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30 January Cristina Aguilera
gpacheco230 January 2012
I was very disappointed in the hosts. They need to realize that their continued questioning of "What was running down Cristina's leg" was little more than bullying. They would be the first ones to condemn this as cruel and malicious "news" reporting had it been said about someone they cared for. I thought these ladies were there to bring upbeat topics to their listeners not further humiliate someone already hearing about this from all angles. Shame on you!

For the most part I enjoy the show. I did like Robin and thought she brought much to the show. I was very surprised that she was not brought back. Leah could be a bit annoying at times, but then most of the hosts have had their moments.
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Sarah G.
boohoou20 September 2018
This show is awful. These women seem to have nothing better to do than attack and judge other people and somehow get the ratings. Ms. Gilbert is arrogant and pompous. I am still stunned by what she did to Roseanne Barr, not to mention she used her show as a platform to further diminish and destroy the woman who made her who she is today. Just a horrible way to use your success and fame. I would not recommend getting sucked into a show with a group of caddy, biased, and obviously uniformed women.
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Firing of Leah and Holly
randyb55-16 October 2011
I didn't know Leah and Holly had been fired. I kept watching and there were different people. At first I thought Leah and Holly were on vacation or an assignment but when I found out they were never coming back and were actually fired! I stopped watching. Julie is annoying and the only reason that dumb show Big Brother is still on is because she's married to the boss. I don't know a soul who watches it. Now Julie has ruined the talk by firing two of the best host, because Sarah's too quiet, Sharon to whiny and Julie's just a plain snobby bore. They need to take the show off the air along with Big Brother. Leah was always funny and opinionated and so was Holly. They made the show.
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The Talk
turdbanner26 January 2012
I'm rather disappointed, though not surprised, that 4-5 women that have rich husbands and nothing better to do with their time could only come up with a show like this, and have it aired. I came downstairs to find the TV on with this show, and the opening topic of discussion is the Arizona governor's finger in President Obama's face. Why is this so important? Is this some sort of act to have females pretend that they're being informed while the commercials are rolling on Lifetime? It really doesn't matter who gets fired and swapped out for whichever other faux 'important' celebrity because they basically talk about nothing. If I wanted to hear a few rambling women jibbar jabber about trivial nonsense while they interject with their unqualified and uninformed opinions on things I would go down to an IHOP or hang around a local church. It doesn't need to be a television program wasting space.
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The show is called "The Talk" not the "Julie Chen Show"
geolar160418 October 2011
I think that power has gone to Julie Chen's head & the only reason she has this show is because of her husband. My friends & I used to meet for coffee & watch The Talk. Not anymore. Leah & Holly should never have been let go. It is boring & with Sharon gone a lot of the time, it is really boring. Don't watch Big Brother because of Julie & now won't watch The Talk & I am not alone. Maybe Julie was jealous of Leah & Holly & needed to get rid of them for her sake not for the viewing public. Too bad Julie that you need to use your husband to threaten your co-hosts. You can't ride his coattails forever. This show won't last too long if you don't get your ego in check. The show is called "The Talk" not the "Julie Chen Show".
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Terribly offensive show
andrealow815 March 2014
I have only watched this show once but was so appalled by it that I needed to review it. The women basically addressed a series of 'news stories', two of which were about Kardashians, and were so elitist- "if you don't like screaming kids on a plane, fly private", "I am worried that other celebrities will be targeted now that Kanye paid the guy he beat up"- or idiotic, that I can't believe that anyone who is not a rich, stupid celebrity would ever watch this offensive drivel. Why is it on the air? why is Sharon Osbourne famous? Do they hate ordinary people? do they consider themselves that much better than everyone else? Hated it.
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Should be called "The View:Part Deux"
kellymikel20 September 2018
The opinions expressed on this show are very narrow minded. With the exception of Sheryl and Sharon, it seems to be a "my way or the highway" mentality. A shame...because it could be a great show if the ideals were more diverse.
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Get rid of Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood
mildlyfrustrated9 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Julie Chen takes over for all the co-hosts and it is not her show. Sheryl Underwood is rude and obnoxious. Watching when Julie Chen was off the show for a few days was wonderful and I just muted when Sheryl was speaking because she is obnoxious. It is not the "Julie Chen" show why should she do the CHAT and not everyone else. She is an obnoxious women and should be fired form the Talk and Big Brother. Sheryl should also be fired from the Talk.

If you get rid of Julie and Sheryl I will start watching again because I like Sara, Sharon and Aisha. They are all great because they let guests talk about what they are presenting and Julie and Sheryl do not let guests or guest co-hosts speak they keep interrupting them.

I love to watch Sara, Sharon and Aisha and listen to things they have to say about things happening each day.

