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Awful awful show
chemicalcupcakes28 April 2015
One of the worst "sitcoms" I've ever seen in my life. I've never been compelled to write a review on a television show but with something this awful, I had to. The writers must have thought to themselves "hey, let's create as many annoying characters as we can and cram them all into one show."

Where to even start with the characters? Not one of them can act and have the most painfully awful delivery for every punchline. Everything seems forced, and the lines are recited in loud obnoxious voices that I guess is supposed to make the jokes more funny (it doesn't.)

The characters that are supposed to be immigrants all have terribly unconvincing accents.

Most of the dialogue in the script is just one rapid fire unfunny predictable punchline after another. 90% of the jokes are overly sexual in a way only middle school boys would find funny. And if they're not sexual, it's some joke based on racial stereotypes or a very obvious pop-culture reference.

Kat Dennings character "Max" only speaks in lame comebacks, delivered in her obnoxiously loud nasal voice. Her "I'm so edgy and too cool for school and had a terrible upbringing" act gets old really fast, especially when she mentions it every five seconds. Does this chick ever talk about anything but herself? Not only that but her and her co-star are downright rude and mean-spirited to every customer that comes in the diner. Someone can't order a water without Max or Caroline making some unnecessary rude comment and glaring at them until they leave. Is that supposed to make these characters likable?

And then there's Jennifer Coolidge who gets a cheer from the "audience" every time she enters a scene. And why? Because she's the only semi-famous actress they could convince to be on this awful show? I still have trouble understanding that one.

How this show has been on the air for FOUR YEARS is beyond me.
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I Keep Waiting for it to Get Better
wahoo888830 October 2013
After I first saw the ads for this show, I thought it would be funny. After I saw the first few episodes, I thought it would get better. After I watched the first season, I thought Season 2 would be an improvement. Zero stars for me. This show actually has gotten worse. The acting is so bad it is often excruciating. It seems that the 2 broke girls are just reading punch lines from a cue card. And apparently the writers believe that the more off-color the joke, the funnier. And would somebody please tell the actors that talking really loud does not make this miserably written show any funnier either. I guess the network agrees with me since the shows has been downgraded to the 8:30 time slot. Next stop...Saturday night.
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An easy to watch, enjoyable show
sprice_boy17 November 2019
Recently got into 2 Broke Girls as it was on Amazon Prime, and have now watched the entire series.

It's basically about two friends, the sarcastic, streetwise and busty Max and kooky riches-to-rags Caroline, who both have aspirations to run their own cupcake business one day, and take on a variety of jobs throughout the show's run to help realise their dream. Mainly they work as waitresses at a diner in Brooklyn, run by their boss and sometimes-nemesis Han, a likeable enough and short Korean man. Also working at the diner are crude Ukranian cook Oleg, and elderly and forgetful Earl, the diner's cashier. Finally, the other main character is Sophie, a Polish neighbour of the girls who frequently visits the gorls at the diner or their apartment. The humour of the show is very crude and in your face, but it's not pretending to be something it's not.

I find the show easy to watch, the story lines are not complicated and the humour is not too clever for its own good, if you want a show that's easy to get into, you can have on in the background with a few laughs guaranteed, give it a go. To be honest, the only thing I don't really like is the character of Sophie, her accent and voice annoy me and the audience cheers every time she enters the diner are slightly baffling to me. I never liked Jennifer Coolidge's characters in Friends or Seinfeld ether, maybe I'm just not a fan of hers.

Anyway, to summarise, it's a crude, in your face show that's pretty easy to watch with not too-confusing plot lines, and features the wonderful Kat Dennings, watch it for her and her ample bosom alone, you'll not regret it.
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A total waste of time
Jess-K28 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I gave 2 Broke Girls two tries, and I didn't laugh once.

I found the attempts at humor to be offensive and boring. None of the characters seemed likable to me, so I couldn't trick myself into caring what happened with any of them.

