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Awful, Another one in the the streamline of awful Disney Channel shows
arigreenbean17 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The only halfway decent show on Disney Channel now is Good Luck Charlie. The plot of this show is that 11 year olds are in a high school which is something no one can relate to. The writing is bad there are nearly no jokes. The only 2 characters I like are Paisley and Lexi, because although she's unrealisticly evil it is funny to watch. They do the one thing that kids comedy are known for and thats have someone get hurt and then laugh at it. It teaches kids bad lessons if anything happens to someone in real life. For instance in one episode a cement block was dropped on Fletcher's foot and the whole time he's screaming no one is helping him. Olive is a jerk to everybody in almost every episode, and I have no idea why people like her. Also most of the episodes have endings that don't rap up the story (although the story is never continued). For instance in the Christmas special, when their principal is taking advantage of them, they just give up. In PatANT Pending, Olive never apologizes and in Ballet DANTser, it ends with the evil little girl just hunting down Fletcher. Lastly, if Chyna and Olive are supposedly Fletcher's friends, it amazes me how they are always mean to him (except for one episode, but then only Chyna is being nice then anyway). Whenever something bad happens to him they just laugh and ignore it. What great friends you are. Overall I think they need new writers and more real jokes instead of not funny filler jokes. Olive's character needs a complete remodeling, though I think Angus is kind of cute sometimes.
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Another Hannah Montana
megansammut10114 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
uhhh..one of the worst shows!! Its just like a Hannah Montana remake. First of all Chyna is always singing always and isn't even a good singer. She gets all the parts and expects to all the attention and about the principle a principle could never be that mean and selfish or else she would get fired and if she is always trying to save school money for herself then why did she pay for all the equipment in the ant room and each kid gets a tablet? She also looks so fake when she plays all those instruments. A little something about her friends is that they are always doing what she wants for example she made her friends collect points from yogurt cups so that she could have enough money to buy a 300 dollar bag just to fit in and fitting in seems to be a big thing for her but not any of her friends in fact they could care less.I am giving it a 3 for the only two good actors in the show Daryl the dad and Paisly who might be too dumb but plays it very well I mean you can't blame the actress for the stupid character she has to play.
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Characters out of balance
rscampb19 October 2011
This show really needs to be reworked. It seems to be a Hannah Montana knock-off. The lead character is a singer (without the secret identity). Since the show began I have come to seriously dislike the Chyna Parks character she is constantly bossing her friends around insisting that they do what she wants with little concern for their feelings of ideas. The show would be much better if she went from a lead character to a costar and they elevated the other characters to equal status. The two cheerleaders Lexi and Paisley are good though they should make Paisley a bit smarter (she is in High School after all). And Lexi's schemes always make me laugh. The Angus character just needs to go away he is absolutely useless. Since the show began he was only useful in one episode. Finesse Mitchell is hilarious as the dad (Darryl) but I think that there are some Cops out there that may not care for him. Overall if they tone down Chyna and spotlight the other characters this show will be a really good show.

Update: After watching pretty much every episode I think I have figured out the basic storyline for each episode.

The show opens with one or more of the cast members either wanting to do something not wanting to do something or doing something.

Enter Chyna. She sees what is happening and she either doesn't want the cast member do something, wants them to do something or wants to do it herself.

She comes up with a plan to get her way; regardless of what her "friend(s)" want.

She drafts her "friends" into helping her. Her plan fails. She sings a song.

Chyna's "friends" apologize.

I put "friends" in parenthesis because she doesn't treat them like true friends. Also they are still using the autotuner for Chyna's songs. This is usually used for people that do not sing very well. So its use confuses me since I cannot believe that Disney would have somebody sing if they really can't
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Has Disney ran out of ideas?
coolcristobal_0511 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One word- stupid. Definitely one of the worst shows in Disney, possible the history of television. The acting is just plain off, the plot of each episode is so shallow, the singer sounds like a horse being chopped off with a knife backwards, and the jokes are just so horrible. If you are Christian, then warning: they do mention "Satan" about twice. The whole idea of 11-year-olds being in high school is STUPID, why would Disney even think of that? Words can't explain my hate towards this show-- it is beyond stupid. The pilot episode was laughable at some points, however just went straight downhill after the partying scene. I just hope Disney cancels this disaster before some viewers start complaining, I really can't take more of this stupidity.
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horrible writing, horrible acting, horrible show
bacioa199316 August 2012
This show is awful. Unfortunately my kids (8 and 6) like it, so I have unhappily watched several episodes with them. The combination of overacting and horrible writing is almost unbearable. There are some Disney shows that I actually like, for example "Good Luck Charlie" and "That's So Random", so I know it is possible for Disney to make good quality TV shows geared toward kids, A.N.T. Farm is not one of them. The characters are very caricature-like with silly idiosyncrasies, for example, Olive has many phobias, including a phobia of curly fries?? Many of the other characters are just ridiculous, like Gibson. I really can't say enough bad things about this show.
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Not perfect but far better than expected
TheLittleSongbird21 July 2011
As much as I did grow up on Disney, I do dislike most of the stuff on the Disney Channel nowadays. I do like very much Sonny with a Chance, Good Luck Charlie and Phineas and Ferb, but there are some like Hannah Montana and Shake it Up that I can't stand, I find those shows irritating and unfunny.

