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  • Tara goes hunting for food and Sookie and Lafayette can't catch up to her. Tara seeks out Sam's help but nothing it seems will prevent her from harming herself. The Authority decides to accept Bill's proposal to exchange Russell Edgington for their lives. Salome is clearly interested in getting to know both Bill and Eric a lot better. Rev. Newlin gets a new job - becoming Nan Flanigan's replacement as the public face of the vampire of equality movement. Andy Bellefleur finds that someone has posted a picture of him on Facebook - naked. Jason runs into one of his old high school teachers Miss Steeler and in the process realizes something about himself. Terry Bellefleur goes off with his friend Patrick but refuses to tell Arlene what he's up to. Pam continues to reflect on her days as a whorehouse madam and recalls the first encounter between Eric and Bill. Debbie Pelt's parents show up looking for her. Jessica meets someone in a dress shop and is instantly attracted to him. Lafayette is having major problems of his own.

  • Bill and Eric barter for their lives. Salome and Roman enlist Steve Newlin to be friendly face of vampires in hopes it will help with Russell's return. When Tara runs and Sookie and Lafayette are unable to keep up, Sookie goes to Fangtasia for help.


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  • Open with Tara out in the woods exploring her new vampire senses. Sookie and Lafayette are chasing after. Tara comes upon a woman changing a tire and attacks her, pinning her to the hood. At the last minute Tara says "I'm sorry" and leaves.

    Roman instructs Bill and Eric to bring in Russell. He is giving them a chance. After they leave the room Newlin comes in for a meeting with Roman.

    Sookie goes to see Pam looking for advice tracking down Tara. Pam refuses to summon Tara and tells Sookie to get lost, shoving her across the bar. Sookie uses her light-in-the-hand punch thing and hurls Pam into a wall before walking out.

    Tara goes to see Sam, telling him "I'm hungry."

    Roman tells Newlin about Russell being alive. Newlin offers to help manipulate human opinion. Roman says his council is the only thing preventing a civil war and sounds like he plan to take advantage of Newlin is Russell begins terrorizing humans.

    Bill and Eric are fitted harnesses with the capability of remotely piercing their hearts.

    Sookie and Lafayette have no luck finding Tara.

    We see Tara chugging True Blood's at Merlotte's. He wants to call somebody but she won't let him. She slumps over in her bar stool.

    A picture of Andy lying naked in bed is making the rounds on the internet. Since her car was just found abandoned, Debbie's parents come into the station

    Jason runs into an old teacher of his who is back in town after a divorce. It seems like they had a fling when he was her student.

    Arlene wants Terry to tell her what is going on with him Patrick. He said he promised not to say anything. When he won't give her any real information she threatens not to be there when he returns.

    Sookie goes to see Sam, who lies about seeing Tara the night before. She reads his thoughts and learns Tara is in the walk-in.

    Pam flashes back to her days at the brothel. Eric stops by, saying he's there to see her, not any of the girls. Bill (who is a brand new vampire) and Lorena are the ones who have been killing Pam's girls. They are with one of the prostitutes and Eric comes into the room and saves her. The men almost fight, but Lorena comes to Bill's rescue. Pam walks in and demand $500 for each girl they drained. Eric and Pam begin to kiss.

    Jason and the teacher sit and talk at her place. She asks about his romantic life and he details all of his bad luck with women. She says what they did was wrong and apologizes. He says she taught him to do the only thing he's ever been great at and he puts his hand up her skirt.

    Debbie's parents ask Alcide about Debbie's whereabouts. He tells them about her falling off the wagon and cheating on him.

    Since they found her car a quarter mile from her place, Andy asks Sookie if she knows anything about what happened to Debbie. Sookie tells him she was a V addict, but doesn't tell him anything else. After Andy leaves Lafayette tells Sookie he's scared they're going to get busted.

    Holly apologizes to Andy for her kids putting the picture on the internet. He isn't all that upset and it seems like their relationship could be getting more serious.

    Jason and the teacher have sex. She loved it but he seems disturbed and tells her she was right about their initial first encounter being a mistake. He gets his pants and leaves quickly.

    Authority member and ancient vampire Salome tells Bill some of her disturbing history. She says she's been tracking his political career and admires his heart. Salome wants to help him. She leans in close and asks if she can trust him. They move quickly to sex.

    While trying on clothes at a store Jessica notices a young man who stops by to pick up clothes for his 16 sisters. She tells him he smells amazing, but he runs away in fear after seeing her fangs. Jessica gives chase and finds his car next to a field. She walks into the field and yells out that she can still smell him, "everywhere."

    Hoyt comes into Fantasia. This causes Pam to flashback to asking Eric to make him a vampire. She tells him that women like her die alone when they get older. He tells her about the enormous commitment that goes along with being a maker. While he gets his clothes on she slashes her wrists, basically forcing him into making her or watching her die.

    Salome meets with Eric. She talks about Nora and Godric, saying she mentored Nora. She takes off her robe and climbs into bed. He goes to the bed.

    We see Nora being questioned and tortured. Her interrogator wants to know why she helped them. Nora admits to being Sanguinista, believing that Lilith will rise again.

    Jessica drops by Jason's place to tell him about the guy she smelled. Smelling him made her think of sex with him. He says he's realized he has a hole that he's been trying to fill with sex and asks her to leave. She says she wants to be his friend and offers to sit and talk it out.

    Arlene goes into the walk-in and Tara knocks her down. Lafayette tries to give her some True Blood but it doesn't go well. Alcide drops by Merlotte's and tells Sookie about Debbie. He's angry when she blows him off, realizing something is happening. Tara comes out of the walk-in and when Sookie tries to pretend she doesn't know what's happening, Tara calls her on it right in front of Alcide. Tara says she's furious with everybody and takes off.

    Eric and Bill realize that Salome wants something from them.

    Salome tells Roman that neither of the guys are Sanguinista. She thinks they can trust them. He tells her about Nora confessing to being Sanguinista. She wonders if he should change course, but he is sure that mainstreaming is working.

    Lafayette snaps at Arlene when she asks if the gumbo he is making is ready. He pours bleach into the pot, then looks into the mirror and sees that he is the witch. He snaps out of it and dumps the soup out.

    Sookie tells Alcide what happened with Debbie. He's furious and leaves without telling her what he's planning to do.

    Tara breaks into a tanning salon. She climbs into one of the beds and turns it out. She screams. Pam senses this and says to herself "You stupid bitch."

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