The character of Max comes off like a bully, and the character Caroline comes off as a doormat. It's hard to care much about a relationship like this one, and it made me root against them, not for them. It's not even a good 'frenemy' dynamic, as Caroline is dependent on Max and Max seems happy to exploit this. If this kind of abusive situation is supposed to be funny, this is news to me. I believe this show is a complete waste of time.
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beege200610 March 2014
When I first learned of the show, I was excited to see it. I watched one episode and thought... this will be canceled mid season. I can't believe it's still running to tell you the truth. The acting is so bad, it's painful to watch. Each 'punchline' is set up so poorly, you are already cringing before it's said. Even the exits and entrances onto or off the set are forced. It's like watching an audition at an amateur acting studio.

It's a shame considering the concept is decent, however not only does the acting fall short, so does the direction. The crudeness behind some of the dialect could actually be funny if delivered correctly and without so much force behind it to be funny. After each quip you almost expect to hear a drum line in the back... "BA DA BOM!"

Worst show to hit the screen in years by far.
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Always Makes Me Smile
weasl-729-31068219 February 2016
There seems to be an awful lot of hate for this award nominated and sometimes winning series. It's not for prudes, that is for sure, but if you can let go of your hangups for a while, you might enjoy it quite a bit. The overall star-rating seems to be better than the reviews, so I'm speaking up here, and others who like the series should as well. We are not well represented in the review section.

There are rapid-fire one-liners that you'll miss if you're not paying attention. There is also a tendency to cross boundaries that it seems many are more comfortable on the other side of. Sometimes there are poignant scenes that will draw a tear or two, once you get to know the characters. These girls are fiercely loyal to one another, when it comes down to brass tacks.

Some of the physical comedy is great. Kat Dennings does some that is effective, but I think Beth Behrs really pulls out the stops sometimes!

Sure it's a smart, raunchy comedy, and a funny one too. It's also a tale of two pretty young ladies trying their damnedest to wrench a modest living out of a hard city for all but the elite. They hang onto hope of a better life by their dream of exploiting the character Max's skill at baking delicious cupcakes, and Caroline's Wharton business education and talents into their own business one day.

I didn't think I'd like it at all from the ads and teasers, but then watched an episode on TV, as a rerun, when there was nothing else on. I binge-watched the entire series, over time, and now keep up with the current episodes when they first air.

I really enjoy following their journey toward success, and you just might too, if you can relax and go with the roller coaster flow that is "2 Broke Girls".

Let's face it, it's not like an Oscar-winning movie, but for what it is, it is very worthy entertainment.
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Urgh, turn off the TV and RUN!!
horseandponyy25 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Gosh, what a horrible show. I only watched about 5 minutes of it before I got mad and shut it off. However, 5 minutes was enough to give me an idea of how horrible this show is.

2 Broke Girls is NOT funny! The jokes are very raunchy, and that gets tiring fast. The laugh track is horrendous, and is thrown in your face every time someone says something.

The characters were unlikeable and annoying. In the few minutes I watched this, the brown haired girl got mad at a customer who hesitated for 5 seconds while ordering a meal, and then proceeds to start clicking her fingers in his face, and then trying to sass him for it. Calm the heck down! Not funny at all.

1/10 stars. Don't even bother.
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In defense of 2 broke girls.
spanking_machine19 February 2016
I started watching this show a while ago, but I never cared enough to visit its page on IMDb until today. Just out of sheer curiosity I googled, I wanted to know more about the actors and writers.

I felt that quite a bunch of people did not get the show's gist and just couldn't help but sigh and roll my eyes at the comments accusing it of being "racist" or "tacky." And I would actually like to ask these people if they know what comedy looks like. and if they've ever seen a stand-up comedian perform and if they even know what that is.

Claiming '2 broke girls' is a bad show because of its tasteless jokes is like saying John Waters is awful because his movies are gross. You just completely missed the point, didn't you?

But it seems the majority of the negativity stems from provincial misogynistic minds who do not think that women can be loud. Even if said women were fictitious characters in, again, a comedy TV show.

It's really not surprising for I have seen this happening ever since I signed up, and it still goes on, strong as ever. The level of sexism among users on this website is astounding. You can see it all over the place really, Indiana Jones -All of his movies-, above 8 stars, Lara Croft, below 6. If the main character is a woman that portrays strength in any way the reviews will be bad. It's sad but it is there.