Thank you for listening.
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Talk of racial commercials
Mrbobcat16 February 2012
I watch the Talk almost everyday, but I have to say I'm disappointed in all the talk of race. On the show on 2/16/2012 they brought up commercials with Beyonce and Jennifer Lopes in them and took the commercial out of context to make it a race issue. They mentioned that on the commercial Beyonce is African American, American Indian and French, and Jennifer Lopez was Porto Rican. The commercial was about make up, and how it would cover any skin type. This is not a racial issue. They asked the stars what nationality they were and they told them. It was information only. The stars, I'm sure, wouldn't have done the commercial if they thought it was racial. If Jennifer Lopez wants to say she is Porto Rican, then she can say that. Who are you to dispute this? You group of woman made this commercial racist. Very few people would look at this commercial and think it was racial. They are trying to promote a product that works for all skin tone. So is saying skin tone racist too? It's programs like yours and the media that make everything a racial issue. I will not be watching The Talk again!
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Keeps getting worse
duraflex28 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The five women on the panel in no way reflect the demographics of the USA.

Clearly this show is trying to promote agendas that go against the grain.

Julie Chen is on because her husband runs CBS. Sara Gilbert is a lesbian. Sharon Osbourne is a nut married to a freak Figure out the others for yourself.

With Holly Robinson and Leah Remini gone, it's now completely unwatchable. They were both somewhat loud mouthed and off beat but at least they were married to men and both women had children.

In October 2011, I read that ratings are actually 25% lower than the 54 year old soap opera "AS THE WORLD TURNS" was one year ago in the same time slot on the same network.

THE TALK may be cheap to produce, but it's unbearable to watch.
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Show needs a little refining.
psc212 August 2011
I watch the show whenever I can and usually enjoy it especially when you have guests whom I find interesting. The trouble I have with the show is, too much of the time the host/co-hosts are talking over one another. You have no idea what is being said because its just noise. As far as the host/co-hosts, I like them for the most part. Leah is a beautiful woman and at time can come up with something amusing, but she is entirely too loud, boisterous, and intrusive. When guests are on and she is butting in with her quips, usually loudly, I find that rude to the guest who is attempting to present the information, recipe, etc he or she is on the show to share. I realize she is a very animated person, but sometimes it is just a little too much for me to find entertaining.
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Aisha Tyler
callahan-282-8398382 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched The Talk several times a week since it started airing.I was disappointed when Leah and Holly were not renewed. I didn't stop watching because I thought I would give the show more time. As of today I will no longer be watching .Aisha Tyler is the most opinionated person and I find her dreadful. She talks over the other hosts and the guests and her opinions are just that. They are her opinions and she seems to get upset if everyone does not agree with her. I do think the show premise is good and in my area it shows in the mid afternoon which is also good. I think the show is also lacking when Sharon Osborn is away. I am wondering if she will be leaving as America's Got Talent will be moving to New York. That could be the death knell for your show
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Embarrassingly stupid questions.
zoocar-3550522 October 2015
Julie Chen leads off each discussion with embarrassingly shallow and juvenile questions, as though she is targeting the uneducated and the best of mediocre Junior High students. Other than this the discussions do have merits.

Curiosity is why I tune in, self-dignity is why I turn it off. If well begun is half done, poorly begun is why I run, screaming for my life back.

As an Executive Producer, I am surprised that Sarah Gilbert puts up with this. She seems very intelligent and one would think she would also be cringing in her seat listening to such childish dribble.
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Horrible Show
rmjsb327 March 2012
Strictly a guy's point of view, but this show is horrible! A bunch of crotchety old has been women ranting about everything. Sharon Osboring is the worst of them all. Her voice alone sends shrills up my spine with her accent and is almost impossible to watch given all the plastic surgery that has now created this permanent Raggidy Ann look alike.

Julie Chen needs to cut her hair because it distracts from the show. I have never seen hair that big before on a lady. And of course, she is Les' wife, so the show will continue until Les moves on sadly.

The show also has a very political agenda ( has an agenda) and as you can imagine, it is as liberal as they come which further makes this show difficult to watch. There isn't a shred of fairness about it, it is literally a female liberal lynch mob of any conservative idea, person or action. Sadly the show didn't start off this way, but over time it has evolved into that.
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Better Than The View
Space81426 October 2010
Not much to say, considering there have only been a few episodes. I love Sharon, Leah and Sara. Holly is growing on me. Marissa hasn't been there enough for me to decide about her. The only one I can't figure out is Julie Chen. I hate "Big Brother" and shows like it, so I am having a hard time trying to relate to her. She just doesn't seem like talk show material.

Thank goodness this isn't a giant whine-fest like The View. Too many hens in the hen house on that other show. I'm hoping this is more matter-of-fact and less gossipy.

