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Sex & Nudity

  • A cameraman walks into his friend's room to find his friend sitting at his computer with his pants around his ankles (suggesting masturbation.) His genitals can't be seen and the pornography on the computer is blurred.
  • After the party, there are multiple images of blurred male testicles on social media involving a "tea-bagging" incident.
  • The beginning has a lot of sexual stuff between different teenagers and shows a half naked women in the background on the poster. A lot of making out in the beginning.
  • A Man and Woman kiss in a vehicle

Violence & Gore

  • During a movie within the movie, shown to be a student project by the main character, a man's head is chopped off (not bloody) and later it topples off his neck onto the ground. In another student scene filmed for a 'torture-porn' style movie directed by the lead character, a man tortures a chained-up young woman by pulling her teeth out with pliers--bloody closeup before the director yells cut.
  • A man picks up a large rat, then bites the rat's head off and bites into the rat's midsection and very sloppily and noisily eats the rat's guts (not much left to the imagination).
  • A young woman is attacked and dragged backwards by an unseen force, soon after some (but not a big amount) blood drips from her nose, ears, and eyelids.


  • Just as profane as the first movie (maybe even more).
  • "fuck" and "shit" are used throughout the entire movie, especially when the characters are scared, panicking and freaked out.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main characters are film school students who room together and are shown partying quite a lot in an early scene, drinking very heavily, beer and hard liquor right out of the bottle. One of them gets so drunk he lets his friends talk him into wearing a dress and a wig, later he passes out. Recreational pot-smoking shown a couple times. Later they get drunk in a hotel room to party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After the characters realize they are trapped, the last 40 minutes or so of the movie are very intense as they try and fail repeatedly to find a way out. Since the movie is filmed as 'found footage', we see all of this from the point of view of the characters. Viewers who get nauseous or dizzy from "shaky cam" may also get sick or dizzy, as the characters holding the camera are usually walking, running, or scared and shaking.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Scenes from the first Grave Encounters are shown (the students watch them). This include a brief scene where a character is suddenly pulled into a bathtub filled with human blood. They also replay the scene where a man sees some drops of blood, follows them to a piece of meat on the floor, he then is heard whispering, "is that a tongue?" then he looks up to see a demon on the ceiling (blood dripping down its chin) that leaps onto him.
  • A man strangles another man (who was sleeping) to death with his bare hands, the victim struggles and fights, but dies after about a minute or so. Later when his body is discovered, a flashlight is shined on his face/neck and we see the bruising around his neck, some blood around his mouth, and his eyes very red due to broken blood vessels from lack of oxygen.
  • A man is found strapped to a shock-treatment table with the electrodes on his head being shocked, the machine is sparks fly and his body jerks and spasms in response to the electrocution, we hear his screams of pain as characters run to try and unstrap him and his head is scorched black in one area and most of the top half of his head is badly burned red, he's also bleeding and foaming at the mouth. They only manage to get about half the straps undone before the machine revs up again even higher and sparks fly, the man convulses and screams as his shirt and pants catch fire, and then he burst into flames as he jerks around, after a minute or so of burning he stops twitching and dies of his burns (or appears to, we don't see him again so he is assumed dead).
  • A man tries to strangle another man to death, but another character hits the attacker over the head (not killing the attacker, just knocking him out temporarily.
  • Two characters hide in an old 'surgery center' and see a few nurses and one doctor huddled over a patient strapped to a gurney. They take a sharp ice-pick-type tool, insert it in his nostril, and hit it with a hammer to drive it in and lobotomize him. All of this and the following is shown as filmed with a night-vision camera, which is hand-held by the lead character as he films the scene from his hiding place behind a shelf, some of the shots are filmed between two planks. Therefore what we see is not crystal clear or explicit and graphic. An infant is brought in, later we see the doctor take a sharp surgical tool and quickly slice the infants throat. We don't see the wound or the blade cutting the flesh directly because of the angle where the infant's back is to us, we see the doctor make a slicing motion and blood sprays briefly on his face.
  • A man takes his camera and, as he films, hits a young woman in the face with it once, she runs away, he hits her again as she screams and collapses, then brutally bludgeons her to death with his camera as he films. The camera is in focus so we see (and hear) the bloody wounds and the bone crunching. He continues to hit her several times after she is dead and most of her face is a bloody pulp (probably the most bloody, graphic scene in the film).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Full of jumpscares, lots of demons with horrible, distorted faces including huge gaping mouths. Very claustrophobic atmosphere towards the end.
  • A character is trying to recover a camera to escape. He seems to be talking to a ghost off screen as seconds later he gets forcefully thrown out of the window by an unseen force. His bloodied, lifeless body is then shown at the end of the film on a security car outside which has been severely dented with the force of the ghost.
  • Including the information given in the "violence and gore" section, the students spend much of the last half of the movie frightened, crying, confused , breaking down and panicking. Several "jump scares" that are not gruesome but terrifying involve a female ghost's face suddenly distorting into a demon and roaring at the characters, who respond by screaming at the top of their lungs, and another where a young girl in a hospital gown appears suddenly out of the darkness in an air duct a cameraman is stuck in, then turns demonic and races straight at him, spider-like. Another very large, scary demon appears and chases the characters down a hall.
  • Lance/Sean Rogerson returns in this movie, now a complete psychopath, threatening to kill the main characters just to get outta the hospital.

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