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Disappointingly par for the course
valisrogue17 October 2012
Franchise fatigue has definitely set in with this tedious fourth instalment.

After taking things off on a slightly different tangent with the previous film, the same writing/directing duo instead plump for the same old, same old - lots of nothing happening before LOUD NOISES! freak out the teenage girls in the audience and the less discerning horror moviegoers.

And, despite some spirited (ha!) performances, the lack of any real plot development leaves the mythology treading water and the series as a whole rather confused.

Ultimately, PA 4 is a step back and the textbook definition of 'diminished return'.
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It's the same movie... Again.
sergiodrummond22 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was warned that this was going to be a complete bullsh*t, and I knew it. But still I wanted to watch the last (I HOPE) movie from this poor franchise.

You know what's the problem with Paranormal Activity? They made the same movie, FOUR TIMES. It's the same story, retold by a different vision, but with the same "scary" moments, the same characters with the same reactions (At first: Cool! Ghosts are invading my house, let's record this! And then: OMG, no one believes in me, we're f*cked!), and the same structure: Bulding up tension the whole movie, so in the end everyone dies in the final 5 minutes, in a very stupid way.

I can't believe I've watched this movie, even knowing that it was going to be THAT bad.
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Waste of time and money
Njinked22 October 2012
what a waste of time and cash.. the movie was pointless. with no flow. no questions answered. just a waste. I never review movies but had to share how bad this was..compared to part 1- 2- and 3.... i don't know what else to say other than how misleading the commercial is.. the commercial was cut and spliced with video and audio that didn't even match what happened in the movie... you have been warned. when the movie was over.. people actually Boo'd. hopefully people will spread the word, and save others from throwing their money away. i know die-hard fans will go and give it a shot, but will be disappointed as well. Sinister was better and actually made you jump quite a few times.
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A major step backwards in the franchise, even for fans of it.
andell19 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I'll admit that I found the first "Paranormal Activity" to be overrated, and the second to be largely an extension of the first. The third one, I must admit, I found very effective at times, and it was the best of the franchise in my view.

Now we have "Paranormal Activity 4," and I must admit, I found this one utterly ridiculous in so many ways.

The base story is that Katie, the possessed woman from the first two films, and the sibling who was haunted by Toby in the third film, has moved next door to a new family with her adopted son "Robbie" in tow.

Robbie has a propensity for wandering onto the property of the neighbours across the street, giving Alex, the daughter of the family, and her best friend Ben the creeps...something that they mention seemingly every 30 seconds in the first half of the film.

One night Katie is taken away in an ambulance, and so the family across the street takes in Robbie until Katie is well enough to come home. During this time Robbie bonds with the family's young son Wyatt...and introduces him to his unseen companion...who we assume is "Toby," though I don't recall this ever being made clear.

Paranormal activities begin to plague the family, in particular Alex, from the moment that Robbie enters the home...but her efforts to alert her family of what's going on falls on deaf ears until, by the end, they meet the typical franchise fate.

Now it has to be said that I think the found footage element in this film has been stretched to the max. I mean, there are no home video cameras in the's all captured apparently on laptop web cam...which requires Alex to basically cart along her laptop wherever she goes, while the other laptops are set to remote record.

Apparently no one closes there laptop after they're done using it, but I digress...the formula is obviously warn out.

As is the need to rely on jump scares and CGI. Seriously, aside from some menacing moments when Katie appears behind someone, and you're waiting to see what she does, there is literally no scares besides jump scares.

The most bizarre moment of the entire when Alex and her Father are under attack by the witches coven and the paranormal force...and presumably as she's running for her life, Alex is carrying around her laptop.

To be honest, I just think they've run out of ideas on this franchise, which is I suspect why the film, even with about five minutes of clips from the first two films, just barely makes it over the 80 minute mark.

My advice: if you're looking for a scary film that will be with you for days...go see "Sinister." If you see this one, prepare to be it wouldn't be incorrect to say that the scariest scenes...are in the trailer...some of which somehow don't even make it into the film itself.
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lazy / conveniently-chosen cinematography genre that's, to me, most unforgivable of all… very, very poor storytelling
wcameronmartin21 October 2012
I am never giving this franchise another dime, nor another minute of my life; mark my words, so long as I live. That's four movies, at approximately two hours per film, twelve opening-weekend cinema passes at three tickets per release… all for what?? There's no bigger-picture, here! There's no larger story being told… there *IS* no story to this story!

