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Intense, Mysterious Fun
lilcproductions12 November 2012
This show will keep you on your toes. You need to see every episode or you will miss crucial plot twists. But it's worth it!

I have to disagree 100% with the negative reviews of the show. The acting, wardrobe, sets, and plot are all great! While every single situation isn't believable, it isn't supposed to be. It's called "suspension of disbelief," and those who aren't capable of it should not be watching TV. Besides, those who are fans of "Buffy" and "Lost" are complaining about the show not being realistic? Give me a break! Watch the first three episodes, and I guarantee you'll be hooked!! You'll spend your whole weekend watching one episode after another. The series is stylish and suspenseful. While some plot twists you might see coming, most will surprise and intrigue you--leaving you wanting more.

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the dual roles with aplomb, clearly delineating the personality differences between the two. Pohala and Groffard are also excellent.

All in all, the show is fun, fun, fun to watch even if it isn't the most realistic drama of all time. The biggest shortcoming is the CW canceling it before resolving the story. Big mistake. I just hope enough fans watch and comment on the series to motivate the show's creators to wrap up the story in a second season, a mini-series, or a TV movie.
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A pretty good show.
rayrodgpa20 September 2011
Don't judge the show on the Pilot alone. Even though the pilot is not very good and hard to watch, trust me, it really does get better. The script improves,the characters develop a little more, there are no more horribly cheesy green screens, there are less close-ups, there is more background information, and the acting improved, especially Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting.

Plus, there is a little twist in the plot that I did not understand after viewing the pilot. So what I am saying here is don't lose hope, because if you give up due to the pilot then I feel sorry for you, you are missing out on a pretty good show.
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The pilot is "meh" but if you stick with it, by episode 3 and 4 you'll be so glad you did.
engagedtoprecious1 November 2011
After seeing the pilot episode, I wasn't quite sure what to think. It wasn't awful, but it didn't outright grab me and make me think "I have to watch next week", either. But I decided to give it time to develop, and around episode three I was very grateful I had not given up on it, because currently episode seven just aired and it's one of the best shows I've watched in a long time. Boy, does it improve. The only other show I've been this interested in this season is "American Horror Story."

The plot really starts to come together by episode three, the performances improve every week as the actors settle more into their characters, and the writing and twists just keep getting better and better. This is definitely one show that improves as it goes on. Currently there are so many interesting plot threads and potential outcomes that it's like one big juicy mystery/thriller/soap opera that, by the end of episode four, keeps you riveted and wanting more when the credits roll. It helps that the writers also use the time-honored but catchy tradition of ending every episode with a cliffhanger, ala "Alias" and "True Blood." The cliffhangers for the past few episodes have been nothing short of fantastic and if the show keeps going at this pace, it's going to be one of the most addicting dramas I've seen in a long time. The writers manage to blend the mixture of drama and crime thriller perfectly so it never feels like you're watching too much of either. And as for the double-crosses and the twists, I haven't seen this much insanity since "Dynasty" or "Melrose Place." Every week so far has had at least one "WTF!" moment.

So, in short, if you watched the pilot and it turned you off, please give it another chance because I promise it gets better as it goes along and by episode four you will be HOOKED. And for those who haven't given it a chance yet, you don't know what you're missing out on. Make it through the first two episodes and pretty soon you'll be very glad you did. The plot is currently truly intriguing and there are so many ways it could go each week and it always leaves you guessing. The show is playing all of its cards right and really got it together quickly to become one of the best new shows this season. I, for one, can't wait for Tuesdays.
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"Ringer" is solid
chrisksc21 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After the second episode, I've developed more confidence in this series. The pilot made me very skeptical, particularly the poorly rendered CGI screens and typical broken family situations. As we approach the end of the pilot, serious conflict begins to unravel as Bridget adopts Siobhan's identity.

The second episode simply got me wanting more. Bridget is gradually digging herself a deeper hole even though she's trying to be responsible and accountable for once in her life. If the second episode is an indication of the rest of the series, I foresee an intense, gripping, scandalous season ahead as Siobhan's scheme unravels.

