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Eh it wasn't that bad.
jrhawks8119 August 2022
I mean, if you're bored, and you've got time to burn, go for it, ignore laughable writing, it was fun watching simp hulks and she-hulk slap each other around.
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Yeah, no.
eoguzaktas18 August 2022
This is going to be short and simple. I don't think that bragging about being the first one to break the 4th wall and pushing this idea so aggressively is how you break the 4th wall. Your character has to be the type and you have to make it so it's actually funny or interesting in a way rather than some random references to some characters.
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Jenn Should Not Have Been Fired
christianloveridge25 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
But the show runners should!

Two episodes in, I am absolutely astounded at the level of quality in this MCU production. Anyone who knows the legal system or courtroom dramas, or anyone who has seen a comedy, can tell you the show fails horrendously at both genres.

The writing speaks to extreme lack of self-awareness that harm women and minorities, unintentionally undermining #MeToo and affirmative action. The dialogue is stilted and somehow less realistic than the terrible CGI. You can't convince me these human people have ever had a conversation with another human person organism. The number of jokes? Not counting poop jokes and things nobody laughed at, this comedy makes one reference to Hannibal Lecter, and that's the best these women can conjure up.

I hear people cry "Review Bombing", but I suppose the same is also true on the other side of the scale. Before you downvite this review and leave a 10 star on this show, really ask yourself: Is "Welcome to the firm, here's a map for all the best bathrooms for pooping" truly funnier than Thor: Ragnarok? Is calling a derivative name for a derivative character "derivative" truly better than original standalone heroes like Iron Man? Is Jen walters, who has somehow managed to be more insufferable than Brie Larson and Captain Marvel combined both on- and off-screen, truly, honestly, legitimately better than any film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy?

When the writers ignored that Bruce banner watched his abusive father murder his mother, who also tried to murder him, lost his love, lost his life, has spent most of his life in hiding from the military and isolation, has gone on murderous rampages with civilian blood on his hands, and had his last love interest died without a proper farewell, and has no semblance of a career, only to have Jenn tell him that her experience has been infinitely worse by comparison because boys are meanies... And then didn't have her get instantly ripped apart by the bigger, stronger, got-his-powers-directly-not-through-transfusion Hulk, you know immediately they are out of their depth.

Those are the things I considered when choosing my review score, and I yield to the defense.
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I don't understand a the hate
mwb-9345818 August 2022
She-Hulk is a great show. I just wish they had used a blood transfusion to explain her powers, like they did in the comics. It was nice to get an explanation for Smart Hulk and not have the usual Hunk angst Storyline.
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batman_4326 August 2022
The fact the writers changed the character to wokeness instead of sticking to the comics is typical and not worth watching from Disney, again! There is no problem with making the character strong minded if you did not want to show her femininity however to make her "stronger" then a legacy character and just using the legacy character to put she-hulk a pedestal is just another example of bad, lazy writing. The character was strong enough and she was. I don't like the real housewives victimhood and don't need to see it marvel as well. Get back to writing good characters and story lines and stop with the lectures Ruined another series for me. Maybe i should down to a bar and then feel I could just get murdered if someone cat called me (which wasn't even a real cat call which shows the writers have never been in their life.
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