There is potential, here.
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Worst Show Ever!
meganheery22 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show sucks!! Save your time!! Julie Chen thinks she runs sh*t and that the entire show is about her. The only reason she's doing something is because of her hot shot husband. And lets not forget Julie's a man stealer!!!! Sharon needs to lay off the botox asap, she's starting to look crazy! And the accent is horrible, relax a little with that. Sarah what the f!*k is with your hair?! It looks terrible, seriously do something with it! We all know that your gay as well, no need to make disturbing sexual comments about other women all of the time. And that Sheryl needs to shut up already! You don't get any sex, stop talking like you do! It's gross! It makes everyone clearly uncomfortable and its no where near funny or amusing.
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chrislee04240929 March 2013
Just wanted to say that these ladies not so sure if that is the right term is so loud and vulgar. I tried to be objective after Leah and Holly left but I must say these current hosts are really pushing it. Many people found Leah loud but I can tell you this set is even worst They even manage to drag Julie (who often comes off as too uppity) into the crudeness. And Aisha please give others a chance to give their opinions, don't be the first all the time.Sometimes I manage to laugh at Sheryl's joke, and many times I just shake my head. At this point I am really finish saying my peace but this forum requires me to type 10 lines. So I am basically typing to meet it.
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I watched this show for 2 months...
ldysj13 June 2016
...and I really, really gave it my full undivided attention. It's just horrible. The hosts/co-hosts seem like they're fake. They're trying too hard. It feels like they're talking down to the audience, especially when looking into the camera. The ladies act as though they're better then normal people. The issues that they cover, come across as old news and turn every little thing into a giant unnecessary problem. These small minded people are more concerned about who or what celebrity so- and-so is doing with celebrity such-and-such instead of serious world/life issues. It's annoying how they talk over each other and come off as just straight up conceited.
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Sara Gilbert
rob_412 September 2018
This show is horrible!Sara Gilbert you are a joke! Talentless you are&if not for Roseanne, we would never have heard of you! Shame on you! You are a hypocrite if you think the remark she tweeted was any worse than people threatening our President's family! You disgust me&many others alike! I was hoping it would be be an improvement from The View,but even more disappointing! You are all perverted&immoral just like the rest of Hollywood! You give Hollywood a bad name&have made a mockery of what was once considered Golden Hollywood! You aren't funny,just hateful! You hate America&what it stands for! You have no morals&push your perverse agenda&call names when it doesn't fit your narrative!
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Racial Controversy statements to incite anger upon viewers
cityricposer18 July 2017
Today they were talking about a White woman being shot by police, It didn't take Cheryl long to turn the conversation into a Racial moment. Typical ignorant Black Women stirring up controversy and making every thing Back and White. The Women was killed by a cop that did not have his camera on, Color should not have even entered the conversation, END OF STORY, DONE with the TALK Racial bigots
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Liberal Talk Show
drichmonddr21 November 2016
I hate how Hollywood likes to spread their cancer and liberal opinions! Stay away from liberal bias.It's a cancer.For example, last week, 11/16/16, the girl's thought it was disgusting and wrong for a west virginia state official to post a comment that Michelle Oba was a "ape in heels." So true, it was morally wrong to say that.Today, 11/21, it's o.k for gigi hadrid to make fun of the first lady and mock her accent.Gigi is an immigrant herself.her dad is palestinian.A pure hypocrite! But Aisha said shemust have thick skin.Where was that comment last week.Be fair, Aisha.One sided liberal bias.It's always disrespectful to mock the first lady.Keep politics off the talk, or stay fair
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The View but somehow even worse.
OrangieTooDope27 July 2018
This is proof that women aren't very bright. Why would anyone not only watch this but respect the moronic opinions of these idiots? Today they were talking about new products and the cows in the audience were going ape sheet. They literally talked about an $80 toothbrush for 6 seconds and the crowd erupted like Jesus just walked into the room. And they did it every 6 seconds for 5 minutes. Every person involved in the making of this show is here for a reason, they have no talent and they are good at nothing.
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Sharon Osbourne
Kazahoy21 August 2011
First, let me say that we really enjoy the show. The women, each in their own way, compliment each other. From past experiences, it is difficult to find a scenario in real life where a group of females can sit around and talk without some sort of eventual drama. I am only a recent fan, having just found your show (finally) on my cable network at a time slot where I am looking forward to sitting down and watching something with substance, yet entertaining. I have some constructive criticism to pass along from myself and a few friends who also enjoy The Talk. Before I say anymore, let me say I really enjoy Sharon Osbourne and have been a fan for years. Sharon your voice comes across too loud and exaggerated when you do your instructions and announcements. PLEASE tone it down a notch or 2 as we all feel it detracts from your otherwise lovely voice.
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I don't like it at all
remaap29 October 2014
I don't know who chose this panel? Just keep confirming their own mindsets and just praising all other celebrities with seemingly bizarre behaviors including themselves! Sometimes I ask myself: "why are you even listening to these nonsense? But the show is aired before "Let's Make A Deal" which I am really interested in watching it on weekdays, then I have to watch the "TALK" for several minutes each day!! And I can't even tolerate any of them even for a few minutes!!! Of all those women, I only like listening to Aisha. I feel like she is more rational and nicer than the others specifically than Sharon who is the worst! Please at least take Sharon off the show.
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The Talk is the talk
Petra_Huber27 July 2019
The Talk is the talk. Its a good talk. keep it up.
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