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  • In the wake of Bill's blood-soaked reincarnation, Sookie , Eric, Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora flee the Authority compound as Sam, Luna and Emma dodge swarming guards. Now packmaster, Alcide discovers that the job comes with unsavory side dishes, but other major perks. In Bon Temps, Andy deals with parenting four newborn human-faerie hybrids. Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell vows open season on vampires. Jessica returns to Compton Place as Jason hitches a ride with an eerie stranger.



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  • Open with Eric and Sookie running from Bill inside the compound. At the same time Nora and Jason help lead Pam and Jessica out.

    We see Sam and Emma standing over Luna, who is dying. She makes Sam promise to keep her with him, saying "she belongs with you."

    The compound catches fire.

    Eric and Sookie pull up in front of Jason's group. They turn back and see Bill walk from the burning building. Jessica asks "Is it Bill?" and Sookie says "Not anymore." They peel away and we see Bill fly into the sky.

    Louisiana governor Burrell gives a speech. Because of recent events he's instituting a statewide curfew for vampires and shutting down all vampire-owned businesses. A woman yelling "humans for vamps" yells at the governor to stop the bloodshed and throws blood on his suit.

    Eric tells Pam that Nora is his sister. She's furious he never told her. Eric asks Nora about Lilith and the possibility of Bill being resurrected. She doesn't have a good answer, but is concerned based on how much of the Lilith blood Bill drank.

    Tara tries to comfort Pam, who begins to cry and puts her head on Tara's shoulder.

    Jessica asks Sookie if she still loves Bill. They are both afraid of him. Sookie thinks they should let Bill go and offers Jessica her support.

    Nora talks to Jason about Warlow. She glamours him and he tells her Warlow killed his parents. All Nora knows is that Warlow is a progeny of Lilith, one of the first vampires. Jason informs Nora that he is "sick and tired of vampers brain-raping him against his will". He points a gun at Nora, telling Eric he's not afraid to die. Sookie stands in between them and Jason is furious his sister is taking the vampires' side. He leaves, telling Sookie she is as dead to him as the vampires.

    We cut to a tasteful scene where the werewolf pack feeding on JD's body. Alcide takes a bite of an arm to formally establishes himself as pack master. An attractive young wolf named Danielle walks over to him and offers her service "any way I can."

    Arlene and Andy argue over raising his kids. He is scared of doing something wrong because he has no idea how to raise babies. She reassures him that being scared is part of the deal. Arlene and Terry give Andy some parenting lessons.

    Sam sneaks into Merlotte's with Emma and runs into a drunk Lafayette protecting the bar with a shotgun. Sam makes Lafayette promise not to tell anyone he was there. Lafayette takes Emma into the kitchen to feed her.

    We see Jason hitchhiking. A car stops and the passenger door opens. An older man asks if he needs help and tells him to get in. The guy says he knows Bon Temps and Jason starts telling him about his family.

    Jessica and Sookie arrive at Bill's house. They find Bill sitting on the porch. He says "I just want to talk" and Eric and Nora fly in to attack Bill. Bill tosses Nora aside and gets clenched up with Eric. Sookie comes from behind and stakes Bill through the chest. Bill simply pulls out the stake and tosses it aside. He retracts his fangs and says "Now can we talk?" He says he's still Bill Compton, though he's "clearly something more." Sookie says that Bill Compton has died and wants him to leave Bon Temps. Jessica isn't convinced it's not Bill and demands that Sookie, Eric and Nora leave.

    Burrell has a middle-of-the-night meeting with a businesswoman named Suzuki. He offers her a silent partnership, providing free use of a government controlled bottling plant so she can make True Blood. He says his goal is to keep the vampires fed and return them to being normal Louisiana taxpayers. She agrees to the deal.

    Alcide and Danielle disappear to a remote part of the forest and begin to fool around. Rikki arrives but doesn't get mad. Instead she joins the fun, making out with Danielle before forcing her onto her knees to "service" Alcide, while telling him to remember that she's his "No. 1 bitch."

    Tara tells Pam she thinks she's too obsessed with Eric to give the two of them a chance. Pam says she'll never be able to replace Eric. Police break down the door and say they're there to close Fangtasia down. Tara defends Pam and is shot. She screams, but isn't dead.

    Eric walks Sookie home and thanks her for staking Billith for him. She tells him she's not "who I turned out to be." When they arrive he writes a document that returns to her ownership of her home. She says she wants to return to who she used to be and rescinds his invitation to her home. He slides out of the door gently. Both sad. On the porch Eric tells Nora they need to find Bill's weakness and warns her they are to stay away from Sookie. She thinks Eric is in love with Sookie. He doesn't want to talk about it.

    Andy wakes up to find his kids seems to have aged three or four years overnight. It scares him very much. Arlene and Terry are terrified too. Gingeresque screaming ensues.

    Jessica has cleaned up and is in bed. Bill Brings her a glass of True Blood. Jessica nearly spills it (she's very nervous and scared) and Bill is able to keep it from hitting the ground with just his mind. Jessica asks what happened back at the compound and who he is now, exactly. He doesn't have answers for her but tells her a story about a man he served under in the Civil War. He thinks it was power that drove the man mad and wants to avoid that fate for himself. Jessica is the only person he can trust and wants her to help keep him grounded. They hug. Jessica is tired, Bill tucks her in and switches off the light.

    Jason has basically told his driver his entire life story. When Jason references Warlow, the man says "You can't keep Warlow away from Sookie." Jason realizes he hasn't told the man his sister's name. Jason assumes that he is Warlow and shoots at him, the driver disappears, leaving the car headed for a ditch.

    Cut to a cozy scene in Bill's living-room. Billith is sitting in an armchair and peacefully reading the Bible. He starts having painful flashes of images. He then hears his name being called. In the next room are three Lilith-like figures covered in blood. He asks who they are and all three head towards him, seeming to enter his body.

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