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  • The six teams continue the leg as they travel from Kutn√° Hora, Czech Republic to Niedzica, Poland, battling fatigue along the way. One team is robbed of their money and passports while they are on board a train for Poland. One person from each team heads underground in one of the world's oldest salt mines at the Road Block, while herding sheep frustrates some of the teams at the Detour. The final challenge ends in disaster for more than one team.


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  • After having their celebrations spoiled when host Grant Bowler tells dating couple Anastasia & Chris that this leg of the race is not yet over, they open the clue that he has given them and learn that they have to travel by train to Krakow, Poland and search the station car park for a car that contains their next clue. Surfers Tyler & Nathan and father and son Jeff & Luke arrive at the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist, where Tyler and Luke abseil for their respective teams. They then arrive at the Church of Bones as the second and third teams, only to be surprised when Grant tells them that this leg of the race is not over and hands them their next clue.

    Having finished stacking pallets with cartons of pilsener beer at the Pilsner Urquell brewery, models Sam & Renae are the next team to arrive at the Road Block, where Sam abseils from the spire of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist. They head to the Church of Bones for what appears to be a fourth place finish until Grant hands them their next clue. Meanwhile, Anastasia & Chris arrive at the train station only minutes after a train for Krakow leaves, and get tickets for the next train.

    Bikers Kelly & Dave and farmers Matt & Tom are the last two teams to complete the Detour at the Pilsner Urquell brewery and drive to the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist for the Road Block, and Dave and Matt decide to perform the task for their teams. Kelly & Dave then check in fifth, or so they think until Grant hands them their next clue at the Church of Bones. The wait for the next train allows Tyler & Nathan, Jeff & Luke and Sam & Renae to catch up, with all four teams taking the same train to Krakow. Matt & Tom make it to the Church of Bones and prepare for the worst when they are told by Grant that they are the last team to arrive, but instead Grant has some good news for them - they are still in the race because this leg is not yet over, and he hands them their next clue. They join Kelly & Dave on another train for Krakow.

    On the first train to Krakow, Sam & Renae share the same sleeper cabin as Tyler & Nathan, and Sam appears to notice a couple of guys who are creeping around the cabin every couple of minutes or so. Initially, she thinks nothing of it, until Tyler & Nathan find out that their fanny pack, which has all of their money and passports, has gone missing. The two teams go up and down the train on a desparate search, and the models eventually find the pack inside an empty cabin. The passports are still in it, but the money has been lost.

    The first train arrives at Krakow at 3:16am, allowing the four teams to search the car park for the marked vehicles. When they open up their next clue, they find themselves at the Road Block. In this Road Block, teams have to drive themselves to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, where one person has to descend 100 metres underground and push a mine cart full of rock salt along a track to the end of a shaft, where they have to search through the pile for a crystal key. There are a few keys in the pile, but only one of the keys will fit a lock to the crypt of an ancient salt king, from where they collect their next clue. Jeff & Luke are the first team to arrive at the mine, only to see a sign that it doesn't open until 6am. Jeff tries to con the next team to arrive at the mine, Sam & Renae, by telling them that the mine opens at 8am, which leaves Luke flabbergasted. He makes a face at his father and asks him what he is even saying, which sets Jeff off.

    Despite the attempted deception, Luke gets a head start when the salt mine opens, quickly finding a crystal key only to discover that it doesn't fit. The other three teams soon arrive in the mine, with Renae, Chris and Nathan performing the task for their various teams. Luke had a good look at the lock with his first attempt, and uses the information that he gained to search for a crystal key with a particular shape. With this knowledge, the second key that he tries opens the crypt. Nathan asks Luke what the right key looks like, but Luke manages to conceal the key and keep its shape a secret from him. The second train arrives at Krakow at 6:24am, allowing Kelly & Dave and Matt & Tom to find their vehicles and drive toward the salt mine.

    Luke heads back up to the surface, and he and Jeff open the next clue and reveal a Detour which offers the choices of Herd or Hoe Down. Teams choosing Herd have to drive into the countryside where they will arrange a sheep pen and herd three sheep marked with a red stripe into it in order to receive their next clue. Teams choosing Hoe Down have to drive to the town of Zakopane, where they must dress in a traditional Polish highland costume and learn and perform the Polish axe dance. When a judge was satisfied with their performance, he would hand the team their next clue. Jeff & Luke decide to herd sheep, as do the next three teams to complete the Road Block, Sam & Renae, Anastasia & Chris and Tyler & Nathan. Sam & Renae make an unintentional pay-back for Jeff's attempted deception at the Road Block when they become the first team to arrive at the farm and complete the Detour task. Matt completes the Road Block task ahead of Dave, and their respective teams become like sheep themselves, choosing Herd and following the herd into the Polish countryside.

    Sam & Renae open the next clue and find out that they have to drive themselves to Cape Stylchen in Czorstyn. When they reach the cape, they find themselves at another Intersection, which requires them to wait until another team arrives in order to form a team pair that will perform the next task. Anastasia & Chris are the next team to arrive at the cape and complete the team pair. The foursome now have to use a double-handed saw to cut four slices of wood off a large log. After each slice is cut, the team pair is required to switch partners, so two people each have to cut two slices off the log. Once the four slices are cut, the team pair will receive their next clue.

    Sam & Renae choose to cut the first slice from their team pair's log, and soon realise that it will not be an easy task to perform. Tyler & Nathan and Jeff & Luke become the next team pair to start sawing, while the two trailing teams, Kelly & Dave and Matt & Tom, catch up. The last pair decide to mix their partners with Kelly and Matt going to work on the first slice. Sam & Renae finally finish their first slice and hand over to Anastasia & Chris, but they find the task even more of a struggle than Sam & Renae did, especially Anastasia, who tries to push through the pain and frustration, but ultimately gets to a point where she cannot take any more. As a result, her team pair decide to quit, and are handed their next clue, which tells them that they are no longer Intersected and have to drive themselves to the Pit Stop at Niedzica Castle. Tyler & Nathan also struggle, but some encouragement from their partners Jeff & Luke and the possibility of moving ahead of Sam & Renae and Anastasia & Chris is enough to convince them to continue with it.

    Sam & Renae are the first to step on the mat at the castle, where Grant tells them that because they only cut one of the two slices required by the Intersection task, they have to serve a two-hour penalty. Anastasia & Chris arrive soon after, but because they didn't cut any slices off the log, they incur a four-hour penalty. Jeff & Luke and Tyler & Nathan are the first team pair to complete the task, and are soon on their way to the castle. As a goodwill gesture for the part they played in helping them to finish their part of the last task, Tyler & Nathan allow Jeff & Luke to pass them and reach the mat first among their group. Grant tells Jeff & Luke that they are the third team to arrive, but because the two teams ahead of them both had to serve out penalties, he can check them in as team number one. As the winners of this leg of the race, they receive A$10,000 from the National Australia Bank's Platinum Concierge service. Tyler & Nathan are the fourth team to arrive, but the second team to be checked in.

    Back at Cape Stylchen, Kelly and Matt have cut their second slice and switch to Dave and Tom to bring it home for their team pair. At Niedzica Castle, Grant calls Sam & Renae back to the mat to inform them that they have now served their penalty time, and he can check them in as team number three. Dave and Tom complete the task, and Kelly and Matt join them for the drive to the castle, where Kelly & Dave are the fifth team to arrive and Matt & Tom last to arrive, but they are checked in as the fourth and fifth teams respectively. Grant then calls Anastasia & Chris back to the mat, and delivers them the bad news that they have been eliminated from the race.

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