Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) Poster

Javier Bardem: Captain Salazar



  • Captain Salazar : [to the only survivor of a ship he attacked]  Jack Sparrow...

    [holds up a wanted poster of Jack Sparrow] 

    Captain Salazar : Do you know this pirate?

    Henry : Only by name.

    Captain Salazar : For too many years the Triangle has cursed us, condemned us to this Hell on Earth. The key to our escape is Jack Sparrow, and the compass which he holds. No, no. No need to fear, me boy. I always leave one man alive, to tell the tale. Find Sparrow for me and relay a message, from Capitan Salazar.

    Henry : Salazar.

    Captain Salazar : Tell him I'll behold the daylight again. And on that day, death... death comes straight for him. Would you say that to him, please?

    Henry : Yes.

    Captain Salazar : I wish I could tell him myself, but dead men tell no tales.

  • Captain Hector Barbossa : I have heard stores of a mighty Spanish captain who sunk and killed thousands of men...

    Captain Salazar : No no no no! Men, no! Pirates!

  • Captain Salazar : One ship was trying to escape through the smoke. And there, in the crow's nest, there was this young pirate boy. He stood there, looking like a little bird... And from that day he earned himself a name that would haunt me for the rest of my days... Jack the Sparrow.

  • Captain Hector Barbossa : My name is Captain Barbarossa. And I stand before you, with cordial intent.

    Captain Salazar : Cordial intent... do you hear that? This pirate wishes to be cordial. So let me show you what my cordiality is, hombre. Every time I tap my sword, one of your men will die. So I suggest you speak quickly.

    [taps his sword] 

    Captain Salazar : Olé!

    [Barbossa's crew start dropping like flies] 

    Captain Salazar : Might want to go a bit faster, Capitan.

  • Captain Salazar : Where is Jack Sparrow?

    Captain Hector Barbossa : Jack be sailing for the Trident.

    Captain Salazar : No, the sea belongs to the dead.

    Captain Hector Barbossa : The Trident controls the seas.

    Captain Salazar : NO! No! There is no treasure, there is no treasure that can save him! He will die, as will you!

    [draws his sword] 

    Captain Hector Barbossa : I be the only one that can lead you to him! I declare you shall have Jack's life by sunrise on the morrow. Or you can take me then. Do we have an accord?


    Captain Salazar : Take me to him, and you will live to tell the tale.

    Captain Hector Barbossa : You have my word. I thank you, on behalf of me crew.

    Captain Salazar : [laughs]  Olé!

    [taps his sword] 

    Captain Salazar : You can take what's left of them. The living come aboard!

  • [Salazar is going to kill barbossa because Jack escaped him] 

    Captain Salazar : You promised me Jack's blood!

    Captain Hector Barbossa : But Jack is trapped! He can never escape the island...

    Captain Salazar : It's still land!

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