I actually wasn't expecting much from A.N.T Farm, but got far more than I expected and in a good way. I can understand though why some mayn't like A.N.T. Farm, some of it is cheesy(with a rather edgy reference to Satan at one point) and the pilot episode is not as funny or as exciting as the other episodes(the haunted locker episode was one of the better episodes).

That said, I do think A.N.T. Farm has potential to grow. A lot of TV series when they first start are rocky to start with, and get better until they're great. Although A.N.T. Farm has only just started, it's not bad, in fact I like it.

For instance, the production values are well above average, with trendy fashions, sets that don't look tacky and good(if not award-worthy) photography. The music is also very memorable and catchy, with nice melodies and lyrics that make sense and are intelligible.

The writing is amusing mostly, some of it is cheesy, but the dialogue does make me laugh and the jokes are not as clichéd or as stale as they can be on some Disney Channel shows. The story lines may have some predictable moments, but overall they're interesting and well paced.

I personally really like the characters. Chyna is very charismatic and fun, and the actress who plays her seems to be having a ball playing her, but my favourites are Lexi and Olive, played very appealingly by Stefanie Scott and Sierra McCormick. Paisley, Gibson and especially Fletcher are also fun characters. The actors do have chemistry, and I was most surprised by the singing, the lead actress has real talent and could go a long way with a voice like that.

In conclusion, this show to start with is not perfect, but it's far better than expected and has room to grow. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Another Trash Disney Show
travisanimate23 July 2011
I had no high hopes for this show, and I was right, this show is awful. Let me start with the characters, we have: The smart fun girl(Chyna Parks); The crazy wacky Girl (Olive Doyle) ; And the Guy who hangs out with them (Fletcher Quimby) and has a crush on Chyna. Hasn't iCarly already done this? The characters are 2 dimensional, by that I mean they have no deep character what-so-ever. The acting is mediocre and sounds too forced and fake, making the show quite bad in general. Also, the premise is very simple and plain, I'm assuming the idea was: "Hey! How about we take middle-schoolers, and put them in High School! Genius!" The comedy is very dull and annoying, relying on randomness and visual gags. For example, Chyna opens her locker and a bunch of plastic balls fall out; Fletcher paints his teacher as a skeleton, etc. This show also uses young children in attempt to connect to the audience, which doesn't work.

Take my advice, watch something else.
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etierne10 January 2019
DO NOT READ THE OTHER REVIEWS this show is the best show I ever watched China Ann McClain is the best actress of this generation. not to mention the principal was so hot damn I wish I could date her and the brother was the best kablamo was a banger. So in conclusion WATCH THIS SHOW NOW
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Good show for kids.
Shopaholic356 May 2014
It's cute, silly and a bit of fun. Although it will never win any awards it still has it's charm. The characters may be a little weird and out there but they are entertaining in their own ways. China Anne McClain is certainly the star of the show and has great potential. The occasional catchy fun song is thrown in from time to time which also adds to the likability of the show. While it is not superb television it will entertain you.

There are good episodes and bad ones and luckily they ended the show on a high before it dragged out too long. It is great for kids, not so much for people with short attention spans but it really is not that bad.
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Not what everyone expected.
anastasia-cessano-writes1 October 2011
I have watched Disney Channel since I was 6. At that age, they had some good shows, like Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven, and Phil of the Future and Life With Derek, as well as So Weird, also worked too. However, with the birth of "Hannah Montana," Disney went majorly down-hill. Wizards and Good luck Charlie were amusing and tolerable, but Fish Hooks is really stupid and annoying -and Shake it Up?!?! Come on, I loathe the THEME SONG of that...that...(It's so dumb I cannot even call it a show.) However, A.N.T. Farm (and maybe their new show,Jessie) may bring Disney, while not to its former prime (that can never happen again), at least a bigger fan base and less patheticness.I think A.N.T. Farm is, while sometimes cheesy,Cute, eye catching, and watchable! I like the principal a LOT, and Wacky The Wolf random appearances,well...that's ant-tastic! Hahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa! OK, that's enough random ANT-humor.
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The keystone to what Disney Channel is today
ViceHara25 February 2015
What is going on with Disney Channel right now? Well after seeing (most of) this show I can sadly say that it has become the epitome of how I view Disney Channel.

