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Season 1

20 May 2012
Beck's Beginning
A young program called Beck, upon realizing that the leadership of the one called Clu, may not be the best for programs, decides to fight back, but the program he meets in doing so will change his life forever.
7 Jun. 2012
The Renegade: Part 1
A young program named Beck, originally an engineer, sees one of his friends affected by Clu and his invading army, he decides to fight back for the programs of the Grid.
14 Jun. 2012
The Renegade: Part 2
While Mara works with Zed to get the Chief's rare bike back, Beck must figure out a way to release his friend from a death sentence and allow the resistance to begin again with recruiting.
21 Jun. 2012
Beck must destroy an energy drill before its destructive power destabilizes the Grid and threatens Argon City, a feat made more difficult as a light cycle race cuts through the danger zone. While warning the racers of the bomb he intends to plant on the drill, Beck is overheard by Paige, who plans to stop him.
28 Jun. 2012
Beck's memory falls to pieces after his identity disc is stolen; he and Tron must find it before his alter-ego is revealed.
5 Jul. 2012
Beck infiltrates Tesler's base to steal a data cube. While trying to escape with the data cube, Beck gets stranded on an island with Paige. Both have to call a truce in order to devise a way off the island.
12 Jul. 2012
Price of Power
Beck intercepts Tessler's new prototype weapon that augments a program's agility and strength. Beck tries to destroy this new weapon but is forced to use it and becomes tainted by the power and is unaware of its negative side effects.
19 Oct. 2012
The Reward
Beck's night off is ruined when the Occupation arrests an innocent program.
26 Oct. 2012
Scars, Part 1
An old friend who betrayed and crippled Tron arrives in Argon City. Tron will not let anything stand in his way to achieve his revenge, not even Beck.
2 Nov. 2012
Scars, Part 2
Beck must confront his mentor.
3 Dec. 2012
Beck is challenged by General Tesler to show up publicly in Argon Square and surrender, in exchange of the end of the curfew and the liberation of a group of prisoners.
16 Nov. 2012
We Both Know How This Ends
Mara is under pressure when left in charge of Beck, Zed and the other mechanics at the garage. Meanwhile Able disappears on a trip on his own which might reveal that he knows more about the Uprising than previously suspected.
30 Nov. 2012
The Stranger
Beck falls into a trap set by a mysterious sociopath.
24 Dec. 2012
The Renegade recruits three fearless and talented pranksters.
30 Dec. 2012
State of Mind
Mara is subjected to an Occupation mind-control device.
7 Jan. 2013
Welcome Home
Beck tries to rescue a fleeing government scientist.
13 Jan. 2013
Beck goes on a date with Paige.
20 Jan. 2013
No Bounds
The Stranger/First Renegade returns to Argon City.
28 Jan. 2013
Tron reveals to Beck that he is dying from a virus.

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