The writers are doing nothing more than frantically clamoring to try and keep the series going for just one-more-year. Short pay-off, because they realize they've got NOTHING of substance. Like "Lost," in it's final season, you're left holding the bag, realizing it was all for nothing: the writers had sh*t, and so that is what they gave you… sh*t.

Me? I'm embarrassed I stayed this long. This is my stop, this is where I get off.
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Worst storyline ever
alex-king-karvell21 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Is there actually any consistency in this series? Let's recap: In Paranormal Activity 3 (which takes place before the other films) we learn that the Grandma of the family is a bit of a bad apple and does the odd bit of devil worshiping and in the process likes to get young girls to do something not explicitly described but a strong implication of harboring demonic babies and or marrying demons…then forgetting the whole thing…quite why is never explained. Her own daughter either doesn't fulfill this role or did and its just a damn greedy demon.

At the end of the film the Grandma takes her grandchildren to do whatever it is she wants them to do. Then in the 1st and 2nd films we see that the demon now wants a boy in return for the wealth and power it allegedly provided to the Grandma despite her living in a distinctively average house and apparently choosing not to share her wealth with any of her descendants. Quite what the demon got from whatever happened at the end of the 3rd film isn't clear but by hook or crook the demon gets the boy at the end of the second film. Now it's something of a clumsy demon because by the 4th film it's lost the boy and he's been adopted; but it wants him back. You'd think after all that effort it would do a better job of holding onto it but still. So in summary we don't know what the demon actually wants a boy for, or two young girls. It is starting to sound rather dodgy now isn't it, I wouldn't let that script writer babysit, the Grandma appears to have got a bit of a raw deal and the demon prefers more difficult targets to possess (some of the time?) rather than just possessing some homeless person if a kidnapping is all that's required. Is any of that inaccurate?
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Frighteningly disappointing
annashewring21 January 2013
Despite only finding at best mixed reviews, I had high hopes for this film as a fan of the series; the original Paranormal Activity was a refreshing change from what had become a stale and repetitive phase of horror films. I was apprehensive that a sequel would be a disappointment but was, if anything, better than the first installment. I enjoyed the third film to an extent, turning a blind eye to the repetitiveness and weak story. The cliff-hanger ending reassured me that the fourth Paranormal Activity would answer the fairly basic questions which are the only reasons that we feel the need to watch every film in this series.

However, Paranormal Activity 4 is the most disappointing yet. Granted, some moments would make me jump…if those moments weren't almost identical to the ones in the first, second and third films. Not only are the scares hugely predictable, but this installment doesn't even answer any of the questions that audiences have. In fact, it somehow manages to raise more, particularly with the frankly terrible ending – OK, so a long time ago, someone in the original family made a pact to give the first-born male to this Demon. The first-born male being Hunter, who was kidnapped by Katie in the second film. We still do not known exactly what this has to do with the coven of countless women who are seen in the third film, and at the end of the fourth film.

Aside from the hopes of sucking more money from viewers who have been drawn into the original genius of these films, I don't see what is stopping the demon from taking Hunter and that being the end of it. Especially now that the demon has control of a Human body (Katie) and all of Hunters family is dead so there is no one to stop it or try to save him.

Overall, this film was hugely disappointing, failing completely to recover from the slump of story line and structure, which the third film saw. As much as I would love to say that I will not bother watching any more of these films, this wouldn't be true because I need to have my questions answered and find out what it's all about. All we can hope is that they do something a little bit different next time and finally wrap up the story.
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Absolute waste of time!!
NieshaStevens0718 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First off let me just say that as a film in a franchise this was absolutely horrible!!!! I was bored out of my mind and my friend was yawning throughout the film. We did, however, get a good laugh when the grown men in the theater were screaming. Much of the scenes shown in the trailer did not make it in the film which is disappointing. With about seven scenes where we actually flinch, the movie is completely drawn out and a sad attempt to end a franchise that was held in such high regards. Other than that Katie's presence was a plus and the acting of the young girl Alex. Please do not waste your money, time or screams.
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Was Not Even Worth The Price (May contain Spoilers)
zdavies4517 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I would just like to start by saying that if you are a true fan of the original and know the story through and through, then this movie will not do anything for you. BUT, if you are just there for a few cheap jump scares, go for it.