To the non-narrow minded and modern individual, 2 Broke girls is hilarious, witty, unpredictable, funny, original and, unlike some other comedy shows, it won't bore you.

And to the bitter people whining about it being "shoved down their throat." Nobody is holding you at gunpoint, if you don't like it don't watch it, find something useful to do with your obviously copious spare time. This show is being sold all over Europe and it will won't be cancelled any time soon. Ha, ha.
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Still haven't laughed once
blastergv11 February 2014
I honestly have only seen a handful of episodes so if this is a show that is mainly plot driven, I may have missed it (i sincerely doubt it). Here are a few observations about what the writers/producers of the show think: raunchy = automatically funny, saying raunchy jokes louder make them automatically funny, delivering cue-card punchlines in an 80's fashion is still funny. I hear the "punchlines" and the laugh track and constantly find myself saying "was that supposed to be the punchline?". I like every brand of humor and am extremely easy to please in the humor department, and this show is completely unfunny. I really like Kat Dennings too and was hopeful for this show, but there are only 4 reasons this show is somehow still around: each girl has two of them. If you see any 9 or 10 star ratings anywhere, completely ignore them... they were written by marketers.
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Way way way downhill....
aaamullins4 May 2015
At first I really liked this show! I don't really care for Whitney Cummings brand of comedy-I had to watch it without my kids around-but I found it quite funny! Now I find it hard to watch and have made the decision to finish out the season and then I'm done (I think only one more episode! ) Every single line is forced & every single line is an analogy/comparison! The characters are flat as well as the comedy! A comment was made about the actors look like they are reading from cue cards and I 100% agree! The lines usually have nothing to do with nothing! The story line has hit a dead end! It feels like it just has no where left to go! I gave it a whole hearted try but this show has run it's comedy course with me!
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Absolutely Awful
simonw7022 September 2015
Watching 2 Broke Girls or having your brain eaten by zombies... as I sit here forced to watch it, I am wondering which would be worse. There is no dialog as such, just a series of lame punchlines that come every 5 to 10 seconds. All that's missing is a cheesy drumroll, but that would tirn the entire program into a drum solo. The delivery and acting is so bad that your average elementary school nativity play has more talent on offer. The canned laughter punctuates the mindless rhythm of the inane witterings as it drones on and on and on and on and on... It's simply the worst thing I have ever witnessed ever at any time in any country in my life. That anyone could like this in any way is mind boggling.
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2 broke girls - with Kat Dennings (comedy)
helena-ricci4 December 2011
I've seen all of the episodes that are out to date, and from the first episode I knew this was a show for me! I mean, the plot is not supposed to be plausible, it's supposed to be comedy, and a feel good show, and that's exactly what it is, with a little cynical twist added from Kat Dennings. Kat Dennings run the show, and she is the main reason I follow this series. For people who like Kat Dennings kind of humor, this is a show for you, where she gets to play a little more freely with her puns than she has been able to do previously in movies and other shows. I love it!It might not be a very popular show, like Glee or all these other vampire shows that people are into now, but that's why I like it, it's plain and simple, back to old school stories of the rich and the poor, but I'm not gonna be surprised if this is one of those shows that aren't gonna be around for long since it's not main stream popular. It's a shame if it wont last.
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on the good side of mediocre...
elizabetmulder4 March 2012
It's not bad... It's not good. It's exactly what it needs to be. Very okay.

Lots of sex jokes, sometimes cheesy, sometimes raunchy but most of the times enjoyable. The actresses that play the lead roles are perfectly cast. Especially Kat Dennings, who, even with material that isn't always up to par, lights up the screen with her wonderful, sensual, charismatic, yet sometimes almost painfully sarcastic and bitter sense of humor.