I just hope the viewers will give it a chance.
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Absolutely Fantastic! Don't think you know what it's all about.
GoddessCeCe2 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's been too long since the very beautiful and talented Sarah Michelle Gellar has graced our television screen. She is back now, better than ever, in this very complex, wonderfully dark new show.

For those of you who don't know, Sarah Michelle plays twins - Bridget & Siobhan. Bridget is the estranged twin who has a history of stripping and substance abuse, who is the witness to a brutal crime that has her fearing for her life. Her sister Siobhan is the privileged New Yorker who seemingly has the perfect life - a successful, wealthy, attractive husband; tons of money, great friends and a beautiful home.

Bridget and Siobhan clearly are strained; from the looks of it, something happened to Siobhan's son, and we don't yet know Bridget's part in it. However, they have mended ways enough for Bridget to get the offer to stay with Siobhan in New York. On a boating trip, while Bridget naps, Siobhan disappears overboard and is presumed dead. But only Bridget was there, so she is the only one who knows this. Grieving aside, she figures stepping into her sister's shoes, her sister's life, will help her hide from those out to kill her. She easily slides into Siobhan's life.

You know what they say about the grass being greener? Well, be careful what you wish for. It turns out that Siobhan's life was anything but carefree. Bridget realizes that her sister's marriage was in shambles; her stepdaughter hated her; she was sleeping with her best friend's husband; and, worse of all, someone is trying to kill Siobhan as well.

This show is very dark, which I love, and very well written. The surrounding cast, although small, is equally wonderful. I can say that this show is much deeper, much more complex than it may be given credit for. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, you realize that you don't. It's very suspenseful, creepy and downright scary at times (how about a dead body in a trunk, cell phone ringing, in a room full of wealthy party goers?). New York, as it often does, plays a character all its own. Set in the unfinished lofts and plush Park Avenue Pent Houses, don't let the high pedigree fool you. The cinematography is rich and gorgeous; lots of dark shadows to give you an appropriate sense of foreboding. It's like watching a really fun scary movie, without the gore but including all of the suspense.

Lastly, I saw someone compare this to ABC Family's "The Lying Game", which I also watch and think is absolutely fantastic. I assure you, it's nothing like that. "The Lying Game" is somewhat lighter in tone and the twin sisters are working together while maintaining contact. Here, they most assuredly are not.

To summarize, this is a wonderful show that should be given a chance to grow. Hopefully, the CW will realize its worth and give it a full season.
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Great show with lots of potential
sesheppard28 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ringer will turn out to be a wonderful show. Like with the vampire diaries, it will take a few episodes to get the ball rolling and personally I cannot wait. Last weeks episode(3) was excellent. I wonder if Shiv will see things differently now that she knows that she is pregnant. To the people that think Ringer is like the lying game. It so totally is not. Ringer is more adult with so much more substance to the plot. The actors are amazing especially the dude from Lost that rocks the guy liner. Sarah Michelle Gellar was born for this role and she is as beautiful as ever! I cannot wait for the flashback episodes when she witness the murder and SMG playing a stripper. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us as the viewer, bring it on!!
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I'm a fan
vinbjorn29 October 2011
What I love about Gellar's new series is the way it slowly evolves each episode, revealing a new layer to the rich tapestry of it's characters. Just when you think you're figuring out the motivations (and trajectory) of a character you find out something new and you're given a new perspective.

One thing this series is not is predictable. The only time I could understand the CGI criticism was during the boat scene where the two sisters (both played by Gellar) were meant to be on an open air boat hurtling across the ocean but could be heard speaking softly over a baldly rendered ocean background. Apart from that the brief CGI scenes shared by the two were flawless. Could this scene be a stylistic approach? It looks as it should, it sounds as it should, but something is 'not right'. Reality has been altered and manipulated. Then again maybe it just comes down to budgeting and time constraints but personally I would like to believe in the former.