Still here? Okay lets continue.

From the get go, you are introduced to the films before it, but none of the true mythology the previous films have built up (which is a shame because the third film left things to be explored). You are also introduced to a new family and that all you should really know for now.

This movie is not worth it. Unlike the first film (and to an extent the second film) tension is not built up to a satisfying ending, as 20 minutes into the film we are already well established and getting scared by things popping out at any time. The acting in the film is okay for a horror movie for a film. BUT for a film so late into a franchise with no set direction for a 5th film, i think they should just let it die (but i'm sure 13 yr olds will just LOVE it for the fact things jump out which is NOT scary) And the Ending. I will not even comment as i believe it to be not a proper ending and i will go on a rant.

Don't expect too much and you might enjoy it but for what its worth, it was atrocious, just another franchise getting run into the ground like the Saw films.
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Epic fail :(
www-qwat19 October 2012
At first, i want to say, that i was expecting a lot from this movie. I went to cinema all pumped up with a lot of my friends and i prepared myself for something really scary. Even when "night #1" appeared on the screen, we were ready to pee our pants. But all my hopes ended within 40 minutes. At first, 80% of the movie was completely pointless, and i'm not even mentioning the fact about absence of shocking moments, even "traditional paranormal activity jump scares" were left out. Most of the intense moments were interrupted or not finished at all. The main characters were acting like a group of idiots. So many "no reason" things throughout the movie. Horribly written script which ruined the whole paranormal activity "thing" in it. And a trailer shows a lot of the moments which didn't appear in the movie itself.

P.S. Result: Hollywood makes good movies in a pile of dog crap. Period.
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Disappointing to say the least.
daniellepadula92618 October 2012
I went into the movie not expecting it to be as good as the other Paranormal Activities. They all seemed to go downhill since the first one came out. This one was just too slow. There were the obvious suspenseful scenes but there just wasn't enough. The movie had hope at times but then it was just squashed by rushing through. They didn't go into much detail about the demonic possession and skipped over plenty of unanswered questions. The last twenty minutes of the movie were by far the best. And that is the only reason it got four stars. I do hope they give up and don't plan on making another one. The few screams that the movie did get wasn't worth the $11.50 I paid for the ticket. Wait until it comes out on RedBox.
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bbwrotherham21 October 2012
What complete and utter garbage!! I want my money back!! so slow and it didn't really get going at all....makes you jump a couple of times and that's mainly due to the loud bangs...and the ending,what was that about??? really hope they don't make another one !! if they do I certainly will not be going as much as I love the cinema,it says I have to write ten lines to be able to post my view...can I really moan about it for that long?? yeah I guess so,and would I be able to put a spoiler,well no you can't spoil what is already rubbish ....really disappointed with this but then again they kind of did go down hill the more they made,if they do make another one it will be the same again I suppose cause what else is there do with it,the same happens over and over..OK well rant over,if you do go and see this be prepared,you may nod off.
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The Least Scary of the Franchise
Syrox3 April 2013
I am glad I did not pay to go see this film in the theater. It would have been a waste of money not to mention the time. This film was extremely gimmicky; almost as though the company made it like a filler to give the writers more time to come up with a better story, but still wanted to make another couple of bucks by milking the franchise at the same time.

I don't know if it is just me, but I think the last two movies are proof enough that they are showing the symptoms of "Saw Syndrome." A new year, another movie. It takes longer than a year to write a decent script, but I guess that does not really matter to today's audience.
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Extreme Disapoinment..
Stoneybudzz10 February 2013
Paranormal Activity 4,,,,, well fellow movie goers this movie was a huge disappointment, first it starts out confusing they introduce characters that have nothing to do with the rest of the series, there are no big scares or out of control haunting 's like the rest of the series there are a few minor jumps at the end, the acting is horrible in this one. by the tine you reach the end your left with more questions than answers, if you have seen the other 3 then you can understand some of the movie the rest is just so confusing you have no clue who the 2 main character's are supposed to be and what exactly they have to do with the movie,,, my final rating is 2 stars out of a possible 5 this movie was doomed from the start,, very disappointed,, do not recommend paying to see this film...
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It's not a horror movie, it's a comedy!
xk-la30 January 2013
I gave this review a 2 out of 10, I would have given this movie more had it been under the genre of comedy, but it wasn't so it fell way down the list of acceptable. I really DID forget this was a horror movie and laughed the whole way through with one scene where I did jump, but more so because I knew what was coming and the suspense of waiting for it to happen was what threw me off - not really my idea of a scare.

