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Driving has never been so pedestrian.
CuriosityKilledShawn27 April 2012
There are two genres of video games that I avoid like the plague. The first is the dreaded first-person-shooter, which are a dime a dozen and differ from each other very little. The second is the racer. Exactly how many different spins can you put on driving fast and coming first? There are some that do it very well (Burnout: Paradise, OutRun), but this long-winded Need for Speed spin-off is so totally average it's got almost nothing to make it memorable. Even the borderline gibberish title puts me at a distance from it.

The handling of the cars is inconsistent, sluggish, and frustrating, the AI seems to have an unfair advantage, and, despite the brand name, there just isn't enough speed. There are many sharp, punishing corners and, trust me, you will lose a LOT of momentum when turning and it takes ages to get it going again. The courses are fairly pretty, and the atmospheric, mesmerizing soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, but this is not a game worth getting into as the Platinum trophy is based on a lot of online play, which means you'll be stuck to the TV screen for about 150 hours. Wouldn't you rather be outside?

Good for a superficial spin.

Graphics B Sound B Gameplay B- Lasting Appeal C
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