Southpaw (2015) Poster


Forest Whitaker: Tick Wills



  • Tick Wills : We start tomorrow.

    Billy Hope : What, like training?

    Tick Wills : No, baking cookies.

  • Tick Wills : Don't let him take this from you. Don't let him get into your head. You got one shot. Go southpaw. Go southpaw on his ass. You got to go out there and you... beat his ass!

  • Tick Wills : God must have some kind of plan to teach me some kind of lesson. I just can't figure out what it is.

  • Tick Wills : These kids coming up in here I'm telling them a bunch of stuff this bullshit. "It's gonna be alright". You can control your destiny. You could control this you could control that". You can't control shit.

  • Billy Hope : I can handle the rules, man, I'll handle the rules.

    Tick Wills : No playing around, no being late. None of that.

    Billy Hope : Yeah, fuck it, I'm in.

    Tick Wills : No swearing. Did I tell you no swearing?

  • Tick Wills : You all right? How's your eye?

    Billy Hope : Yeah. How's your eye?

    Tick Wills : Now you're being smart.

    Billy Hope : No, seriously, what's up with your eye? What is that?

    Tick Wills : Evil blue-eyed devil just took it from me.

    Billy Hope : You know, the thing with you is that, like, Sometimes one eye is like, cloudy, right? And the other one is, like, sunny. Like, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny. Close one eye, it's cloudy. Close the other eye is sunny.

    Tick Wills : Buster Quigley was a nothing fighter. We were in the middle of a match, and I was crushing him, knocking him to the ground.Out of nowhere, he hit me. Bam. With a right hand. I went down, my eye went dark. Doc told me I could never fight again.

  • Billy Hope : What are you trying to ask me?

    Tick Wills : What happened?

    Billy Hope : I don't fucking... I just told you...

    Tick Wills : What did you do?

    Billy Hope : Why you keep asking me that question?

    Tick Wills : What happened?

    Billy Hope : I just told you what happened.

    Tick Wills : Why?

    Billy Hope : I can't tell you why. What do you mean, why?

    Tick Wills : Nevermind. You can't even hear the question.

  • Tick Wills : Woah. Are you on drugs?

    Tick Wills : Are you intoxicated?

    Billy Hope : I'm good man. I'm-I'm straight.

  • Tick Wills : I'm gonna introduce you to something that you never knew before. It's called defence.

    Billy Hope : I have defence.

    Tick Wills : Stopping punches with your face is not defence...

  • Tick Wills : You know what Hoppy told me? "You're a dream-crusher." It's like one of them games they play. Like I'm "The dream-crusher".

    [both start laughing] 

    Tick Wills : That's like, you know, crazy stuff, right? So maybe I'm supposed to learn how not to be a dream-crusher. You know what I'm saying?

    Billy Hope : Why stop now?

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