I can't even say something good to give it some justice. So what this show is it's a comedy that has a lousy script that makes it effortless for the writers to do work. These writers don't have a clue on how to write kids and what their social life is. Since it is a channel for teens, preteens, or maybe even children watch this garbage, the "actors" have to be at the same brain level as the target audience even if the adults have to act like children and not real people.

The main part is to keep the audience at least captivated for a half of an hour and to just have lame boring humor that only a young child could laugh at. I can't see anyone my age (17) or older to actually laugh and care for this show. Ultimately there are going to be people that doesn't agree with me but the characters are as bad as the flat jokes that exhale through their lungs. I can't really say for their acting capabilities since the directors doesn't really put forth any effort. Their young and barely inexperienced but I don't have any remorse for the adults that may have actually took acting classes. Though they don't have much of a script to work with it's still the whole thing has to be a team effort therefore it doesn't work for me.

One thing with Disney Channel these days is to take their young stars and cash in the success what brings to them. After take in the next in line to be celebrity and who knows what will happen to them after. They picked China a youthful girl that would already become a success on her own, but chose this career instead. They haven't done anything spectacular and will be surprised to see any brilliance come upon them later in their acting career.

I can't relate to the characters, it has no redeeming jokes, directing is lazy including the writing, and the acting can't even come off as a school play. I'm not able to recommend this to anyone that is older than a toddler because believe it or not if the channel had a face it would be A.N.T. Farm with no questions asked.

Now I haven't gone in detail on what doesn't work in this show and for good reason because you see if I did that would mean that I take up more room and time for you to read my thoughts on A.N.T. Farm. So if you are still curious on seeing how bad it really is and why this was a particularly short rant on this subject. Than if you still want to see for your self in the nonsense than don't come back at all.
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Oh goodness
bluedevils2012724 August 2011
I cannot see how this show even passed the drawing board. I know Disney has had poor taste lately but this just adds to the idea of failure. Basically, the show is a bunch of pre-teens who are in an advanced program set at their local high school. One of them is a musical prodigy even though it is blatantly obvious that she cannot play any of those instruments. The other is a person who can memorize everything they see and hear. That is not exactly likely. The jokes are cheesy and overdone. I cannot see that plan even passing in the real world. Where do you get enough geniuses to create this program? The acting is lousy and very overly dramatic. Just skip A.N.T. Farm.
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J_vera0117 April 2012
I hated this crap, it was trash, its called Trash farm when i showed it to my friends! You know i was in a program that i NEEDED, it was helpful and gave me a chance to thrive, and I'm a better person for it. I'm not one to say that i can say crap about things more than once. I also noticed that the china girl abuses her gift, you know those kids need to be grateful, for there are those among normal people that would do anything to have such great talents, its discrimination against people with talents, like me and everyone else who have talents as well.

