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At its Supreme
peeyush-uttav25 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the episode and was compelled to write a review. Spartacus started off slow this season, but after Ep-3, its been a gem to watch.

Coming to the task at hand, each n every dialog in this episode is a piece of work. Return of the forgotten as well as Unforgotten heroes to the Sands of CAPUA is just awing.Justified or unjustified, blows of Gannicus towards Onemaus ,filled with guilt and loyalty are surprisingly splendid. Packed with superb conspiracies, pain of being apart from your love, mixed with 'Gladiator'ship, and the sight of the fall of 1st Roman Colosseum,I give this one 10/10.... If you are not a fan of SPARTACUS... This will definitely be your POINT OF INFLECTION****
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The most impressive episode in a TV series ever!!
yudenjp200625 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review, for I always keep my thoughts to myself but after watching this episode I couldn't contain myself. Spartacus is one of my favorite shows ever and this episode just strengthened that thought. Anyways, about the episode, I just have say it was superb... not only the script, the action, or the edition of it, I'm talking about everything. It was like having the best dream of your entire life, something you will never forget. There were just so many stories moving along this episode: Gannicus and Oenomaus's betrayal story, Crixus's rescue, Spartacus' desire to kill Glaber, Freedom, revenge in all kinds of ways, etc.

All that ends in one single event, the destruction of one of the greatest Roman Colosseums, and that, my friends, was something that made me drop my jaw. I am happy to say I saw something of godly quality. That is it!!
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The Answer
ceyhundemirtas8829 February 2012
After a magnificent first season and also magnificent "The Gods Of The Arena", most of people have watched first and second episodes of new season excitedly and had disappointed because of the new faces.Someone stopped to watching this TV show because of this.But the answer came with this episode.This is the most impressive episode i have ever seen.You can watch this like a watching movie.Don't need to have ever watched Spartacus before. The excitement never stops with amazing realistic battle and bloody scenes.It was like a final episode which has been on TV for 5 years.So it is 10/10 for me.I am very curious about new episodes.
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Not only the best in this sub-series to date but one of the most enthralling TV productions I have ever seen.

In my reviews I am careful not to heap praise where not deserved, but also careful to acknowledge excellence.

The original series, Blood and Sand, was not merely good, it was a milestone. Writing and acting fought one against the other for supremacy like the gladiators of the arena. True Purpose was simply to entertain.

The second season was handicapped because of unfortunate circumstances involving the star, but that "flashback" saga was more than competent.

The first four episodes of this series have been on the weak side. Lacking traction. But that slight is remedied fully by this episode, which holds the eye from beginning to end.

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