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Slant Magazine
In its stripped-down realism and blistering fixation on its main character's grappling with life and mortality, the film is kin to Roberto Rossellini's collaborations with Ingrid Bergman.
The Playlist
The Immigrant is contained, restrained, thoughtful filmmaking that satisfies on nearly every level, except for the desire for a little chaos.
Gray's fifth directorial effort is a conflicting experience admirable and powerfully executed in parts, cold and meandering in others.
This rich, beautifully rendered film boasts an arrestingly soulful performance from Marion Cotillard.
Its final scenes and sublimely framed last, lingering shot are extraordinary.
Enhanced by a splendidly atmospheric recreation of the Lower East Side, the intimately focused work is anchored by another superior performance by Marion Cotillard.
The Telegraph
Dialogue aside, the craftsmanship is unimpeachable, and Gray takes a timeless approach to pacing and camerawork: even the sunlight is sepia-tinted. But the grand themes of loyalty and ambition never catch fire, and the film’s few truly memorable moments are invariably its smallest.
The Guardian
The Immigrant is certainly different: but Gray seems to run out of ideas and the film is shapeless and unsatisfying.
Time Out London
The Immigrant promises rich territory to explore, but in the execution it’s overly stately, dreary and unconvincing.
In this movie, Phoenix turns himself inside out, but Cotillard’s reserved performance doesn’t move us. Bruno advances in his confused way, Ewa resists, and, despite Jeremy Renner’s flickering presence, the movie becomes dour and repetitive. Looking at them, you finally think, Enough! Life must be elsewhere.

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