Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (TV Movie 2011) Poster

RonReaco Lee: Ben Delaney



  • Sam Axe : [after handing Ben a defibrillator paddle]  Take that. This is your detonator. Yeah, that's gonna go - tape that right on top of that valve.

    Ben Delaney : Okay. Real quick - the warning label says 'Keep away... '

    Sam Axe : Yeah. That's right. We're building a bomb, okay? So you do the opposite of what the warning label says.

  • [the improvised bomb explodes, knocking Sam and Ben to the ground] 

    Sam Axe : What the hell did you do?

    Ben Delaney : I maximized the pressure! Because you told me! You told me to maximize the pressure!

    Sam Axe : Yeah, I did, I just didn't know you were going to do it so well! You got talent!

  • [the lead truck in Veracruz' convoy stops, just short of Ben's trap] 

    Comandante Veracruz : [in Spanish]  Why are they stopping?

    Sam Axe : [overlooking]  Is he on it or not?

    Ben Delaney : He's not on it! If he was on it, it would...

    [the truck drives forward, triggering the bomb and exploding] 

  • Sam Axe : Look, boys and girls, this is happening. You stay here, you die. You come with me...

    Ben Delaney : We live?

    Sam Axe : Well, the odds are a little better.

  • Ben Delaney : [about one of the young patients]  Okay, guys, she's got malaria. And without the right treatment, she could die soon.

    Sam Axe : Listen, I'm tap-dancing as fast as I can. I'm just trying to keep everybody breathing.

    Ben Delaney : Me too, man. Me, too.

  • Sam Axe : So between these tanks and the fuel out back, we should have just enough to blow the place.

    Ben Delaney , Amanda Maples : Whoa...!

    Amanda Maples : No, you're not going to destroy the clinic! Isn't Veracruz coming to do the exact same thing?

    Sam Axe : No, Veracruz wants to destroy the clinic with the people inside. I want to destroy the clinic to create a distraction to *save* the people. Little bit of a difference.

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