Another good thing I will say about this besides that it's a comedy is that it can be watched without having watched the second and third one! I can't say if it can be watched without the first one but I never watched the second and third one and it made sense to me :)
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Rustles up basic, cookie-cutter scares and shortchanges the exposition it needs to begin piecing together
StevePulaski20 October 2012
It has become an unintentional October ritual that I decorate the house for Halloween, watch a few horror films, and, since 2009, see the latest installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise. When I walked out of the original film on that faithful October morning, I hoped that the wonderful picture I had just saw would be left alone, and not have the albatrosses known as sequels leaching off of it.

Now I'm faced with the fourth film in the genre, directed by the extremely talented directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made one of 2010's finest documentaries, Catfish. This installment is a small improvement over the uninspired third part, yet it has little to offer. The characters are a tad more tolerable, and some sequences, including the end, have a bit more life in them, but when the moments examine the paranormal inactivity of it all, it becomes totally vanilla.

After two films we finally reconnect with Katie from the original film, this time, living on an upper-middle class suburban block with Hunter from the second film. Only in this part, he's called "Robbie," not "Hunter" and is about six years old. Don't question. Turns out, they have moved across the street from fifteen year old Alex (Kathryn Newton), her tech-savvy boyfriend Ben, who doesn't live there but might as well (Matt Shively, of True Jackson, VP fame), her younger brother Wyatt (Aiden Lovekamp), and her parents (Stephen Dunham and Alexondra Lee). When Katie is taken to the hospital for unknown reasons, Robbie (Brady Allen), who already loves to venture into the neighbors' backyard and hang out in the treehouse, is sent to be cared for at Alex's home for the next few days.

Robbie immediately strikes up an unsettling friendship with Wyatt, and it isn't long before Alex and her goofy boyfriend become victim to the paranormal activity occurring in the household. Everything from falling chandeliers, to dining room chairs moving out abruptly, to knives falling, loud thumps, and alarms claiming "FRONT DOOR OPEN, BACK DOOR OPEN" occur and there is little consistency with anything.

Many different cameras are utilized throughout the film, mainly Alex's webcam on her laptop, which she apparently carts around with her everywhere she goes. The main camera is the one on the Xbox 360's Kinect (for those unaware, a mechanism that now comes equipped with the console, which allows the person to use the tiny sensor on the device to utilize motion control and be able to control their character without a formal controller), which, when on, creates little small, green dots that glow and showcase night-vision movement. It's a nifty little novelty, and we can at least see that Joost and Schulman have respectively tried to breed life back into the way these pictures are filmed.

Thank goodness, because there's little that can be done with the story and the scares. We get a barrage of different jump scares, many inactive nights, and lots of abrupt noises always followed up by a startled "hello?" from one of the characters. These films have gotten to be achingly predictable, and it feels like every year since 2010, I've gone on a lunch-date with a person whose intentions I like, but personality and charm I've come to loathe.

I think besides the nifty camera-work, what elevates Paranormal Activity 4 from the monotony and the drabness of the previous installment, is the fact that we have at least marginally tolerable characters to watch as well. Alex and Ben are at times, a humorous riot, and at others, dreadfully unremarkable. Easily, they are the most fun to be with since Katie and Micah, but Katie and Micah were at least trapped in a film that was fun to experience for the first time in a fresh, original manner. Here, we've become so accustomed to this formula that we continue to anticipate every twist and every turn, and we watch in plain awe to see the films border more and more on the line of self-parody.

So, let's say Joost and Schulman make the decision to direct the inevitable Paranormal Activity 5 and Paranormal Activity 6. What they should focus on, instead of repetitive, dead-end jump scares, is giving the audience some insight as to what is haunting Katie and her family and how it came to be. It seems every film, we get a different entity and no explanation surrounding it. When will we get the explanation of Katie's action during the first installment? Or her sister's spontaneous ones in the sequel? Or what about "Toby," or whoever the imaginary figure was in the third film? And don't forget about whatever the hell that was at the end of the third film, and this film, for that matter. Just another sidenote; the last fifteen minutes of this film did not scar me for life, much like its predecessor's.

