Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Poster

Lucy Boynton: Mary Austin



  • [from trailer] 

    Mary Austin : [to Freddie]  I love the way you move on stage. The whole room belongs to you. Don't you see what you can be?

  • Mary Austin : [to Freddie, crying]  Your life is going to be very difficult.

  • Freddie Mercury : [Asking Mary to sign to her deaf father]  Please tell your father it's nice to meet him.

    Mary Austin : I have.

    Freddie Mercury : Well then, thank him for the lovely birthday cake.

    Mary Austin : I have.

    Freddie Mercury : [half-whispering]  Then tell him his daughter's an EPIC shag.

    Mary Austin : Freddie. He can read lips.

    Mary's Father : [death glare] 

  • Mary Austin : What do you want from me, Freddie?

    Freddie Mercury : Almost everything.

  • Mary Austin : So, the new name is Queen?

    Freddie Mercury : As in Her Royal Highness, and because it's outrageous, and I can't think of anyone more outrageous than me!

  • Mary Austin : What's it like, singing for all those people?

    Freddie Mercury : When I know they're listening, when I know I really have them, I couldn't sing off-key if I tried. I am exactly the person I was always meant to be. I'm not afraid of anything.

    Freddie Mercury : The only other time I ever feel that way is when I'm with you.

  • Mary Austin : You've been burning the candle at both ends, Freddie.

  • Freddie Mercury : I'm frightened...

    Mary Austin : Freddie, you don't need to be, because no matter what, you are loved. By me, by Brian, Roger, Deacy, your family. It's enough. And these people... They don't care about you. Paul doesn't care about you. You don't belong here, Freddie. Come home.

  • Freddie Mercury : [coming out to Mary]  I think I'm bisexual.

    Mary Austin : Freddie, you're gay.

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