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This is what PLeng pua chiguit was about.
balpomoreli23 August 2012
Living in Thailand a few years I've come to see that most movies are incredibly sallow and lucking of any political interest as discussion is not a cultural value in the country. This movie, was for that, a great surprise for me. As I studied the political movement of the three freedom years, from 1973 to 1976, I realised that this movie is one of the best representations of the student movement and it's feelings. Educated middle class people trying to get the farmers involved in their rights life.

The story itself is a very common story between farmers, and its well told. But is probably the chance to see the way of living of the farmers what makes the movie so nice, as a documentary of the people in the northeast region, Isaan.

I recommend this movie for the ones interested in knowing how farmers live in Isaan, and the way some people tried to help them in that moment in the history of Thailand, that sadly ended with a famous massacre in the 6th of October of 1976.
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