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  • Judy Smith is the inspiration for this show. She has a crisis management consultant with a firm in Washington D.C. known as Smith & Co. Judy works as a co-Executive Producer on the show. Read more about which of the crises on the show are based on real political scandals and which are fiction. Edit

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  • The fast-paced editing in Scandal, including the bursts of photos before the commercial breaks, is a strong stylistic choice that moves the show along at a swift space and doesn't waste time on filler moments. Such quick cuts don't leave the viewer time to think deeply about the characters--instead we rely on the show to tell us what to think about them. At the same time, the slower private moments allow us a breather to see the intimate, personal lives of people who are almost always on the go and creating public images. Read more about why the show's editing is so intriguing here. Edit

  • "Since its premiere, Scandal has aired episodes inspired by Edward Snowden's leaking of information about the NSA's surveillance program, former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal and the events that led up to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown." Read more here. Edit



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