I don't know. I've watched a lot of episodes of season one, and somehow I just keep watching whenever I need some harmless, simple humor. I think that this show completely proves that good leads really can carry a show and capture an audience. It's just a sweet concept, literally, with the cupcakes and all, and it's a warm show, made with some love and fun. I'm not impressed by it but I like it. At the moment it's the only comedy show I watch. Much better than a lot of other crap out there. Maybe not as good a some shows, like modern family and community or 30 rock. It's not brilliant in any way, it's not new and original in any way, but you really feel for the characters, maybe not right away but after a few episodes you start appreciate them.

This sounds like such a "meh..." review, but it's really not. Beth Behrs, who I really haven't seen in anything else, portrays the part of the naive rich girl who just landed in the gutter just fine and endearing. It's a joy to see Jennifer Coolidge working again, she's just wonderful in portraying "over the top" characters, sometimes I almost feel ashamed that a movie and TV fanatic like me likes her, but hey, everybody has their guilty pleasures. At the moment 2 broke girls is mine. When I don't want to think and just want to watch something fun.

Plus, I really dig the fact that this show is not shy about the sex jokes and sometimes gets really rude. Don't we all sometimes?
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I like it
unhealthyobsession16 January 2020
I don't understand all the hate from all the review. Okay, it's not mind-blowingly awesome, nor is it groundbreaking in anyway, but I thoroughly enjoy it. It's simple, funny, sarcastic, and relate-able. Being broke and working to achieve their dreams -- that's every millennial's story. The contrast between an optimistic former rich girl and a pessimistic middle-class girl, combined with dark, pun-y, sarcastic humor, and you got yourself a nice evening entertainment after a really long day.

Don't think too much or over-analyze the show. Just grab a beer and a slice of pizza, and enjoy the show.
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keziahspafa13 December 2011
At first I didn't think this show would be good. I saw advisements about the show, I heard about it on the radio and I even read summarys about this show. None of them convinced me to watch it. One day, there was nothing on the television except for the pilot of 2 broke girls, so I decided to give it a shot. After watching the pilot, I was hooked! It is such a funny show! The jokes are funny, and easy to understand, so that you aren't watching wondering why the audio audience is laughing. Also, I love how the show is realistic. The show is about two girls, one lives in Brooklyn and has two jobs to survive, one as a waitress as a dinner and another is a nanny for a wealthy family. The other girl is a spoiled rich girl who lost all her money due to her fathers schemes. I love how the show is about how upper class meets lower class, it makes the show comedic and is a new perspective of society
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Truly, truly abysmal
LawnBoy-422 September 2015
Admittedly, there is very little programming on network TV that is worth watching (and I'm being kind), but this idiotic, excremental excuse for entertainment represents a new low in sitcom history. The bozos who attempt to function as the "stars" have zero talent, the writing is 3rd grade level, if that, and the direction is barely worthy of late night local access fare.

Yes, folks, this show really is that bad. How this abomination continues to be renewed is beyond what the rational mind could hope to comprehend. How any sober, educated, functioning individual could sit through this tripe is also a mystery.

If there is one positive aspect associated with this show, it's the fact that the members of the International Hello Larry Fan Club can no longer be lambasted for maintaining an interest in the worst excuse for programming to ever litter the airwaves. 2 Broke, Vapid, Painfully Unfunny Girls can now proudly lay claim to this dubious honor.
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Finally, lets get back to comedy
nwantee5 October 2011
I think the girls are great, the banter, the humor, the whole cast...it is funny, witty, charming and makes you feel good. Especially with todays economy, the story of rich girl...her dad goes to jail... now rich girl is poor girl and has to get a job....loses all her rich friends...meets tough, poor, city girl and they become friends. They honestly care about each other. Bad luck (and a fathers legal mistakes) brought them together and it works. It is the new age "Laverne and Shirley"...I hope it stays around and isn't replaced by some new reality TV show. It makes me laugh out loud! Now I will just write "love it" until I get the ten line minimum needed to post...lol..."love it"...."love it"... "Love it"....."Love it"....."Love it"....."Love it"
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Fresh and Fun, cupcakes looked delicious!
jbarace20 September 2011
I've just watched the series pilot today and I founded it hilarious! Truth must be said, most things were unveiled in the series extended preview, but still really funny. Kat Dennings is great and the storyline is fun and fresh enough to make a 20-minutes sitcom work. I still have my doubts with Behrs, but let's hope her acting stands up for herself and Kat doesn't overshadows her role. Recurring characters may ad some good stories as well. Probably everything will spin around the two girls by now, but I hope the creators are able to develop other people roles, like Oleg the Russian chef, he's got potential. Finally, I especially liked the last bit when they show how much money the couple has to make their dream bakery business true. Thumbs up for 2 Broke Girls!
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Contains more broke girls than laughs
Leopold0056 February 2015
Oh dear. I've tried with this show, I really have. For some reason, I keep going back to it and giving it one more shot, but every time I end up disappointed. Surely, at some point, we're going to get a proper laugh out of this, right? I'd settle for a snigger. Or even a brief "Hah!" moment. But nothing.

