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28 Mar. 2011
Episode #1.1
79-year-old Frank Ogilvy introduces 32,Brinkburn Street,Manchester,where,in 1931,some months before he was born his father, Walter,bricks up a blood-stained parcel in the attic wall,swearing his wife Gracie and her mother Elizabeth to secrecy. Some ten days earlier Walter a gambling addict had his arm broken by Billy Lamb,a local money-lender and small time crook,to whom Walter is in debt. With her husband off work Gracie takes in a lodger,a young Irishman who calls himself Sid,who is on the run, along with his friend Pat. In 2011 Frank still lives in the house with ...
29 Mar. 2011
Episode #1.2
Walter's injury costs him his job though he keeps it from Gracie and reluctantly joins Lamb's gang as they rob silver from a church,which Walter hides at his house. Elizabeth notices that Violet,Gracie and Walter's 15-year old daughter, is pregnant and suggests an abortion whilst Gracie finds Sid increasingly attractive. Joy's boyfriend David,a married doctor,is unhappy that she is still in Manchester as he has tired of her. In the same day he sees Ellie,who has problems conceiving and recommends costly IVF treatment,and Poppy,for whom he prescribes the pill,unbeknown...
30 Mar. 2011
Episode #1.3
Lamb pressurises Walter into keeping look-out for a burglary that goes wrong. Violet's younger sister Nora has a fall and she is rescued by Sid. Gracie is angry with Walter for being out when he should have been minding his daughter. She also stops Elizabeth from taking Violet to an abortionist,claiming that the girl could die on the abortionist's table. On Frank's birthday Poppy gives him the photo album from the 1930s she found in her room.David is surprised to see Joy working for Frank but Nick is annoyed with the doctor for putting Poppy on the pill. Feeling ...
31 Mar. 2011
Episode #1.4
Elizabeth proposes that Violet goes to a friend in Blackpool to have her baby away from local gossips. Sid confesses to Gracie that his real name is Francis,or Frank for short. He has been caught up in sectarian killings in Ireland and,with Pat,hopes to escape an assassin following them and sail to New York.He asks her to take the girls and go with him but she refuses. Then he hears that Pat has been murdered. Billy Lamb is also killed - by Walter,with a candlestick stolen from the church after Lamb has threatened Walter's family. He hides the body in the coal-hole ...
1 Apr. 2011
Episode #1.5
Gracie is prepared to go to America with Francis but is moved that Walter killed Lamb because he was threatening her and the girls and stays behind,giving her ticket to Violet - which is why Frank cannot identify Violet or Francis from the photo album. Walter then walls up Lamb's body in the attic. Gracie is pregnant and will name her child Frank after his father. Poppy returns with Mikey and walks into an onslaught from Nick but Ellie defuses the situation and the family are able to talk sensibly and reach a compromise. Frank decides that,with his declining health,he...

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