Gellar plays the two sisters with subtlety. After all she's playing twins who share mannerisms yet are completely different people. Gellar is acting one character who's acting as another... but she pulls it off. The banter about her 'not ageing well' is rubbish. Talk about unrealistic expectations. I would like to see who's sitting behind the keyboard.

8 Stars so far.
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Best Show I ever watched. Please keep it going.
wsquires-344-21819514 April 2012
My husband and I cannot wait for Tuesday to get here so we can watch Ringer. It is the most suspense show we have ever seen. It is so interesting how Sarah can play both sides, good and bad.We always tape it so we can rewatch it again. We just love Ringer and we hope it will be around for a second season. We hope we can vote to keep it around. Ringer is a show that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next with Andrew and his daughter. Also the climax at the end of each episode is the most exciting part of next week show, My heart is so deep into the show, that it is like my own experience with life. My sister and I are very close with one another that I can relate to the pain that she and I experience with life. Please keep the show going.
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Good enough to keep watching
andres-rosenberg15 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to explain the plot cause it's written everywhere, but just my overall look on the Pilot: It's OK.

The Bad: The scene on the ocean looks so fake, it hurts. Another bad point is that there is too much put together without further explanation. And some very corny storytelling also hurts: the woman that dates her best friend's husband, and so on...

The Good: The ending on the Pilot is spot on and leaves you wanting more. As it turned out, Bridget was safer being Bridget than being Siobann, and the real Siobann pretended to be dead.

Overall the series got some potential, and it is really nice to see SMG again. She's a very good actress when it comes to convey an emotion, or lack of emotion if necessary.
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It just keeps on getting better...
sksophia19 October 2011
Initially, I was reluctant as to whether or not I wanted to watch this show but I am so glad that I finally got round to it. The pilot was a good start - the story came together well and the characters were very well played by the cast. It was a great pilot, expect one very poor green room scene (but that's a minor glitch).

As I started to watch more episodes, I began to fall in love with the show even more. Everything about it is just awesome. The music, the characters, the plot - everything. Sarah Michelle Gellar is an amazing actress and so are the rest of the brilliant cast.

If you're into thriller type stuff (with some drama and romance) then this is definitely for you. It's a great show with some real jaw dropping moments. Its' not too intense but enough to keep you wondering what the hell is going on.

Give it a chance. You'll love it.
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Love it!
amanduhlopez1 February 2012
This has got to be the best show I have EVER seen. I'm addicted, it's crazy. I have got to say it has more suspense and drama than my other two favorite shows (True Blood and The Tudors), for me at least. I love how each episode something new and exciting is happening. It keeps you on your toes. I hated when they took that 1 month break from t.v, and hate having to wait a week to see a new episode. I got my sister and two best friends watching it now also. Everyone really has to see the first two episodes and they will be hooked. I love the CW11 now, and look forward to watching more shows from them (hopefully they are just as crazy good). I wasn't part of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' generation, but I'm really glad Sarah Michele Geller came back to t.v so I can really appreciate her as a actress.
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Beautiful and great concept. But sloppy.
sid19962 October 2011
After watching the three first episodes, I'd thought I would write a short (p)review. The pilot is basically used to set up the premise, and while it lacks the beautiful polish of the following episodes, it really kick-start the series. And I can forgive the few shortcomings of the pilot.

The following two episodes were beautifully produced (if that's right word) and Sarah Michelle Gellar is perfect in her role. The series also have that hard-to-put-your-finger-on-and-even-harder-to-achieve feeling. I kind of got a "Cruel Intentions" vibe. But just as with Sarah Michelle Gellar, it's a more mature and confident feeling. It's really great.

There's, in my humble opinion, just one flaw with "Ringer". But it's a flaw that could potentially ruin everything. The problem is that while the concept is great, Sarah Michelle Gellar is perfect and the production has that great feeling, the writing seems very sloppy. There are so many inconsistencies and plot holes that I get frustrated. The problem is basically limited to the thriller part of the writing, almost as if that writing was forced in by accountants rather than delivered by the writers.

