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  • The 5.5 minutes longer version reveals that most of the differences were necessary for the lower PG-13 rating in movie theaters. Considerung the amount of alternate footage, lots of further alterations were made. Especially the bar/stripclub scene stands out. Thanks to several alternate takes, there are many breasts now. Apart from that, a lot of foul language is added in the Unrated Version. To be more specific, sexual implications are more obvious now plus the F-word is being used quite a lot. Also, there are two entirely new scenes at the beginning and right before the end credits. One the one hand, they could have been removed for pace reasons. But then again, the dialog in these two scenes never would have made it through the rating process without being altered at all. At least, the comparison to the rape scene in Deliverance is quite funny and more Will Ferrell in the second one is also alright. Edit



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