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  • Jessica wants to get away from the Authority's headquarters and proposes to Bill that she will turn Jason into a vampire. Bill thinks that's a splendid idea - but sends along two Authority security officers to made sure she does the deed. Bill has been seeing apparitions of Lilith, who tells him he is the chosen one - only it seems she has been saying the same to others as well. Sookie meanwhile is trying to get over the fact that an ancestor has promised his first-born faerie female descendant - Sookie - to a vampire. Her friends at the faerie nightclub call on one of their oldest members who is shocked to learn that Russell Edington is alive and definitely interested in faerie blood. Sam and Luna meanwhile continue their search for Luna's daughter.

  • Slipping further into religious fervor, Bill gives Jessica an order she's loath to carry out. Armed with a damning video of Russell and Steve, the military delivers an ultimatum to the Authority. Claude and Maurella take Sookie to meet the faerie elder, who may know something about an ancient family secret. Alcide reconnects with his father; Sam and Luna hitch a ride into the Authority.


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  • In the opening scene, Bill is seen walking through headquarters and hearing someone call his name. He sees a vision of a nude and blood-covered Lilith, who tells him she wants him to be the one to lead. She tells him to drink the entire vial of her blood. He says no and walks away, but Lilith's bloody handprint remains on the glass door of the glass case containing the vial. Was it an illusion or did it really happen?

    While Nora thinks about the vision of Lilith killing Godric, Salome walks in and tells her General Cavanaugh will be paying them a visit. She asks Nora if she's having doubts, but Nora says no. Salome kisses her on the forehead, but Nora pulls her back for a full on kiss on the mouth as a clear sign of love.

    Jessica tells Bill she wants to call Jason and warn him about the possibility of Newlin coming for him. Bill says no, telling her that people are no longer their concern. She suggests making Jason a vampire. Bill calls her bluff, bringing in two guards and tell them to take her to Bon Temps where she will sire Jason.

    Nora and Eric embrace. The begin ripping off each other's clothes and start going at it. In the heat of passion, Nora apologizes. During sex she asks him "what are we going to do." He tells her he'll get them out of there.

    Jason promises Sookie she has nothing to worry about in terms of the contract for her sale. She tells him about seeing Warlow. He leaves her with the faerie.

    General Cavanaugh pays a visit to the vampire headquarters. He hasn't spoken with Roman in some time and wants to know what it happening with the True Blood factories. He brings up mainstreaming and tells them there are high-level pentagon conversations about eradicating vampires. Bill tells him Roman is no longer with them. The general says Roman was the only thing keeping the world from sliding back to the Dark Ages. He tells them there is video of Russell and Steven killing 22 college fraternity students. If anything happens to Cavanaugh, the video will be released and it will go viral. The human race will rise up against them. Cavanaugh says the Pentagon has been preparing for a war and have developed weapons against them they can't begin to imagine. Knowing that it would create a mess that the Vampire Authority would have to clean up, and seeing it as a means of escaping the compound, Eric breaks Cavanaugh's neck as the general attempts to leave.

    Jessica stops Jason on the street. Jessica dances around the issue, but the guards push her. Just before Jessica bites into his neck, she mouths "Trust me" to Jason, then attacks him.

    The council debates the outcome of Eric's action. Erik suggets they can contain the damage by glamouring away memory of the video; Nora says she knows Cavanaugh's Chief of Staff, and Erik volunteers he and Nora to execute that plan. Eric and Nora leave for their mission, but Bill makes them take a security detail. Bill then says he will take care of Cavanaugh's staff waiting for the General outside the compound.

    We see the guards burying Jessica and Jason. Jess yells, " Now!" and Jason pops up and shoots both guards. She tells him why she had to pretend and he leaves to warn Sookie about Russell and Newlin.

    Pam and Tara assess the damage after killing Sheriff Elijah. Pam's worried about the Authority and commands Tara to never speak of Elijah again. Jessica shows up wanting Pam to hide her. Pam isn't interested until Jessica says she knows Eric's location.