And if it continues down this path, I think it's going to backfire and ruin everything. This is, of course, only my speculations, but I think that the thriller writing must up to par with the rest. Whether it be a problem caused by money counters or that the "thriller writers" are too junior or have to little resources. Otherwise I think that this series will collapse, and that would really be a shame.
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TV's most addictive new thriller!
artdumoi2 February 2012
The first 10 episodes of season 1 were amazing. Ringer is brilliantly mixing different kind of formats. At first you might think it is only a Soapy Drama because of all the shocking twists and turns but quickly you will see the show has a unique touch in the television landscape with a strong visual identity thanks to dark lightings and confined sets. Its Thriller / Film Noir aspect is really compelling, respecting all the different genre codes (a complex lead role with a far from brilliant past, surrounded by strong and important supporting roles dealing with murder, adultery and treason, a fourth-rate cop manipulated by a femme fatale, night scenes, wet sidewalks, over-sized sunglasses, trench-coats, firearms...) It is a great quality, mature series (especially for The CW) with amazing established actors such as Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Grudge, Buffy), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four, King Arthur), Nestor Carbonell (The Dark Knight, Lost), Jaime Murray (The Deaths of Ian Stone, Dexter) and Jason Dohring (Deep Impact, Veronica Mars). I can't hardly wait for the next episodes!
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The best new scripted show for the 2011-2012 season
alexander_223 November 2011
Ringer is the most exciting new TV drama so far for the new season. I was pleasantly surprised by Sarah Michell Gellar's outstanding performance and her ability to play two completely different characters at the same time. The show offers a really interesting plot, combining drama, action and suspense. The other cast members are also carefully selected and are definitely the right ones for each of the roles. Every single episode is exciting and unique in its own way. Fortunately, the CW gave Ringer a chance and offered the back-nine episodes, giving it a full season. I really hope that the show will be renewed for a second season, as it is the best CW new drama since The Vampire Diaries.
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A Superior TV Drama - well-acted, well-crafted, deserved a second season
buffyslayerofvampyres27 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is a rare gem of a TV drama and fully deserved a second season, if not for the ratings, then at least for they way they set it up. In the fullness of time, I think it will acquire a cult status and it will be regretted by many that it was left hanging.

It was the right thing to do not to have Bridget and Andrew walking off into the sunset together. It was smarter still to avoid having Bridget and Siobhan come face-to-face and also, to wait until the very end for Bridget to discover the truth about Siobhan. A hypothetical sequel could, therefore, explore any number of intriguing possibilities.

Now that it is all in the open, would the two sisters go after each other or would blood eventually prove thicker than water?

Siobhan, in seeking to carry through her bid to 'reclaim her old life', would, presumably, see Bridget as an obstacle to this. Bridget, for her part, with the fog finally lifted, has the upper hand in the relationship for the first time. How would she react to the realisation that her sister had set her up to be murdered, when all along, she thought she was the one who wronged Siobhan?

Someone, somewhere, should return to this project and give it a new lease of life, even if it is just another season, to bring it to a proper conclusion. I don't know much about how TV production works but, presumably, it would have to happen soon, or the cast will be too old to fit into the roles. Maybe they could take a leaf out of the book of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and continue it in comic book form!
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No Season 2 ? ? ? ?
z_laja1312 November 2014
This is absolute cracker. This show is great, smart and most important very, very underrated. My favorite shows are "Revenge", "The Americans", "Blacklist", "Hostages", "The Lying Game", and "Ringer" is beaten only by Revenge, but Revenge is something special, 72 (at this time) episodes on HIGHEST LEVEL.

Sarah play twin sisters, but she's great. After 3-4 episodes, I without any doubt known who is Bridgett and who is Siobahn. All cast GREAT, really great acting. Story is strong and this show is never slow or boring.

