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10 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.1
Meet Han Sang Eun, who moved to Australia with her family when she was young. Several years later, Sang Eun meets and falls for an American while earning her law degree in the United States. Sang Eun's father is not happy with the match, he wants her to marry a friend's son.
11 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.2
At her father's demands, Han Sang Eun, finds herself exiled back to Korea. Sang Eun's father asks that she wait a year before committing to a marriage with her boyfriend Alex. Yeo Joon, the man her father likes, is told that he must get married no matter how the two of them feel about each other.
17 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.3
Sang Eun and Yeo Joon come home and go to each parent's house. Even though the couple isn't found of one another, they are trying to play their parts right. Sang Eun shows Yeo Joon's mom and grandmother respect by bowing very low to each of them. Not an easy task in a short skirt.
18 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.4
Sang Eun and Yeo Joon meet in an upstairs cafe and he asks her about her day. Sang Eun confesses to Yeo Joon that she is puzzled on his insistence that they should keep lying to his grandmother, she seems like such a nice old woman. Sang Eun hates being untruthful.
24 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.5
Chaos, and emotions are running high when Yeo Joon returns home. His family has just found out about his big secret, Rim. They want to know why he kept this from him and what else is he hiding? With all the hysteria going on in Yeo Joon's life, Sang Eun longs for Austria.
25 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.6
Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are in for a shock, grandmother advises the two of them to fix their problems by moving in together. Sang Eun and Yeo Joon both balk at the mere suggestion of their living with each other. Things like that are not done in South Korea.
31 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.7
In this episode of Creating Destiny, Sang Eun confines to Sea Won, her friend that her reasoning for going back to Yeong-Ju. Yeong-Ju was Sang Eun mother's old home town.
1 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.8
Coming home from the airport, Sang Eun shocks Yeo Joon by bringing up the suggestion that they move in together. Yeo Joon is taken aback by San Eun's idea. He thought that the two of them had put that old argument to rest. What is San Eun thinking? Is it love?
7 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.9
Ah, the family has arrived! It's so nice to sit and chat with one's loved ones and catch up in one another's lives...As soon as Sang Eun's family gets settled and their bags are unpacked they have only one thought on their mind's; marriage. Sang Eun's family want a date.
8 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.10
The "betrothal" is going well, and Sang Eun and Yeo Joon go out to plan their fake dating contract. Taek Soo gives the spare apartment to the Hans, despite Geum Ja's objections. After an awkward fake date, both Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are thinking there might be something more.
14 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.11
Yeo Joon makes a visit to Sang Eun's personal apartment building after finding out the news that Se Won is Hae Sung's brother. Looks like Sang Eun and Yeo Joon aren't the only ones who have been keeping secrets from others.
15 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.12
Yoo Hee and Hae Sung meet and Yoo Hee is very furious with him. The anger was brought on soon after Jin Joo was sent home. After that, he raised his hands and declared that it was his father's doing and not his that caused all the confusion and trouble.
21 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.13
Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are both wondering why they have been asked by Grand Pa to meet at the doughnut shop? When they get there they find out, Grandpa is very upset with Yeo Joon. He knows Yeo Joon has been up to no good, and staying at Rim's house.
22 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.14
Sang Eun doesn't know what to make of Yeo Joon lately? Yeo Joon is full of smiles and good humor whenever she sees him. Has Sang Eun won the heart of handsome Yeo Joon? How does Sang Eun feel about him? Does Sang Eun even return his affections? Is there love in the air?
29 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.15
Yeo Joon goes to visit the academy where Sang Eun works. His intent was to surprise Sang Eun, only it is Yeo Joon who gets a shock. San Eun, is at her job, hugging a strange man right in public! Who is this man and what is San Eun thinking?
5 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.16
Despite everything that has happened between the two of them, Yeo Joon finally knows his true feelings. In an act of sheer passion, he makes a frantic rush to the airport to stop San Eun from leaving with Alex.
6 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.17
Kang Hye Sung, director of Sung Hyun Groop, makes the shocking annoucenment that he plans to marry Yoon Hee.
12 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.18
Sang Eun is crushed when Yeo Joon cancels their meeting out of the blue. The real reason behind Yeo Joon's sudden change of plans? It's Rim. The girl said she had some kind of an emergency and needed Yeo Joon there. Will he and Sang Eun ever work?
13 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.19
Hye Rim finds the dating contract, and begins to stir up trouble.
19 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.20
The wedding is finally going to happen! Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are getting married. Both of their families are there for their engagement party. It looks as though those two will have a happy ending, but wait; where is the groom to be? Yeo Joon is missing, is Rim involved?
20 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.21
Emotions are running high as Sang Eun goes to the hospital to check up on Yeo Joon and finds him there with another woman. This woman is Yeo Joon's long lost love, Seo Yeon. Does Sang Eun have any right to step between two people who have such a long history?
26 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.22
Not long after Seo Jeon is in the hospital under the watchful care of Yeo Joon, does she start to believe that his feelings for her are not as real and honest as the ones he has for Sang Eun. This news is sobering for Seo Yeon, her love is lost.
27 Dec. 2009
Episode #1.23
Figuring that her time in Korea is done, Sang Eun goes back to her life in Australia. While there, San Eun seems to be doing very well and moving on with her life. There is still a small part of her that feels bothered by how she and Yeo Joon ended things.
2 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.24
Yeo Joon, wrecked with guilt makes a daring move and hops on a plane to travel all the way to Australia. He is determined to see Sang Eun, and try to talk to her, maybe while he is there she will forgive him and they can patch things up between them.
3 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.25
Sang Eun's father has something to tell her; it turns out that Sang Eun's biological mom has been looking for her. Sang Eun doesn't know how to process the news and seems in a daze as she tries to understand what her father told her.
9 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.26
With all the stress and emotional strain that Sang Eun is under, her body starts to suffer. Sang Eun faints and becomes very ill from all the trama. Yeo Joon comes to her aid and takes care of her as she recovers from all the pressure that has been on her.
10 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.27
Sang Eun's grandfather urges her to break off her engagement to Yeo Joon. The reason behind her grandfather's requests is that Yeo Joon's family is not accepting of the fact that Sang Eun is not Kyung Tae's real daughter. Will this news end up shamming Sang Eun and her family?
16 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.28
Yoon Hee lets go of Kyu Han. Sang Eun and Yeo Juns's fathers have a drink together and talk things out but it won't be easy to fix all the problems.
17 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.29
The elders from both Sang Eun, and Yeo Joon's, household are against the idea of their children marrying. Sang Eun, and Yeo Joon, have been through so much already and now they can't even see one another. There is still hope, Yeo Joon's father decides to apologize, to help his son.
23 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.30
A light has burst through the clouds as Yeo Joon's grandmother, softens to the idea of he and Sang Eun's marriage. Yeo Joon's mother is another story, she is still very against their relationship and will not be moved no matter what happens.
24 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.31
The emotional roller costar does not end in the last episode. Just as it seems there might be a chance for San Eun, and Yeo Joon to be happy, she hears some news about her biological mother. San Eun's mother's health is not well and she goes to the hospital to be with her.

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