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Season 5

15 Mar. 2017
Dr. Dustiny
While searching for Charlie, Alex finds a caterer who was caught in the crossfire; Grace's mother asks for a priest; Dana consults with Cassie about a male stripper.
19 Mar. 2017
Midlife Crisis
Alex and Maggie discover that one of the car crash survivors they're treating has breast cancer, and is a match for their cancer study. Meanwhile, Dana's resolve to re-certify in Trauma is tested when Dawn pushes her to treat a mangled motorcyclist, and Charlie is pulled into surgery before his arm is completely healed.
29 Mar. 2017
Birthday Blues
It's a not-so-Happy Birthday for Alex, who's still reeling from her split with Charlie. To make matters worse, she makes a promise to a young girl, whose own birthday is derailed by her father's sickle cell crisis. Charlie treats a paranormal skeptic, only to discover this supernatural naysayer has a haunting of his own. And Cassie confronts her inner fear of parasites with some exposure therapy, as she treats a brother/sister duo riddled with every infestation.
5 Apr. 2017
A Stranger Comes to Town
Tempers flare as Dev's med school rival, Billy Scott arrives at Hope Zion, while Alex breaks the rules and puts her job in jeopardy to help Manny save the life of an at-risk youth, and Charlie and Maggie treat an 1812 War re-enactor, whose complications align with the historical character he's playing.
12 Apr. 2017
Tested and Tried
Alex tracks down the father of a patient who needs a liver transplant; the new CEO of Hope Zion is at odds with Dawn; Zach faces trials in the E.R.
19 Apr. 2017
Doctor Robot
Alex's alarm at home goes off; Alex and Maggie ask Charlie for his opinion on a patient's treatment.
26 Apr. 2017
Alex and Maggie deal with a tough lawyer after surgical complications with their patient.
3 May 2017
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Charlie and Manny go toe-to-toe while treating two star-crossed lovers who are having an affair. Maggie and Dawn's different approaches to medicine are put at odds while treating a dad with a ninja star injury and his worried young son, while Dawn also deals with her bid to get back the Chief of Surgery position, and Maggie evaluates the residents.
10 May 2017
All Our Yesterdays
When a John Doe comes into the hospital after being struck by a subway train, it's a race against the clock to save his life, but things take a more dramatic turn when Charlie realizes that the man is no John Doe, but "The Great" Randall Crane. Maggie attempts to leave her past behind, but that proves impossible when Sydney Katz comes back to town, urging Maggie to put her pregnant sister in the now-defunct cancer study. Away from the hospital, Alex takes her mother to their family farm in the wake of Martha's diagnosis, only to find out that Martha wants to take her ...
14 Jun. 2017
Change of Heart
While planning her mother's memorial service, Alex treats a young chronic kidney patient who has a "savior sibling" who is going to donate one of her kidneys, but when she presents with a cardiac virus, the sick sister becomes the savior. Meanwhile, Maggie and Sydney rediscover and rekindle their relationship while treating an interesting young couple.
21 Jun. 2017
Nightmares & Dreamscapes
While Charlie tries to save the life of a young man he is haunted by a mischievous spirit.
28 Jun. 2017
Leap of Faith
Alex and Maggie work together to deliver a baby; Charlie treats a magician.
5 Jul. 2017
Problem Child
Alex tries to help a patient who hurt himself while breaking into a house; a friend of Dev's has been beaten by the police; A heart patient wishes to open an animal sanctuary.
12 Jul. 2017
We Need to Talk About Charlie Harris
Alex treats a meditation instructor who wants to be awake in surgery. Cassie treats a hyped-up extreme fighter. Charlie walks out of an operation on a man he met earlier on the road. His psychiatrist shows him that he's confusing ghosts for the living.
19 Jul. 2017
Fix You
The board questions the hospital staff about Charlie's behavior; A patient convinces Alex to use new-age techniques; Shahir agrees to do an in-utero surgery.
26 Jul. 2017
La Famiglia
Alex has to put her concerns for Charlie aside when a chance to perform a cancer surgery arises.
2 Aug. 2017
First and Last
Alex and Charlie change their wedding plans; Zach takes a special interest in a case; a coma patient wake up with no memory.
9 Aug. 2017
Hope Never Dies
On the way to their honeymoon, Alex and Charlie are called to the scene of a bus accident. Their wedding night is abruptly derailed by some traumatic déjà vu.

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