This review is only because, I can't believe there is NO second season. Please make second season, this show deserved that.
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So exciting, so addicting...
pjgalioto21 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best new show on TV this year. There are so many twists and turns that I can't tell where to look. Many people are complaining that the show is "too complex," and I think it is ridiculous. We are just about halfway through the first season and it would be silly if there was no mystery. There has to be secrets and lies; it is the premise of the show. There are a few issues that have not been touched upon that I am so anxious to learn about, for instance, the little boy in the picture with Shiobhan in the pilot, but I know the key to the show is just to be patient. By the end of the season, everything will be clear! I am so excited that Sarah is back on TV, and I absolutely love how addicting this show is. I cannot wait a whole week to see what happens next.
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One of the best shows I've ever seen.
MajorFilmFan28 September 2011
This is the story of two sisters who share the same face. The first is Bridget Kelly (Sarah Michelle Geller), a former stripper and drug addict, who is the only witness to a brutal murder committed by a brutal crime boss. When she gets in invitation from her twin sister, Siobhan (also played by Geller), to come stay with her in New York for as long as she wants, she sees it as her only way out. Siobhan and Bridget had a falling out several years earlier, and haven't spoken since. But, when Siobhan kills herself while the two sisters are out on a boat off the Hamptons, Bridget sees an opportunity to get away from the trouble she's in. She assumes the role of Siobhan, believing that her life is perfect. But, everyone has secrets, and Siobhan is no different. She lives a life of extravagance in New York, with her husband, Andrew (Iaon Gruffod. I did NOT spell that right. OK, that guy from Fantastic 4.) She soon realizes that not only is her relationship with Andrew is going down hill, but that Siobhan is also having an affair with Henry, the husband of her best friend, and soon, discovers that someone is out to kill Siobhan.

"Ringer" is a smart, sly, devilishly sexy, at times gritty, original and fresh thriller that appears almost like a impossible to solve puzzle. While the duologue is at times cringe-worthy, it's the intriguing characters, and the fantastic performances from Geller and Nestor Carbonell, who plays an FBI agent, that make this show as good as it is. This show is a must watch.
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Soap operas, Genres and Ringers
jm_55 October 2011
On any review or comment, I have noticed that most people allude to another show the main actor was in. Not being a fan of the previous show until now, recently, that I have started watching the old episodes of BTVS in my wife's library, I guess I will never escape references to it. But I am here, giving comments on "Ringer" another show I was practically forced to watch by an in-house SMG fan. Seeing other reviews, I hardly ever see any that does not reference SMG, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Buffy. That put aside, I can't wait to see future episodes.

It is a great show with potential. It has a very serious tone, not unlike a soap opera. The story line is well laid out for future development, although some disagree. I say wait for it to develop. In this day and age I can see the objections to the slow exposition of such a drama. Some viewers may not be ready to accept this style of storytelling, insisting instead upon a simple story-line that wraps itself up neatly after each episode. This series is not that type of 'fast-food' storytelling.

This show I definitely like. The moments of revelation are starting to line up. ***Spoilers deleted*** They happen every week now. Stay tuned.
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an exercise in complete frustration
blanche-215 September 2014
What is the problem with CW that they took this off the air after one season? Yes, season 1 was tied up for the most part, but you knew from the end that there were lots of exciting plots for season 2. The characters were left in limbo. Couldn't they have least done a special two-hour episode where they finished up? I'm really angry about this. I binge-watched, so I saw more flaws maybe than the average viewer. However, there are two things that I love - movies about twins and makeover movies, where someone has plastic surgery and changes their face.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as twins, Siobhan and Bridget. Bridget is a drug user and prostitute who witnessed a murder and right before she is supposed to testify against the killer, who is a monster, she becomes frightened and takes off for parts unknown. She runs to New York city and to her estranged sister, Siobhan. Siobhan married money, but she's a piece of work, as you will see.

