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Season 1

9 Nov. 2010
The Wild West
Ton and Allen head to auctions in the desert town of San Bernardino. Ton scores a deadly 1800s British Pepperbox handgun and tests it at the gun range. Allen wins a unit for a $1 and finds a fully functional pre-WWI train set.
9 Nov. 2010
The Big Score
The business of storage unit auctions has emerged as a thriving trade for many, including Allen Haff & Ton Jones. Ton and Allen bid on units in downtown LA and uncover a '70s German H&K P7 pistol and a rare copper cash register.
16 Nov. 2010
Ton's Got a Gun
The guys enter a high-stakes bidding war with Allen's old rivals. Ton and Allen uncover a depression-era "Art Case" slot machine, a custom mini-bike and a Wild West 1880s Colt Peacemaker, but can they turn a profit?
23 Nov. 2010
Strat'ed for Cash
Ton and Allen stake out a high-end storage auction. They uncover a Maui Blue '70s Fender Stratocaster and a rare 1936 jet-inspired Schwinn, but will this rusty ride rake in the riches?
30 Nov. 2010
The Real Thing
First upright coin-operated Coke vending machine, a classic GMC truck with a chromed engine.
7 Dec. 2010
Weapons of Past Destruction
Civil War era black powder muskets, 19th century Masonic secret ceremonial swords, a WWII Japanese samurai blade, and a "Nixon-Era" polygraph machine.
14 Dec. 2010
Gangster Whiskey
The first ever model CD player, a classic 1951 record jukebox, a rare Willie Mays baseball card, 1920s Prohibition whiskey and a moonshine still.
21 Dec. 2010
Home on the Gun Range
A vintage 1940s Kiss-O-Meter penny arcade game, a 1901 Winchester Shotgun and an antique crossbow.
14 Feb. 2011
Behind the Hunt
Bumper/Dodgem' Car, M-16 Automatic Rifles.

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