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  • Answer 1: We don't know who the shooter is but that is not what is important. What is important, is that somebody did shoot after Lucas which means as an audience, we can assume that some people will never believe Lucas again.

    Answer 2: I agree on what is said on the first answer, but my guess is that by the shape of the person (he looked young and thin) and many other scenes such as when he started crying when watching her play, and judging the way he looked at Lucas before, I would say it was the little girl's brother, and I am almost 100% sure about it. It makes sense, he was the one that killed the dog and tried to kill him, or at least scare him. He is mad at him, and hates him. It makes sense, I don't think an adult would kill the dog, and that silhouette in the woods was a young boy, and it surely could not be his kid... He always believed in him and loved him. Edit (Coming Soon)


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