    In the car with Nora, Eric kills both of the security detail in the front seat. He and Nora depart the car and Nora throws off her Authority necklace. They take off straight up into the sky.

    In the VA council chamber, two white mice transform into Sam and Luna, who try to figure out exactly where they are. They transform back to mice and run out of the room.

    Sookie is taken to see a faerie Elder. Maurella explains that the faerie Elder has existed on so many plains and times that she has trouble holding to a current reality. Initially she has trouble focussing on Sookie, but tells her she knows John Stackhouse and tells Sookie a "dark time is coming." Just as the Elder is about to tell her something about Warlow, Jason shows up to tell her about the danger. The Elder is disturbed to hear Russell is alive.

    Holly's sons apologize to Andy for filming him. The second one, Rocky, isn't interested. Andy promises to them both that he'll do right by Holly.

    Someone warns Alcide and his father Jackson that there have been a bunch of recent "baby vamp" attacks. Jackson isn't interested in talking to the man who is a member of his former pack. This leads to a conversation where Alcide brings up that Jackson stole money for the pack, which is why he got the boot.

    The faeries are in a tizzy over Jason's news. Sookie says she's tired of running and thinks they should fight him in mass. The Elder agrees, saying the entire tribe will fight him with her. A pregnant-looking Maurella doesn't seem happy with the plan.

    Outside Jason tells Sookie he's in favor of the plan to go after Russell. "It's game time."

    Terry and Arlene seem to be doing well. Andy asks them their secret. They tell him honesty, trust and loyalty. Maurella shows up in the bar, telling Andy he swore to protect her and the "fruit of their union."

    In a back room, Andy seems surprised given their sex took place only a week ago. He tells her about Holly and says he feels comfortable with his own species. She says to dishonor the vow of light he made to protect her is an act of war.

    In the basement at Fangtasia, Pam tells Jessica that when vampires formed closed groups and live together as they VA is doing, it creates a "nest" which can cause unstable and irrational behavior. Drinking Lilith's blood has turned the Authority into a "nest on steroids." Pam believes this explains Bill's and the VA's behavior. After Pam leaves, Jessica asks Tara if she has romantic feelings for Pam. Tara gives an emphatic 'no'. Jessica admits to having no friends.

    Elijah's maker Rosalyn shows up at Fangtasia looking for what happened to her progeny. When Pam admits to killing him, she is placed under arrest. Rosalyn sniffs out Jessica in a back room.

    Bill again has a vision of Lilith, who says he needs to lead them. He says he's not worthy and she asks him to drink of him. He feels blood on his lips and he looks skyward.

    Russell and Newlin glamour Jason into telling them exactly where Sookie is and the location of the faerie clubhouse.

    Alcide and Jackson destroy several baby vampires together.

    Bill finds Kibwe near Lilith's blood. When Kibwe tells Bill that Lilith chose him, Bill gets angry and decapitates him.

    Rosalyn arrives at headquarters with Jessica and Pam.

    Luna and Sam spot Emma in a cage alongside the Authority's holding area for humans being kept as food. Guards find them and Sam volunteers to be Bill's breakfast. He passes Pam being taken into custody and they are more than a little surprised to see each other. Sam asks her to look after Luna. "Who's Luna?" she asks as they are dragged away from each other.

    Jessica tells Bill she didn't think it was right to make Jason. He's upset she chose a human over two humans. She references nest behavior and he knocks her across the room. Bill tells her that he is the chosen one.

    Salome sees a vision of Lilith. She tells Salome exactly what she told Bill.

    Jason, Russell and Newlin arrive at the field near the faerie clubhouse entrance. The smell of faerie blood drives them crazy. Inside Sookie wants them to go an fight, but the Elder tells them the plan has changed. She goes out by herself. After knocking Newlin across the field, the Elder attempts to banish Russell to a different realm, but he ducks her bolt. She hits Jason instead and Russel grabs her, quickly draining her, seemingly to death. This allows him to see the entrance to the clubhouse and he turns around with a smile, ready to feast on faeries as the episode ends.

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