i cants say i want anything bad to happen to this, but if they just destroyed it, and then made it something else thats less, discriminating then i would watch it, in all my life, i loved Disney channel until the end of Wizards, then i just quit and if this show died and became a more classic like Lizzie or thats so raven then that last piece of old Disney would come back, long story short Change everything and stop discrimination of us who have as much talent as the kids do!
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What was Disney thinking putting this on the channel?
T-edwards12928 August 2012
Firstly I'm in the target audience range and I hate the show. The only thing saving this show from a 1 is the theme song which is one of the best out of all the Disney shows on air now. The characters are irritable and annoying especially Chyna Parks and Gibson, who seems like he has been placed in there to be very funny because of his stupidness. He's not. No one would ever be anything like him. For example he has "everything" in his hair such as pens and tissue. Chyna also over acts on mainly everything and uses a really high pitch and then suddenly low pitch voice for everything as well, which is very painful to listen too. I must also point out that everyone else over acts too. My favourite episode is when Chyna looses her voice! However I do like the two girls who are coincidently mean to the ANTS.. My overall view on the programme is that it is just plain rubbish. A ting is rubbish, story lines are rubbish even the whole idea of the show is rubbish!
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Unfunny, very predictable, and incredibly cheesy.
xxmradorablexx14 March 2012
I've watched this show a few times. It doesn't get any better each time. This show has predictable outcomes, predictable punchlines, and unrealistic scenarios. First off, it's about middle school gifted kids getting accepted into a high school program known as the "ANT" program. The show centers around everything but this. It should be centered around the these kids use their talents to solve problems, or how to get through high school being a middle schooler. Not to stray from the show, or perpetuate you with my own opinions. This show doesn't present a very likable cast. Starting with Olive Doyle. She is loud and very annoying. It boggles me how they could find humor in her character. Fletcher and Angus are both immature, not very bright and always just try to hard to make you laugh. Is it their fault? No, it's the horrible and simplistic writing. Last is the horrible messages that get delivered. In a lot of episodes you'll see situations that could tarnish a kids mind. Whether it's the cruel cheerleader (Lexi) or the stupid one (Paisley). If you want to further advance your mind, stay away from this pile of rubble, and stereotyping garbage.
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Really Funny
shark-4318 July 2011
ANT FARM is a new show on Disney and it is really funny. What I like about it is that is just straight forward jokes. It is just trying to be funny and they have a great cast that knows how to play the humor. I love the theme song and the lead girl is super talented. But I like how they have not been cramming songs down the viewer's throat every episode. Olive and Fletcher are really funny and how they play off of everyone else. Lexi, Angus, Paisley are funny too. In the adults, I like how mean Principal is and Gibson is an idiot but he really makes me laugh. In the pilot I was not so sure about the brother. But he was super funny in the haunted locker episode. Hi, Locker Neighbor! Yes, I would want Olive to move as well. I now never miss an episode - DVR'd for Friday night!
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What a waste of my time
xxitalianchick1629 March 2013
The worst show I have ever seen. Every time I see it I hate it with more and more passion. It has the worst actors and the worst music. First of all Chyna a musical prodigy is an OK singer but could take an acting lesson. And Lexi thinks she is so pretty but in reality my foot is better looking. She is so egotistical too. Olivie is so annoying and always has an answer for everything, what is this teaching to be a smart ass. fletcher is probably the best character but he still has character faults and is in love with Chyna for god knows why. this show has a lot of old age jokes and stupid remarks. coming form a seventeen year old don't let your kids watch it. This show doesn't teach anyone anything and should just be discontinued.
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Intelligent and absurd comedy for families
ericendres4 January 2014
I am 44 years old, so A.N.T. Farm is a show I never intended to watch at all, and certainly didn't think would become one of my favorite shows. I have two girls, and I happened to sit down with them one day while A.N.T. Farm was on, and though it took a few minutes, I was hooked. I was frequently laughing, and also impressed with the intelligence of the humor. (And that intelligence includes the "dumbness" of characters like Paisley and Gibson and Cameron. Writing good "dumb" characters is not easy.)

A.N.T. Farm is unique among family shows for its absurdist style and wit. Think Monty Python or Demetri Martin or the satirical edge of The Simpsons, but suitable for all ages. Like any series, some shows are better than others, but most episodes have a good number of laughs, and a few that are particularly clever. The main actors portraying Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus and Lexi are all very engaging, and the supporting cast is colorful and interesting.

I'm a little less crazy about the setting change for season 3. The absurdity of the show seemed to contrast better against the more typical setting of an average high school, as opposed to the absurd setting of a super school run by a zany Steve Jobs type. Here's hoping, if there is a season 4, that they can return to the original school. But the show is still highly entertaining and intelligent, regardless.

I'm surprised to see A.N.T. Farm so poorly rated here, but I think it perhaps requires more thought and attention to appreciate than typical sitcoms. I consider myself pretty well versed in comedy, and I write comedy for children as part of my career, and there are some jokes on the show that I don't get right away. That makes A.N.T. Farm a great show for repeat viewings, as you can appreciate the humor more than once and even pick up new things the second time through.

If I have any quibble about the show, it's that some of my favorite characters (e.g., Gibson, Paisley, Skidmore, Cameron) have been written out or lost from the cast, except for rare cameos, and essentially replaced with less interesting and funny characters (e.g., Zoltan, Winter, Hippo). There are also rare times when the show can forget what its real strength is (absurd comedy), and meander into something more typical of sitcoms for children, where a lesson is learned or character relationships are strengthened, or a performance is featured (i.e., Chyna singing a song). Thankfully, these times aren't that frequent, and often include some humor as well, but I do think I'd prefer if the show just owned its silliness all of the time.