Paranormal Activity 4 is effective in rustling up scare-attempt after scare-attempt on a basic level, yet shortchanges the larger questions that would offer insight to Katie's family if explored. Some viewers may not want to be bothered by lengthy explanations of the countless questions still at hand or the numerous symbols that have been associated with the demonic creatures in these films. Perhaps so, but to watch the fourth film in a series continue to be resistant in exploring the exposition of its characters doesn't seem like an ideal move. Considering audiences seem to be tiring from the bang-and-scare features the found footage genre has inspired, it would be a pity to see this franchise die before it can fully clean up its messy tracks.

Starring: Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Katie Featherston, Brady Allen, Aiden Lovekamp, Stephen Dunham, and Alexondra Lee. Directed by: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.
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Don't waste your money
ivan-narcia22 October 2012
The truth of crap not worth movie, not really expecting anything good but this time it made ​​sense to the movie at all, arguments and history are the same, the end of the third repeats.

If you want to vote your money go see it because I personally do not recommend.

Seriously the director doesn't have imagination , the effects in the movie looks old , and the noise in the movie is the only thing that its "scary"...if you now what i mean

And the story in the movie, please have another .. its like all other movies of the franchise ,its the same but different character

Ps.Please Hollywood don't make more of this crap of movie
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Not a whole lot of activity. Period.
MJKAnderson9019 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I made this account specifically for the soul purpose of reviewing this movie. Let me start off by saying that this is the worst movie I have ever seen and I don't ever say that. Now let's get into this god awful "film."

First from an aesthetic point of view... More than half of the movie was out of focus. It was distracting and frustrating to know that something so poorly executed could be passed off as a Hollywood film.

Now, the story... There was none! It was slow and boring. The only activity that happened was a knife disappeared and a few chairs moved with the occasional loud thumps. But apart from that the worst thing was the unanswered questions.

First off you start off with a boy named Robby who lives across the street. You believe that this is Hunter seeing as how the kid's "mother" is Katie. Then come to find out that he isn't Hunter but the boy with the real family is, somehow, Hunter and was adopted. And the first boy, Robby, completely disappears without any sort of explanation never to be seen again.

The teenage girl, Alex, sets up "carefully" placed web cams throughout the house that run at all times but she rarely checks any of the video. In fact, she only checks it twice throughout the entire movie even after the important things happen. She and her boyfriend do a little research and come up with something about there being three steps to doing something. What that something is I'm not really sure. The last step is the sacrifice of a virgin. Later on as the girl is sleeping, her little brother comes into her bedroom and Alex is lifted from her bed into the air. Then it cuts to the morning and she wakes up as if nothing happened at all.

They set up a Kinect which shows movement. I thought this would be a cool concept except they did nothing with it. At one point they showed a little boy "ghost" following close behind Hunter but again, that was just something that was never discussed and never answered.

The boy, Hunter, is dragged under water in the bath tub for several minutes and somehow doesn't drown. Finally he surfaces and his mom comes in and gets him out of the tub and that was that.

There was a cat that was used only for cheap jumps from the audience. A chandelier fell from the ceiling and never talked about again. There was no explanation of why the two teenagers were carrying around cameras every where they went.

At the end after everyone has been killed in the same way everyone in every movie was killed, Alex goes to the house across the street to find her dad. She winds up in the back yard of the house after running from Katie and for some reason there is an army of demon women. No idea where those demon women came from or what their purpose was but they were there. Then Katie catches Alex and kills her. End of movie.