The premise seems sound enough: Streetwise but poor kid working two jobs meets silver spooner who's had all her wealth stripped thanks to her daddy getting caught for embezzlement. Cue the interest as these two girls, poles apart, develop their friendship through a variety of classic sitcom-style outlandish situations, with some laughs along the way. How hard can it be to make a mess of that?

Apparently, not very hard at all. And I'm sure Max would come back with some largely unfunny joke based on the inevitable double-entendre.

Thing is, as much as I'd like to enjoy the show, it just misses every single time. Max, who is supposed to be streetwise, is merely rude. Then there's Caroline, who looks desperately like someone who wants an inroad to the show, but is perpetually denied. Between them, they rattle through their dialogue at the speed of sound, with a delivery as wooden as Sherwood Forest and a vocal pitch which my dog finds deeply disturbing.

And to add even more to the quagmire, we have some lovely racial stereotypes: a token Black guy, a Ukranian man (played by an American), an Asian man (played by an American, but at least is of Asian origin) and a Polish woman (played by an American). Most of the "jokes" seem to revolve around either poking fun at these characters, or the characters themselves indulging in a bit of poking fun at themselves. And when they're done doing that, it's on to the innuendo and blatant sex references. Wow, it's like being back in the Seventies!

But wait, there's more: Because the script is so weak and obviously being read from a teleprompter (and thus removing any need to act), it's not funny. So to crank up the fun factor, everybody shouts. And just to make sure we never miss a "gag", there's masses of canned laughter piped indelicately over the top.

There's room for a recurring plot here, with the cupcake business. But all they ever do is talk about it. Why don't we see where they're going with it, aside from the cash display before the end credits? And where's the character development? Oh, wait, that's not going to happen with such one dimensional characters.

Oh, and one last thing: Jennifer Coolidge. Aside from the hugely annoying "whoop" she gets when she appears - no, wait, I'm not parking that one. Why? Why does she get that? Because she was Stifler's Mom? Or am I missing something? She's not Fonzie, she's a bit part. Pack it in! Anyway, aside from that, can someone please explain where her Polish accent is from? I've heard plenty of Poles talking (we have a fair number live in my area) and none of them sound like she does.

And a final last thing - promise! - how has this show got a rating of 7? Almost every review rates it lower than I have!

I can't understand how a show as engaging, warm and genuinely funny as "My Name Is Earl" can get canned so easily, while dross like this is allowed to carry on unabated. I miss that show, because I want to know what happens next. But this one? Well, we don't worry about that, because nothing is happening at all.

EDIT: Having read a few more reviews, it seemed I'd been trying with the wrong end of the show. So I found an online source with the first season and started watching. And they were right, it's much better! I enjoyed the character progression in the first few episodes and now feel like I've got a better understanding of the characters, especially the two girls. Watching Max's initially wobbly relationship with Caroline and the way she bonds with Chestnut shows off a softer, more emotional side, that you just don't see in the later seasons.

The writing is a bit tighter and there's a few laughs to be had. Not many, but a few. And yes, there's still way too many sex jokes. But there is something there that's at least worth 20 minutes of your time and for that I have increased the score to 3 stars. Just don't get too invested beyond the first season.
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In this show defense
luminoso_xyz21 September 2016
I feel like I need to write a review in this show defense after reading so many negative reviews.

