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  • SPOILER: As the supply of True Blood dries up, the number of vampire attacks on humans increases dramatically, something Sookie experiences first hand. She and Jason find something important however under her bed. Hoyt decides to go work in Alaska, much to his mother's regret. He also wants one last thing from Jessica. Revenues are down at Fangtasia and the new Sheriff of Area 5 is not pleased. He also tells Pam and Tara that they've received orders to increase the vampire population. At the Authority, Eric faces the choice of accepting Lilith or facing the true death. Russell thinks there's a way they will soon be able to walk in the sun. Bill orders Jessica to join him. Sam and Luna try to get Emma back from Steve Newlin.

  • The Vampire Authority allows its members to wreak havoc with humans, demons, fairies, wolves, weres, shifters and other kind. Rev. Newlin impersonates an ISIS agent, refusing to shut up He and Russell turn a frat house into a fruit roll. Godric demonstrates evolution to a bunch of confused vampires.

  • With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor. Meanwhile, Nora tries to convert Eric to Lilith's gospel. Jason finds a mysterious scroll; Elijah, the new vampire sheriff of Area 5, pushes Pam and Tara to obey a new mandate; Sam and Luna search for Emma; Russell seeks a higher calling.


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  • Open with a news report that all of the world's True Blood factories have been destroyed. While eating Chinese food there is a knock on Sookie's door. It's the funeral director Mike who is now a vampire. He begins biting Sookie's legs and she stakes him with chopsticks.

    Molly is given the true death after compromising their security. The council allows Russell and Newlin to go hunting.

    Hoyt tells his mother he's thinking of taking a job drilling for oil in Alaska.

    New sheriff Elijah tells Pam there has been a directive from "on high" to create 30 new vampires in Area 5.

    Andy tells Sookie not to worry about staking Mike. The assumption is that he was a very new vampire.

    Eric is brought to Bill, who tells him the true death will come to him if he does not accept Lilith. Bill and Nora force him to drink a drop of Lilith's blood. With Bill watching on closed circuit from another room, Eric and Nora see a vision of Godric. He tells them Lilith will lead them to destruction. He tells his children he's evolved, then they watch Lilith approach from behind and rip Godric's head off.

    Russell and Newlin appear to now be romantically involved.

    Sam and Lafayette come to Jessica's rescue when a few customers pull guns on her. Jason shows up and sits with Jessica, who no longer has guards. They are both there meeting someone. Hoyt walk in the door.

    Pam doesn't want to procreate, telling Tara they'll leave the bar and live in the wind.

    Hoyt tells Jessica and Jason he'll be in Alaska in a week. Neither of them are happy he's going to leave. Hoyt wants Jessica to glamour him into forgetting about her as a "going away present." He also wants to forget about Jason. She does as he asks.

    Sookie tells Jason she hasn't found anything in the box under her bed. When she points out Gran never mentioned the box specifically, Jason pulls up a floorboard and discovers an old dusty case. Inside is a parchment with strange characters.

    Sam calls Newlin's representation pretending to be from a dog magazine that wants pictures of him and his new puppy. It doesn't work. Luna has also struck out trying to get information about Emma. Sam shows her an advertisement for Newlin participating in a public debate in New Orleans that night.

    A language expert tells Sookie and Jason is not written in any human language he's heard of.

    Bill sends for Jessica.

    Eric asks Russell for forgiveness, saying that he's had a change of heart brought on by seeing Lilith destroy Godric, his "false god." He also forgives Russell for his sins against his family.

    As Newlin's debate finishes up, Sam and Luna sneak into his dressing room as mice. Newlin comes in and grabs his bag.

    Jason pulls over Hoyt, who doesn't recognize his friend. Jason begs him not to go, telling Hoyt that Bon Temps is his home. Hoyt laughs it off. Jason gets back in the car and cries on Sookie's shoulder.

    Bill tells an angry Jessica that he had not choice but to bring her in. He tells her all about the Authority and hands her a vampire bible to study. He says they were meant to lead vampires into the "coming age."

    Tara destroys Sheriff Elijah. When Pam walks in Tara tells her nobody messes with them "in our house."

    Newlin returns to find Emma is in her human form. She asks for her mother and he tells her that her mother doesn't want her. We see a mouse follow Emma into the other room.

    Russell wants to harness Faerie blood in order to day walk. Salome doesn't like the idea, saying faeries are "an abomination." Russell tosses her against a wall, telling the room he's 3,000 years old and stronger than all of them combined. He says he'll no longer be restrained by anyone's god and leaves.

    Jason and Sookie take the parchment to their faerie friends, who don't recognize the characters either. They show it a 500-year old faerie who says it's a contract. It's written in faerie blood, which was used for the most sacred pacts. She waves her hand over the character and converts it to something legible. It's from 1702, an agreement from one of Sookie and Jason's ancestors giving Worlow the right to the family's first female faerie heir. And that is Sookie.

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