All in all... It just was not good. The story was bad. The cinematography was bad. The direction was bad. The acting actually was pretty good but that's the only thing that was. I would not recommend watching this. And this is coming from a guy who will defend the first three movies absolutely.
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hassanalsayed21 October 2012
Honestly, they definitely messed this one up big time, there was absolutely no major scary was extremely slow for the audience to even keep them frightened in one pace. In the movie, they show you dates of incidents, and the first incident I believe it started from November 1st 2011, and I kid you not, some small jumpy parts started in incident November 9th 2011....your just sitting there questioning your self, when the hell am I going to fly off my seat?? because lets face it, we're all there to enjoy an actual horror movie right, the 1st one was scary as HELL, 2nd one was OKAY, 3rd was GREAT. It just bothers me how they don't keep the movie exciting enough for the Paranormal Activity fans, how would they like to have the people come back to watch the movie again? or be able to trust the director or writer of the movie? I was very VERY disappointed in this one, and if there is 5 its just going to get even more sillier and sillier and just come up with stupid ideas and story, not with this movie they won't be able to keep up! EPIC FAIL IN THE 4TH ONE. enough said.
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vriesspeech31 January 2013
Awful, definitely the weakest link in the franchise.

I like part 3 and I though the series was back on track after the weak second installment. Guess I was wrong. It's hard to find any redeeming qualities about this film. The story is weak (if you can speak of a story at all), the main characters are annoying from the very first scene on and this movie has no really scary scenes. It mostly relies on tropes that are now trademarks of the series (things moving suspiciously in the house, loud noises, people being dragged by an unknown force) and plays it completely safe. The Xbox Kinect gimmick is interesting at first, but it is so overused during the film that it quickly becomes a marketing pull that hinges on the borderline offensive.

A waste of your time. I think I'm officially done with found footage films for a while.
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Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)
ChloeS8920 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Paranormal Activity-you either love or hate it, I fall under the latter. Paranormal Activity originally started out as a Blair Witch Project rip- off and for some reason it became incredibly popular and spawned a franchise which releases a sequel every year. Now, before this review starts I would like to point out there will be spoilers and if you are interested in seeing this, stop reading this review. The plot focuses on the exact same thing as the last 3 films did, a family moves into a house, a member of the family films every little thing that goes on in the house for some reason (Ricky Fits would even call them weird), They notice something creepy on the tape and some spooky things happen. Lets introduce our main characters shall we! We have: Alex: Our annoying teenage brat protagonist. She spends the whole film trying to look scared and swearing.

Ben: Alex's perverted, possibly pedophile boyfriend (There is no way this guy is 15.) He spends the film trying to get Alex nude, recording their video chats and breaking into her house. Charming.

Wyatt: Alex's adopted brother. He's almost a rip-off of Danny Torrance, there is even a scene where the have him ride a bike through the house. Every time he was on screen me and my friend would shout, "Redrum!"

Robbie: The son of Satan himself. He just spends the film walking around talking to himself and being creepy. I'd also like to add that this character kind of disappears from the film, they just put him on a bus and say, "SCREW THE PLOT, WE HAVE SOME SCARY CRAP TO SHOW YOU!"

Doug: Alex's father, played by the late Stephen Dunham. He really doesn't do much in this film, so there is no point in talking about him.

Holly: Alex's mother. This character is possibly one of the worst mothers ever put to screen, she leaves her 6 year old son in the bathtub with a laptop RIGHT BESIDE THE TUB (why the hell does a 6 year old have a laptop anyway!?) and knocks her daughter out with sleeping pills.

Now I'll cover the basics: Writing: The story is just a re-hash of the past 3 films which was a terrible story to begin with. All of the characters are flat and unlikeable and I just really didn't care what happened to them. The dialogue in this film is just atrocious, there are scenes which are simply here to explain words like "duckface" or explain what a "Kardashian" is. Oh, I forgot to mention there is a scene where Robbie draws a "triangle with a circle inside" on Wyatt's back, Alex and Ben are confused about this and decide to Google what it means and what do you know, it's some satanic crap, even stranger they find it AS THE FIRST RESULT. I have to bring up the ending as well, it ends with Alex running out of her house after discovering Wyatt is missing (while holding her laptop for some reason) and finds him in an old house (which for some reason have windows that are covered in Spanish newspaper.) creepily talking to himself, Alex then discovers this creature (Katie from the last 3 films) who then chases after her, she makes it outside where she discovers a large group of people with glowing eyes who then kill her (Village of the Damned, anyone?). This ending made no sense at all and had me thinking, "What the hell just happened?" I mentioned earlier that a new films is released every year, shows the thought process that goes into these films.

Directing: This whole film is filmed in that annoying shaky cam found footage style and some if it looks so bad, I'd swear it could have been scenes deleted from Julien Donkey-Boy because it looked too crappy.

