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Edward Norton: Henckels



  • Henckels : By order of the commissioner of police, Zubrowka Province, I hereby place you under arrest for the murder of Madame Celine Villenueve Desgoffe-und-Taxis.

    M. Gustave : I knew there was something fishy. We never got the cause of death. She's been murdered, and you think I did it.

    [runs away] 

  • Henckels : Who's shooting who?

    Dmitri : That's Gustave H., the escaped murderer and art thief! I've got him cornered!

    M. Gustave : That's Dmitri Desgoffe und Taxis! He's responsible for the killing of Deputy Kovacs, Serge X and his club-footed sister, plus his own mother!


    Henckels : Nobody move; everybody's under arrest.

  • M. Gustave : Why are we stopping at a Barley Field?

    [Title Card: 19th October, The Closing of the Frontier] 

    M. Gustave : [the train comes to a stop, the Doors to the cabin room swing open, soldiers stand at the doorway] 

    M. Gustave : Well, Hello there, chaps.

    Franz : Documents, please.

    M. Gustave : With pleasure.

    [Hands the officer his papers] 

    M. Gustave : It's not a very flattering portrait, I'm afraid, I was once considered a great beauty.

    [Notices the soldier's name tag, it reads: "Cpl F. Müller."] 

    M. Gustave : What's the F. Stand for, Fritz? Franz?

    Franz : Franz.

    M. Gustave : [Cheerfully]  I knew it!

    [Zero hands the soldier his papers] 

    M. Gustave : He's making a funny face.

    M. Gustave : [to the soldier]  That's a Migatory Visa with stage three worker status, Franz darling, he's with me.

    Franz : [Hesitates, looks at Zero]  Come outside, please.

    M. Gustave : Now wait a minute, sit down, Zero. His papers are in order, I crossed referenced them myself with The Bureau of Labor and Servitude. You can't arrest him simply because he's a bloody immigrant, he hasn't done anything wrong!

    [a moment of disbelief, the soldier looks, then grabs Zero by the arm and rises him from his seat. A light struggle breaks out, Gustave, angered, yells at them] 

    M. Gustave : Stop it! Stop, damn you!

    Zero : Never mind, Mousier Gustave! Let them proceed!

    M. Gustave : Ow, that hurts!

    [Zero and Gustave are roughly shoved against the wall] 

    M. Gustave : You filthy, godamn, pock-marked, fascist assholes! Take your hands off my lobby boy!

    [a whistle blows, and the door to the wagon opens. Everyone stops moving. Inspector A.J. Henckels walks into the room, he stands at the doorway] 

    Henckels : What's the problem?

    M. Gustave : This is outrageous! The young man works for me at the Grand Budapest Hotel in Nebelsbad.

    Henckels : Mousier Gustave?


    Henckels : My name is Henckels, I'm the son of Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Henckels Bergersdörfer. Do you remember me?

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