Still, though it may not get the appreciation it deserves, A.N.T. Farm is one of the most entertaining and intelligent comedy series on TV in recent years (and yes, I'm including adult shows in that comparison).
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fun and funny for kids and adults
chrisdyenewguy28 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK well I am a grown man with no kids of my own but my younger siblings love this show and it is one of the few shows that i manage to tolerate long enough to watch with them and i personally do not think that people are giving this cute clever and funny show enough credit if you ask me i love it my favorite person on the show would have to be the very wacky olive oh yea hear is a little bit about the show so there is this girl named china right and she some how gets accepted in to a school for gifted kids but she is not the only young kid there as i said before there is her best friend olive who is super sweet but also super weird and then there is fletcher who hangs with olive because she is the only person there his own age to start but then he develops a crush on china and that is pretty much all you need to know before you watch and enjoy
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God awful show.
Showtime234514 February 2014
First things first, the actors over react, which makes it painful to watch. The characters are lame too, Chyna is a rip–off of Hannah Montana! She is also a jerk to her friends. Olive is an *** and is egoistical, manly because she thinks that she is the smartest, Fletcher is very annoying, Angus is pointless, so is Gibson, Paisly is a copy of London! Why does Disney feel the need to recycle things from their older shows?! Lexi makes me wanna punch my TV. Cameron and Chyna's dad were good, but they are gone in S3. The plots are boring, stupid and unoriginal! The humor is worse than in ''Crash and Bernstein''(another dumb Disney show). Oh, and did I mention this show also relies on crappy politics humor? There are lots of mentioning of politicians, political references and political statements. DO THEY REALLY THINK THAT IS FUNNY? *facepalm* The dialog and the script are also awful.

Anyway, the worst DC sitcom of 2010s!
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thowie-893-19343710 January 2014
This show is just stupid fun so if you are expecting a great series with a lot of seriousness to it you should stick to something like Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire. It is about China, a girl who is seen as being a very gifted child, so she goes away to a very special training school and basically becomes an action superstar and also very smart. I'm not sure what else to say about this show other than what I have already. The gags in it are kind of fun but again nothing genius here, it is just a fun no-brainer show to have some fun wasting time and watching with friends. I need to write another line so I will just say check it out.
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Tries way too hard to be funny
grantthegreat-906-62355425 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The jokes in this show are so bad! The episodes might be a little better and make more sense if they weren't telling horrible, unfunny stuff every five seconds. For real, I think some characters were added into the show just to make people laugh. Like Gibson for example, who has lots of hair and does nothing but says cringe-worthy comebacks, and appears out of no where randomly during the episodes and starts doing totally ridiculous things. In the show, Gibson's face is even plastered on many things in the background, like pictures or signs. I would go crazy if I had to sit down and watch a whole season. Honestly, the show is that bad. I've seen a lot of bad shows, but this one is probably the worst.
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Plain awful, I could make a better show
cowface1713 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have to give a hand to Antfarm for making a show so bad I would not even watch it if I was paid. This show is so bad and makes no sense at all. This show is about kids with talent in a specific category like music and these kids are about 12-13. But for some reason these kids were put in HIGH SCHOOL! How does that make any sense? Please tell me. Kids in high school, where does Disney get these ideas! This show is so bad. How this show is bad: First of all, if these kids are in high school how do they easily pass? There is middle school for a reason. Pasley is just too dumb to be realistic. How could she pass the classes if she was that dumb . She misunderstands everything and literally everything. The characters are unlikable. The acting is terrible, the writing is terrible and nothing about the show makes sense. You would never see people like that in real life. The show is not even funny. Most of the episodes are stupid. The episode I find the worst is how Chyna joined that band. So there is a band of three people and one of them gets constipated from eating food from a gas station; so they find a random person on the streets to sing with them. Then they fire that person who got constipated and hired Chyna. Then that same person tried to kill them. Like what the hell!!!!!! You know how bad that sounds. The ONLY way the show is good is Cameron and his dad. That's it.

I have only seen a few episodes, but frankly I don't want to see anymore. Do not watch this show. I repeat, DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW! It is bad in so many ways. I could make a better show even though I am still in school. Overall, .
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Disney is No Longer the Master of Television
StephenBurg12 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
ANT Farm is one of Disney Channel's newest and worst TV shows. Disney is responsible for creating classic movies and TV shows. But Disney Channel, unfortunately, isn't working out very well. In this TV show, these prodigies are about 11 and do completely exaggerated high school things. The concept of the show dosen't amount to much and it seems extremely familiar and rather unoriginal. The jokes are bad and just come off as annoying. The only shows that are still left on Disney Channel that I think are worth watching are Phineas and Ferb, Good Luck Charlie and Jessie. (mainly the "Shining" episode). I don't recommend this show. There's nothing good to say about this show.
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