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14 Jul. 2011
Helicopter Crash
When a news helicopter nosedives onto a Brooklyn rooftop, the devastation is captured by another news copter. Minutes later witnesses watch in awe as both passengers emerge from the wreckage.
14 Jul. 2011
Crushed by an SUV
National Geographic investigates jaw dropping crash survivals caught on tape from around the world, creating full scale crash tests to determine how the victims miraculously survived.
17 Jul. 2011
15,000-Foot Freefall
It is a typical day for most New York City reporters covering the news from the sky. But for reporter Andrew Torres and veteran helicopter pilot Russ Mowry, their worst fears are realized 800 ft. above the city. Their chopper spins out of control and nosedives, crashing onto a Brooklyn rooftop with the tail of the helicopter snapping off- all filmed by another news copter hovering right above the crash site. Minutes later, witnesses watch in awe as both passengers emerge from the wreckage.
7 Aug. 2011
Mauled by Lions
After zookeeper is attacked by two male lions during a routine feeding, a lion expert studies the film and recreates the accident to learn why he survived.
24 Jul. 2011
Electrocuted Skydiver
How could a skydiver escape with only minor injuries after crashing into a high-voltage power line that delivered a twelve thousand volt shock?
24 Jul. 2011
Baby Car Crash
Surveillance cameras recorded what happened on a suburban street when a family found themselves directly in the path of a roaring rampage.
31 Jul. 2011
Lost at Sea
When a San Francisco lawyer was dragged off a cliff by a huge wave in Hawaii, he found himself in the Moi Hole, a deadly place that hardly anyone has ever come out of alive.
31 Jul. 2011
Seven Minutes Under Water
Rob Baird, an experienced kayaker, is trapped and underwater. After several rescue attempts, he is finally freed, but not before he has been underwater for 7 minutes - too long for a human body to survive.
17 Jul. 2011
Flying Car Crash
With the help of a stunt team and some mind-blowing experiments, a crash expert aims to find out how a teenager survived a flying car crash that by all accounts should have killed him.
7 Aug. 2011
High-Speed Bike Crash
How could a professional downhill speed biker survive an impact at 108 mph after his bike broke in two on the volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua?

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