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Best talk show in Canada!
TheTopDawgCritic4 July 2017
I was shocked when I Googled Marilyn Denis and in the side results saw the IMDb link with a 5.1 score.

What are you people expecting?! This show is the best show in Canada and trust me when I say this, we don't have great talk shows produced here. The Social I can barely watch and I think its production makes Canadian talk shows look bad. The Marilyn Denis Show is better than most U.S. talk shows and surpasses The View in my opinion.

Marilyn's guest panel is a variety of greats that any viewer, no matter what age, race, demographic etc. can learn something from watching it. And lately, her panel and guests from the U.S. (Dr. Oz for example) have a lot to offer for Canadian viewers.

This production is top-notch, entertaining, VERY informative, and Marilyn is so down to earth, sympathetic, funny, and easy to relate to, I wish other talk show hosts would follow her lead.

Great job to everyone involved in this production, and I hope more Canadians can appreciate what high standard Marilyn has set for all North American talk shows. If you read this Marilyn, please reach out to one of your biggest fans... a male in his 50's of whom would not normally be in this demographic to appreciate and praise this type of show!

In my opinion, the Marilyn Denis Show just keeps getting better and better with each episode, so it's a well deserved 10/10 from me. Keep up the great work!
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Too much yelling.
nlussier-4384513 December 2017
I like The Marilyn Dennis show but sometimes she yells so much that I have to change the station. I know it is a live audience but the yelling must stop, PLEASE
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