sam turns into a bunny and lets her pet him.

    Realizing that she is in a dream, Sookie tells both vampires that she must be in love with both of them. She says that neither can have her unless they both are with her. She proposes the two of them be hers. A threesome begins and a confused Sookie wakes up.

    Debbie buys V from a dealer and chugs it.

    The drugged-up Andy begins to panic and places Jason in charge. Jesus shows up and tells Jason he's going to go talk to Lafayette.

    Inside the house Jesus tells Mavis that he's a practitioner of magic and tells her that she's stolen the baby from another woman. He says he thinks something happened to her that she was never able to make peace with and he's inhabited the body of his boyfriend. Once Mavis realizes her body has a penis she drops the gun and begins to cry, understanding that her baby is dead. She wants to hold her baby one last time.

    Debbie arrives at Sookie's place and Sookie lets her in. Debbie says that despite being jealous she knows that Sookie is in trouble and she's there to help. Sookie listens to her thoughts and agrees to let her.

    Jesus performs a ritual that allows him to look into Mavis' history. She remembers following her baby's father into the house and finding out he had already buried the dead child. The baby's father then stabbed her. Her spirit floated into the sky and watched him bury her body as well. Jesus then takes Mavis outside. She gives Mikey back to Arlene.

    Alcide tells Marcus he's interested in helping with pack leadership. He admits the only reason is that it's important to Debbie. Marcus' first request is for him to back him up when Sam shows up. Alcide doesn't want to fight, but agrees to be muscle when Sam arrives.

    They dig in the spot where Mavis thought she and her baby were buried. Jesus finds the baby's body and hands it to Mavis. After a moment Jesus commands Mavis to leave Lafayette. Mavis moves outside Lafayette and everybody else there -- Terry, Arlene, Jason -- is able to see the grateful spirit leave.

    Debbie drops by to see Antonia, saying she's pledging allegiance to the cause. While they talk Sookie is sneaking in another entrance. Sookie finds Eric in a side room and sees immediately that he's under a spell. He tells her Antonia is making her "kill the king." Tara walks in with gun drawn. In the other room Debbie tells Antonia she's brought Sookie to her. Antonia tells Tara not to shoot Sookie. Tara's communicates to Sookie via her thoughts that they are being held hostage and gives her Bill's location. Tara then thinks for her to rush at a certain point, allowing Sookie to escape without Antonia realizing that Tara was helping. Sookie jumps in Debbie's car and they head to the hotel where Bill is located. Antonia leaves with Eric, casting a spell that makes all the exit doors white-hot to thhe touch.

    At the Festival of Tolerance, at least one anti-vampire activist is in the crowd filming the proceedings. While a guest speaker addresses the crowd, Bill notes to Nan it seems there are no vampires there besides them and one guest of honor.

    Jason helps Hoyt fix his place back up. Hoyt asks him to takes Jessica's stuff (the "monster box") back to her since he can't face his ex. Jason reluctantly agrees.

    We see Sam and Luna are still camping out for a second night. Which makes it strange that someone looking just like Sam (Tommy, obviously) arrives to meet Marcus. He tells Marcus that he isn't having sex with Luna, but that his little brother has had her "every which way." This sets off Marcus and his guys begin beating him, despite the protests of Alcide. Eventually Alcide gets in there and pulls the guys off Tommy. They sees him change back to Tommy. Alcide picks up Tommy and takes him away.

    While Nan speaks Eric makes himself seen by the vampire security outside. Eric lets them chase him to a kitchen and says he surrenders. Antonia walks behind them and casts a spell on the three other Louisiana Sheriffs.

    Jason shows up at Bill's place to give Jessica her stuff. She asks him to come in and he says he doesn't think that would be a good idea. He says he's going to go and we cut to them having sex in the bed of his truck outside.

    Debbie drops Sookie off at the hotel. At this moment Bill takes the stage to being his remarks. Sookie yells out from the back just as we see vampires drops the bodies of three human members of security over the balcony. They begin making their way through the crowd, tossing human members of the audience around like rag dolls. Eric flies towards Bill just as Sookie yells "Run!"

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