I mostly watch it before bedtime and I found it extremely relaxing. I do not need much attention, it has a positive vibe and it is funny enough. Not the deep mind blowing shows that makes me too thoughtful. And that is perfectly fine.

All characters combine very well with which other and I kind of feel at home when viewing one more episode.

All in all this show perfect fits my needs and I find it very enjoyable.
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Not very good except for a few one liners
Naninak10 December 2014
I've watched a few episodes and keep thinking it might get better because some people rate it highly and it's touted as good on some media. I just can't like it. I thought it was horribly unfunny at first and wanted to give it a chance before reviewing. Kat Denning(Max) has an irritating voice that could be put to good use if she could act. She has a few funny one-liners, but she sounds like she is reading her lines. Jennifer Coolidge(Sophie) has been a very funny character in movies, but I can't put my finger on why she is so bad in this TV show. The men-(Earl, Oleg and Ha Lee) are not likable. The only redeeming character may be Beth Behrs(Caroline). She can actually act. There are some humorous moments and that is why I rated it a 3. I wish I could give it more because of the few times when it has some comedy that is appealing. Great premise but missing the mark. I wish they would get off the TV to make room for something better.
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Why is this show still on the air??
aep1974-112 December 2016
I would give it zero stars if I could. I was shocked when I was flipping through the channels and saw this show; I honestly don't understand why it's still on the air. I watched it to see if anything had changed since the first season. Nope! The acting, if you can call it that, by the two main actresses is horrendous. Speaking very loudly and looking like you're trying really hard not to look at the camera (or worse, looking like you're reading off of cue cards off-set) is not acting. The jokes are not funny and you can see them coming a mile away. Put this thing masquerading as a situation comedy out of its misery!

Think I'll stick with Mom and reruns of when The Big Bang Theory was good (aka Season 1).
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It's bad.
itsamariokart-975514 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The concept isn't too terrible, we have a spoilt rich girl who loses all her money and becomes a waitress. She moves in with her new working-class "friend" who also works in the same diner. I thought I'd give the show a go.

Max, the original "broke girl" is vile. She is just damn right insulting. She constantly bullies her boss for being short (yes, they have short gags and they get old real quick) She just isn't a nice person and it's not funny. She is horrible to everybody. The characters in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia aren't exactly good people but at least the show's funny.

The "jokes" are just awful. They aren't funny. The jokes are offensive and the writers seem to think that crude/offensive jokes are automatically funny. They aren't. There is not a single joke I laughed at. Everything just seems forced.

Literally EVERY single time Sophie (played by Jennifer Coolidge) enters the scene the audience applauds. You'd swear Obama was doing a cameo with the way the audience reacts. Jennifer also seems think that the louder she speaks the funnier she is.

Nothing in this show is funny, it's quite painful to watch.
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Funny Enjoyable & Easy to watch.
Lackj00122 September 2011
  • I'll keep this short and sweet, this new sitcom is fantastic. It's funny, and enjoyable to watch. The Characters are funny, and easy to relate to except from Oleg the cook! Haha. The show has a few one-liners. The best of which is " That girl is working harder than Stephen Hawking trying to put on a pair of cufflinks " So Funny. It's hilarious. 19 Million tuned in for the Premiere so hopefully around 10+ million people will tune in for the second episode. This show has plenty of potential!

Both actresses are young, and beautiful with a good mixture of casting between Young, and old throughout the cast.

Tune in - I'm sure you'll like what you see. I know I did.
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Beyond awful
JerzeeGerl20 January 2014
I'm absolutely astounded that this god awful show has made it to its third season. I can't imagine what kind of people actually LIKE this show! I don't even know the actresses' names, and don't care to, but I honestly feel they are the worst actresses I've ever seen, it's as though they are simply reading from a script - really really badly written scripts at that. In your face "jokes" that just aren't funny, especially the way these dimwits deliver them. It's truly cringe-worthy. I'm embarrassed for the people who write this show, produce it, act in it, and watch it regularly. Each show is like fingernails on a blackboard.
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