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Sex & Nudity

  • Characters go to an arcade that is implied to have pornographic video games, nothing is explicitly referenced or shown just an XXX sign outside. However the episode ends with a character playing one of the games titled Wave Rash and is on a speed boat naked. The nudity is comically blurred out and not shown this is played for laughs.
  • Characters make mention of nude raider, nudes of war and naked halo when talking about games in an arcade.
  • A man says "prostitutes yeah"
  • A guy says "essing my D" twice meaning "styling my due"
  • A character is punched in the genital area.
  • One character tells to another character he doesn't have the "balls" to do something.
  • A character wearing a fake mustache says that he and his girlfriend are going to see how "making out" feels with it on.
  • Some of kissing
  • A teenage girl passionately kisses a teenage boy and tries to take his shirt off but he stops her.
  • One of the characters says SMID, which is gamer slang for "suck my invisible dick" (Used by females)
  • There is an episode in season 3 called "Map to Sex Town" which is mostly based around a character thinking his girlfriend wants to have sex when she really just wants to talk about something important, the episode has lots of innuendos and comical misunderstandings but no explicit sex references outside of a few mild ones.
  • One character says "It hurts, really bad" referring to sex

Violence & Gore

  • Season 3 has a much darker and realistic tone
  • In a season 3 episode, a character gets hurt and starts bleeding from nose and mouth
  • A man is seen with a spear through his chest with blood dribbling from his mouth, this isn't graphic and the blood looks incredibly fake, it's played for laughs more than anything.
  • Most of the games that are played are first person shooters, which requires shooting and death. Real life characters die and respawn inside games. There is minor hints of blood flying around and most people who are shot get covered in a red, pixelated flash very briefly. Thus, in-game violence is completely appropriate even for young children.
  • A fighting game is seen.
  • A big brawl is shown outside the school and includes a lot of people.


  • At least 5 uses of 'sh*t' and a few variations of 'ass' (including "asshole"). Other milder terms such as 'crap' and 'd*mn' (sometimes used in the phrase G*d D*mn).
  • 1 use of "dickhead" and "dickbag"
  • 1 use of "f*ck"
  • 2 obscene hand gestures but both were used at the same time
  • In the credits, one of the characters is called "Game Store Douchebag"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is shown in series 3, where students are seen getting drunk and goading each other to drink.
  • A character is seen in a virtual prison game where he sells drugs, he hands a man a package with "drugs" written on it. The scene is comical and not graphic in anyway.
  • The main character lives in a broken home and his mother is labelled as an "addict" as she's addicted to video games. This joke will go right over kids heads.
  • Many students drink energy drinks, which might tempt younger viewers to also drink.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Season 3 has a much darker and more realistic tone.
  • Suggested BBFC rating for season 1: PG for moderate fantasy violence and innuendo
  • Suggested BBFC rating for season 2: 12 for moderate sex refrences, fantasy violence
  • Suggested BBFC rating for season 3: 12 for moderate fantasy violence, sex references, infrequent strong language
  • The show isn't graphic or offensive in anyway most of the sexual and violent content is minor innuendos to moderate references, nothing worse than what you'd hear or see in an episode of Futurama, and most of the violence is sci fi based and not gory in anyway. Most of the intense situations are played for laughs or in an video game tournament setting. If the show had a TV rating the first 2 seasons would be a TV-PG and season 3 would be a TV-14 as it contains one use of f**k and a bit more sexual references, jokes and innuendos (again nothing graphic). Season 3 definitely gets a bit more emotionally intense but nothing graphic in anyway. The show is mostly targeted at general audiences.
  • Australian Classification Board rates this show: M for action violence and infrequent coarse language
  • The show stays well within the PG-13/12/M range.
  • A fight occurs which involves lots of punching. Most of the games are shooters, and might be found intense. However, there is very minor and child-safe violence and gore in there. Freddie thinks of his son as a disgrace, and this can be considered slightly emotionally intense.
  • RECOMMENDED OVERALL RATING: PG-13 for intense sequences of sylized sci-fi violence and action, language, suggestive material and some drinking all involving teens.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Ki and Ted makes out (off camera)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Freddie dies in the last season. This can be slightly emotionally intense.

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