Acting: Good god...the acting. This film has some of the worst acting I've seen in a horror film, our two protagonists (Alex and Ben)are the absolute worst. I have to admit the two kids (Wyatt and Robbie) gave decent performances, they not Marlon Brando or Spencer Tracy but they are good compared to everyone else.

Scares: Scares? What scares? This film relies on jump scares to "scare" you, the majority of these "scares" are false, there is a scene where Alex goes downstairs looking for Wyatt and then a chandelier falls from the ceiling, SCARY! The cat jumps in front of the screen several times, SCARY! The door slams, SCARY! The pedophile boyfriend is tackling Alex, SCARY! There is however, one that did work, there is a scene where the boyfriend is killed and the body is hid in the closet, Alex later comes home and tries to call him from her cellphone and hears his phone ring in her closet.

If you loved the last three Paranormal Activity films you would love this, if not you will hate it.

If you want a scary horror film watch Perfect Blue, Eraserhead, Psycho, Alien, The Shining, The Thing (1951 or 1982 remake), Les Diaboliques, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Nosferatu (1922 or 1978 remake) or George A. Romero's Living Dead series.

If you want a good modern horror film watch The Cabin in The Woods or American Horror Story (season 2 is the best).

If you want a good found footage film watch Cloverfield.

Just stay away from this (unless you are a fan).
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The worst of the series
phoenix_kim20 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not that Paranormal Activity is particularly good, but the series has had some mindless fun. After the previous (and best) movie, I felt this one had to live up to a lot. Surprise - it didn't.

You have the standard "nothing happens for 1 hour and 15 minutes" with the occasional LOUD NOISES, until a character decides to finally investigate the meaning of a mysterious symbol (hmm, hasn't this happened before?) followed by the same ending as all of the others. It always feels like the entire movie just nosedives off the end of a cliff in the last few minutes, with no real build-up.

Anyway, PA4 just did everything worse than the others. There was minimal story, which I should point out if anyone was curious for more on the whole demon thing. Just have to emphasise that they literally added nothing to it, except continuing on with Katie and her newly acquired son. Not that the mythos is great, but the fact that they didn't touch upon any of it this time around didn't make any sense to me.

Summary: no direction, useless characters, no story development, the weakest jump scares yet.

Stay tuned for at least 3 more sequels, each of a more progressively decomposed state than the last, until this franchise is left as a pile of mush. Though I'd say the fourth has already gotten us that far.
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Sub-par.. Could of been much better
modosounds21 October 2012
Went into this movie expecting something between Paranormal Activity 1 and Paranormal Activity 3. What I got was far from either. Without going into to much detail, I will say this movie builds up much like the previous titles only to fall short. The few scares it does contain are few and far between, I feel as though I've lost time and money on this movie I will never get back. If you really want to watch it.. Redbox.. Or P2P. This movie is honestly not worth the energy to continue writing more.

I just want to say I am a big fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise. And this one just very much so disappointed me. Very sad..
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KevinCoull18 October 2012
As a big fan of these films, I loved the first 3 this was a big disappointment. I've given it 2 out of 10 and in truth I feel like giving it a 1. Totally sold out and pandering to the masses now I'm afraid. If you a teenager this film will probably be for you. It's very much designed for this age group, a million miles away from the original. I had a feel this was going to be the case with this one. I'm sure they will do more but for sure I will not be watching, it's nothing but a cash cow now. Sitting watching this with some friends with a bunch of very rude teenagers behind us eating takeaway, kicking seats, and talking on mobiles during the film did nothing to add to the experience but did sum up the type of folk that will enjoy this drivel.
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Waste of time.
james_williams36018 October 2012
If I could, I'd give this movie zero out of 10. It's one of the worst movies I have ever watching in the cinema. Actually, THE worst.

It's as you expect. An hour and a half of utter boredom, tedious attempts to scare people & 10 seconds of action.

It's the movie equivalent of going "boo". It's not scary, it's not in the slightest. If it wasn't for me wanting to get my moneys worth I'd have left half way through, something I was considering.

Not a single flinch from myself. While teenage girls were going mental over the tiniest of noises.

Don't waste your money or your time with this absolute drivel. The entire cast, crew & writers should be banned.
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