Bridget and Siobhan seem to have settled their differences and go out to Siobhan's beach house. While they are out on Siobhan's boat, Bridget falls asleep. When she wakes up, her sister is gone, and it seems that she has committed suicide. As in "A Stolen Life," "Dead Ringer," "Deceptions," and "The Dark Mirror," Bridget steals her sister's identity. She intends to leave as soon as her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor can get to her, but it doesn't work out that way.

Ringer was a really good series, not as good as something like Homeland or The Americans or Mad Men, but still good. There were some problems, one of which was some of the dialogue. "We have to talk" was said at least 20 times on every episode - I might not have noticed except as I said, I binge watched. The other problem was the situation with Henry - I mean, how many times can he say he's through and stop seeing her? He broke things off with Siobhan in just about every episode.

Here's the next problem. Sarah Michelle Gellar, an immensely popular actress. Personally, I didn't find her very good, though attractive, and here's why. First of all, in real life, twins can't really substitute for one another unless the person absolutely doesn't know them. Everyone has their own aura, their own way of talking and moving, and it doesn't matter how identical they are. Case in point: a young woman was hit on the head with a rock, woke up in the park, and had amnesia (true story). With no identification, the hospital put her photo in the paper. Her parents rushed to the hospital. When they met her, they weren't sure it was really her. Because she didn't know who she was, everything about her was different. So it's not just looks, and differentiating twins by having one with her hair down and one with her hair up is a cheap trick.

Bridget was street-wise, rougher, tougher, unsophisticated. She wouldn't have spoken like Siobhan, she wouldn't have moved like Siobhan. Siobhan had an air of sophistication honed by several years of marriage to money and living the good life. She was also a colder person and more detached. Yet sometimes, even with the hairdos, I wasn't sure who it was in the scene.

That aside, the cast was fine: Welsh actor Ioan Gruffud as Siobhan's husband, Andrew Martin; Kristoffer Polaha as Siobhan's friend Gemma's husband Henry; Nestor Carbonell as Victor Machado, the detective assigned to Bridget's case; Zoey Deutch as Siobhan's stepdaughter; soap star Justin Bruening as Siobhan's boyfriend Tyler; and Andrea Roth as Andrew's ex-wife Catherine.

I think CW made a mistake taking this off the air. It became more and more interesting as the episodes continued, and I understand there was a campaign to keep it on the air. A shame it didn't work.
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mr-ano-mouse15 June 2013
This little mouse is very addicted which is strange because I was sick of the former Buffy star for years of sub-par vampy campy TV (sorry to the Buffy fans).

The season starts strong and pulls you along with every twist and turn. At times the season can lose its believability when it gets too complex but Michelle's grown up and believable acting - which is superb - pulls it back for us. I need to pause and say that the writers are experts in laying hooks and twists! You will find yourself pausing at each fade to black and almost screaming in shock of frustration with the characters.... but in a good way.

The music is fantastic and expertly placed throughout each episode, echos the sentiment of the episode and makes you want to find that compelling and often sexy song. The fashion and atmosphere of the locations makes this mouse want to visit the area again soon.

The supporting cast is strong and interesting without being obtrusive.

We want a second season!
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It has some potential
bosicans15 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just witnessed the pilot of the show. First of all may I say that it's nice to see SMG in a show again it's been a while. Age didn't do her harm, quite the opposite, she's a fine little lady :). Anyway as the plot said it's about a woman, Bridget, that was working as a prostitute and was also an eye witness, important in a case to put a mob guy behind bars. What's more intriguing is that she has a twin sister,Siobhan, that enjoys all the benefits of life. Or does she? It's on Bridget to find out, cause after just crossing her path with her sister again, her twin is supposedly committed suicide and it seems like a good opportunity for Bridget to take hers sister identity. But was it a good call? Soon Bridget and the rest of us will find out watching the rest of the show, cause Siobhan's life is not that beneficial after all.
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zephyr-12322 March 2012
I was truly looking forward to a Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle because I was a big Buffy fan but I've been having problems "getting into" this show. Actually, I wish she would consider doing some made-for-TV movies. I read that she has difficulty choosing projects because she seeks out characters that are unique or eccentric in some way which is smart but there are some made-for-TV movies and characters that are unique and interesting and I gotta assume she's been offered some of them. I don't understand why she hasn't done more of that since Buffy.

Basically, Ringer is about twin sisters (both played by Gellar), one (Bridget) who is being pursued by some underworld drug dealer who wants her dead and the other (Siobhan) who is in an unhappy marriage with a wealthy man. Siobhan fakes her death on a boat with Bridget and Bridget decides to assume Siobhan's life in order to hide from Bodaway (the drug dealer).

What ensues is a hodgepodge of deceits, betrayals, lies and twists that various characters participate in. It seems like almost every single character on the show is deceitful and self absorbed in one way or another. This is one of the main things that bothers me about the show. True, there are many more successful shows out there with similar characterization of lies and deceit (Lost comes to mind) but those shows are successful because the characters while being this way are also lovable or warm in some way that the audience can empathize and care about what happens to them. There's just something cold and calculating about all the characters on this show which makes it difficult to connect with them. Bridget is the only character that is marginally likable and even though I have been watching every episode for this season, I still haven't felt that connection with the characters yet.

Another problem I have with the show is the constant twists and turns. Not that I don't like twists and turns but it's feeling more and more like the twists are the only thing the writers are trying to use to keep you watching. It's just that they have thrown so many in that the show has become inundated with them until it has become too predictable and distracting from what should be the heart of the story lines--the people (whom I cannot find anything to truly care about with any of them). I do intend to watch to the end of the season (just to see how it all finally plays out) and hope that it doesn't get bumped before the last few eps air but even if it were to run into another season (which with the ratings it's not looking so good) I wouldn't be back to see it.
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My Thoughts on the Pilot
mattias_8916 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first episode of Ringer the other day without knowing at all what it was going to be about. I hadn't planned to watch this particular show this fall but after seeing a lot of promotion for it on various sites, I decided I would give it a chance, but after seeing it I have yet to decide if I will become a regular viewer or not.

What did I think of the pilot then? The episode felt very rushed in the beginning. I though the setup of the characters and the main story arc could have needed some more time and work. I didn't really buy why she would run away and hit that policeman and steal his gun and how she really managed to do that. Well, I do understand why she did it but it just felt rushed. Then we got introduced to a sister and without even having the chance to get to know her, she killed herself and it didn't feel weird at all for the lead character to take her sister's place. I thought this was pretty strange and would have liked more time to explain why and what she felt after this. I would rather have the episode end here and put more time into the details of this part of the story, that would have been more interesting.

Instead we got introduced to a lot of small intrigues after this. The stepdaughter with cocaine problems, the police hunting the lead character, a gangster hunting the lead character, a failing marriage, the sister cheating with her best friend's husband and some guy trying to kill the sister. You would think I described the whole series now rather than only the pilot but this is what happened. Like I said before, instead of putting effort into these parts I would have been more interested in exploring the beginning of the show. If this was meant to keep you hooked and meant to bring you back for next week's episode, it worked, but not because I'm particularly intrigued by these things but rather because I'm confused and want to see what this turns out to be.

I'll give it another episode but I don't think I will give it more than that nor do I think the network will, it feels like a pretty lazy written show with a plot premise we kind of have already seen this summer in The Laying Game but we will see.
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completelycrazy16 December 2011
With such a respectable 7.2, I expected Ringer to be quite good.How wrong was I. Bad acting, highly predictable story lines and an unbelievably ridiculous boat scene convinced me to stop hurting my eyes watching this show.I did love Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy, but I'm sorry to say that she doesn't seem convinced at all by the role she was given. The other actors don't do much to save the show either (although at this stage it would be quite hard to save). The storyline is a more grown- up version of "The lying game": both shows using tired tropes and plots that one can see coming during the first minutes of the 1st episode. In short, don't waste your time on this show, it's not worth it.
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